New Beauty Gadget Hydrates Your Skin Where Ever You Go - And Gives Back To Worthy Cause


Glow + Grow.

There is one universal rule in the realm of beauty: hydration is queen. Your skin feels and looks better when you coat yourself in moisturizers. Your hair has incredible luster when you find that right perfect routine. Sometimes, we need extra help to get us there. Especially if we are naturally dry. Air conditioners in the summer and heating systems in the winter dry out your skin even more. Hey Dewy is a facial humidifier that promises to keep your skin fresh + juicy. A product that just launched in January of this year kicked off with philanthropic goals in mind. They donate 10% of their proceeds to The Water Project.

Meet Hey Dewy

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The Big Claim: “effortlessly immerse your face over a cool, clean mist for just minutes to hydrate your skin and hair for a revitalized look … moist-ify your skin with micro-splashes of cool water aerosols for incredible results. It can also be used to hydrate your hair and clear your sinuses, providing an overall healthier lifestyle.”

Need to know: $39
Avaiable at
Shop here 

It’s so small and cute!

It’s the perfect size for travel!


As someone with dry skin

I absolutely could see myself using this in my car. I drive a lot and all winter long I use the heater and can feel moisture draining from my skin. My skin starts to feel tight. In other posts I’ve talked about keeping facial sprays in my bag to hydrate my skin.

If I’m wearing makeup, I will literally freeze using the heater in small bursts to make sure my skin doesn’t start to look crusty. So maybe this would be handy!


This is not a facial steamer.

Steamers blow warm air that help open your pores and are perfect to get a greater deep clean to your skin. Pepper has shown us all on her IG how she preps her skin for the perfect facial using a steamer.

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But Hey Dewy is a facial humidifier that provides a cool mist for the sole purpose of improving skin hydration.

This could be something you use in your home office or even at work. Your boss is on level 10, take your 15 to meditate and hydrate.

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For Profit, For a Purpose, For People

“10% of every purchase will be dedicated to initiatives that make an impact through water, starting with The Water Project.” (source)


With a goal of raising $10,000

Hey Dewy is committed to spreading the word about bringing clean water to communities all throughout Sub-Saharan Africa through sponsoring The Water Project.

Learn more about their efforts here ⇁


You know we’re not opposed to a beauty gadget that will elevate our lifestyle.

Get Hydrated


Major Beauty Brand Collabs With A Witch For Newest Collection And We’re Totally Under It’s Spell


Tú Me Hiciste Brujería

Some of us beauty lovers know that there is something magical about makeup and skincare. Another way to think about your beauty routine is to remember that these moments spent treating your skin and applying your makeup is a ritual. Smashbox cosmetics has teamed up with The Hoodwitch to create a crystal inspired collection.

This was the promo that stopped our hearts!

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WHo is The HoodWitch?

Our long time readers will recognize the name right away. A few years ago, Pepper had the opportunity to interview Bri Luna, the woman behind The Hoodwitch.

Of course there is her body of work, Connect to yourself on a higher frequency with her intuitive guidance through reading her blogs. There are weekly horoscopes she features on a post called “Witch Tips and Horoscopes.”


You want to know about the power that comes from a New Moon or what the hell people mean when they say “Mercury is in retrograde,” this is a site that has the answers to all of those questions.


There is a shop that sells crystals and smudging tools. Definitely better than getting random crystals from companies like Urban Outfitters who are just chasing a buck verses genuinely nourishing your mystical knowledge and power. You can find a Bruja Bookshop as well!

Since so much discovery happens on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen The Hoodwitch’s iconic manicures that landed her a collab with Floss Gloss and a feature on Even if you don’t run in zodiac or crystal loving circles, you would’ve come across her feed just for the sheer #nailinsp0 #nailenvy Bri Luna is always serving us.

But, of course!, so many people have learned of The Hoodwitch through her JAW - DROPPINGLY - GORGEOUS exhibit in Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms exhibit.

Our very own site creator got to experience it!

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The real ones trust for authentic bruja knowledge and tools.

What this collab is NOT:

A tacky bastardization of witchcraft and spirituality. We all remember the disrespectful disaster that The Pinrose Starter Witch Kit was. What is often forgotten when it comes to witchcraft is that for many of it’s followers, it is a religion. And Pinrose missed the memo. They saw a rise in the popularity of crystals and went after it with no regard, or basic research, before they launched this collection.

Because of the history of Pinrose, when I caught wind of the Smashbox collection, the first thing I thought I saw was ‘crystal themed sprays.’ I rolled my eyes and scrolled right past it. I thought, “Oh great, another bastardization of a minority culture that is mocked, misused, and then abused once some celebrity (Kim K) says they are suddenly just sooo into it.” I was ready to ignore it all together. I had just seen like 10 videos on IG of bloggers dunking rose quartz rollers into a jar of some expensive moisturizers and facetiously rubbing it on their faces. But then Pepper texted me a screen shot that showed it is being done with The Hoodwitch! Mood changed!!!

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One, she is a practicing witch. Two, I am forever reading her blog. Three, I have purchased two of her sage bundles, one with sunflowers and the other with roses, and I genuinely believe in, and am intimidated by, there power. Finally: she is a woman of color! Yes, that always makes me swell with pride when I see all kinds of minority women getting a spotlight!

More than just my typical fangirling, which you know I always am, this collaboration is clearly well done. Of course, part of me believes that Smashbox is just cashing in on a trend. Colourpop has done crystal sprays, Kim K did a crystal fragrance, Sephora is selling crystal infused eyeshadow palettes, -I literally saw a sage bundle in a Cosmo Mag last summer and thought- this is going to get out of hand. It’s one thing to teach people about this culture and these rituals involving crystals and sage. It’s a whole other thing to steal from a culture. Without including people, like Bri Luna, who put in the work to educate others about their practices. It is irresponsible and offensive.

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Bri Luna did an Instagram Live the day of the collection launch and talked about her collab. She was ready with a response to anyone who doubted her validity as a witch for working with a big company like Smashbox.

“…I feel like for all black and brown brujas - when you have that door of opportunity and when people who actually respect your work and they come to you and they hire you to do a proper collaboration, then that is up to you to say ‘you know what, this does feel like an opportunity to share my vision. …You have to know your truth and i think that you can properly collaborate and you can work with these bigger companies when know your integrity…. I was not willing to make a ‘witch kit.’ i was not going to put sage and crystals into a package. … I love crystals, i love minerals, i think that theyre beautiful but am i going to put an endangered plant into a package? No. that’s ridiculous to me. This is my real practice. this is my real life. I worked as a makeup artist for over 5 yrs. i love period makeup. i love history. i love alchemy, i love learning how minerals were used to create some of the first eyeshadows in egypt by using lapis lazuli, … These practices are not trendy. they are not new. This is ancient. these are ancient minerals. These are ancient stones that were created to make makeup. Makeup in itself was always seen as a form of sorcery and enchantment and magic. So I love glamour and that’s kind of why i felt as a Taurus, who is ruled by Venus, I felt very aligned with making a beauty collection. … I feel like everything I do in my life is intentional… So I think that even something as simple as doing makeup, you’re going in with an intention. Makeup allows us to be ourselves. and it allows us to create our own reality. … There is no right or wrong way to do your makeup. There is no right or wrong way to be spiritual… Do not allow yourself to be pinned down with labels. I feel good. I feel confident with what I’ve put into this world with what I’ve co created. I’m just so grateful.

Meet The Crystallized Collection


@Trendmood1 on instagram captured some stunning photos of these products and swatches.


Shopping this collection like:


Crystalized Always On Liquid Eyeshadow

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The Hype: “long-wearing liquid eyeshadow that glides on brilliant, crystal-inspired shimmer & won't crease, flake or smudge” (source)

Need to know: 6 shades, $24
Avaiable at Ulta +
Shop here

How beautiful are the caps of these liquid eyeshadows!!

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Makeup Mantra!

Our Skincare Editor, Kayla, did her own trendmood-esque unboxing of the goodies she picked up from this collection.

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“Makeup Mantra: Spray & Say: “I am grounded”

On the lid of each box for this collection, there is a Makeup Mantra. Mantras help you focus your intentions. They can get your mind to focus on the task at hand or the overall goal. By collaborating with Bri Luna, Smashbox is able to bring these practices to people who otherwise might not have learned about it.

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“Makeup Mantra: Spray & Say: “I am clear in my intentions”

Crystalized Highlighter


The Hype: “gel-powder highlighter that wraps your skin in radiance. Infused with crystals, its iridescent shade is inspired by spirit quartz.” (source)

Need to know: $39
Avaiable at Ulta +
Shop here

This is the crystal that inspired it all! Spirit Quartz


Kayla came through, again, with another gorgeous capture of the packaging! Don’t You love how the light plays with it!

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Trendmood1 on IG gave us swatch envy. You can see there is a clear base with the peachy iridescent sheen. Reminds me a Colourpop’s retired Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Highly Waisted. One of my favorite highlighters!

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Photo Finish Crystalized Primerizer

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The Hype: “2-in-1 shimmering primer & moisturizer that hydrates & locks on makeup in a super light texture. The rose quartz-inspired shimmer gives your skin a subtle pearl finish that can be worn with makeup or on bare skin” (source)

Need to know: $42
Available at Ulta +
Shop here

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Crystal Inspo: Rose Quartz

Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water

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The Hype: “diamond-charged primer spray infused with fragrance inspired by rose quartz, amethyst & black tourmaline. Use it to hydrate skin, prep for makeup &a refresh your complexion & aura.” (source)

Need to know: $32, 3 scents
Available at Ulta +
Shop here

Who doesn’t go overboard with their beauty sprays

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Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette: Crystalized

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The Hype: “curated mix of 8 vividly pigmented, crystal-inspired shades with matte, metallic & foil finishes” (source)

Need to know: $29
Available at Ulta +
Shop here

Crystalized Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss

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The Hype: “non-sticky, high-shine lip gloss that hydrates, makes lips look fuller & is infused with crystals to enhance your magic.” (source)

Need to know: $19, 3 shades
Available at Ulta
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Crystalized Shimmer Drops

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The Hype: “moonstone-inspired iridescent liquid highlighter that can be used on the face or as a lip topper. It sets fast, stays in place & is infused with crystals to enhance your magic” (source)

Need to know: $25
Available at Ulta +
Shop here

Crystal Inspo: Moonstone


Share your looks and #getcrystalized! Everyone wants to see your beauty ritual!

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Beauty Ritual Goals!

Smith + Cult Released A Whole Makeup Line That Includes A Foundation With 42 Shades!


Get your credit card.

You know them for having the prettiest damn bottle of expensive nail polish but Smith + Cult has just exploded!!!

Meet the Collection



Instead of letting one product release at a time, Smith + Cult gave us a whole face to play with. Eye shadows, lippies, BLUSHES, Yes! Just in time for some Spring cleaning.


Weightless Micro-Blurring Foundation

The Big Claim: “Melting mousse-to-cream foundation applies quickly and easily creating a moisture matte finish … Transfer-resistant pigment that remains true-to-tone … Cake-resistant, medium coverage liquid foundation delivers a soft-focus effect that lasts for up to 12 hours. Look soft, feel soft.” (source)

Need to know: 42 shades, $42
Avaiable at + Ulta
Shop here


Ulta has a shade finder to help you pick your color. Though there is a mix of neutral, warm, and cool shades, there seems to be a consistent pink tint to many of the colors. Even the ‘warm’ shades which seem fairly pink or orange.. I haven’t seen them in person to be totally certain. According to Smith + Cults description of the colors, they warm tones should lean yellow appear more orange.


“Melting” is the word that continuously circles the description of this foundation. It leads me to think that you may need the warmth of your fingers to best work this foundation into your skin.


Skin Brightening Foaming Primer


The Big Claim: “Mousse-to-cream formula with a subtle peach tint gives off a healthy glow. Fermented ginseng & vitamin E nurture & brighten skin.“ (source)

Need to know: $32
Avaiable at + Ulta
Shop here


Smith + Cult released 4 primers for this collection including this foam primer. Each having different functions. The foam primer is intended to brighten while the black primer has a mattifying effect. The yellow primer is to color correct and redness and the purple uses shimmer to bounce light off the skin for a diffused look.

See all of them here



All-Over Glitter Crush


The Collection’s Stand Out Product

What is it?: “All-over glitter paste delivers a hyper-dimensional look with quartz & multi-size glitter particles. Quick-dry, mess-free formula.”

Need to know: $22. 6 shades
Available at + Ulta
Shop here


Festival season is upon us and this product is perfect for it! The blend of glitters can be used as a highlighter or even to create glitter freckles!



Metallic-Shift Eyeshadow


The Big Claim: “Liquid glitter shadow turns black & smoky when smudged … Encapsulated black pigment lets you use your fingers or smudger brush to customize a smoky finish. Once it dries, it does't smudge, budge or crease for all day wear” (source)

Need to know: $24, 12 shades
Available at + Ulta
Shop here


Glitterbaby seems to function like an all over, one step eyeshadow! They have multi-dimensional colors that are stunning! If you look eye makeup but your skills are struggling, this could be a product to try out!



High-Pigment Lip Gel


The Big Claim: “Elastic gel formula packs a pigmented punch & delivers intense shine. Long-lasting, moisturizing & bleed-proof.“ (source)

Need to know: $20, 12 shades
Available at + Ulta
Shop here

And a ton more products!

There are more lippies, a brow product, blushes, both cream and powder! Smith + Cult aren’t playing games and are coming for your wallet.

Shopping this collection Like:


One Of Our Favorite Brands Just Dropped A Lippie That Will Make Your 90s Heart Skip A Beat


Oh, Snap!

It’s no secret that, here on, that we go hard for The Lip Bar! It’s more than just makeup. It’s a whole damn beauty revolution. Their vision of beauty and the version of beauty that they give this industry is unlike any other. The founder, Melissa Butler, is also just a badass bawse lady. Of course, the makeup ain’t half bad either. Their newest release will take your back to courtyards, high tops, and roller blades.

Meet Minimalist


I remember the first time I wore lip gloss. 1999, I was 9. There was a beauty supply/dollar store right down the block from my after school program. The first thing I saw when I walked into the store was that the end cap of one of the aisles had all these tiny clear lip glosses. I picked one that looked like pale purple in the tube but it had no color on the lips. When I put it on, it was the first time I noticed the shape of my lips. All my friends and I had that same lip gloss. It was thick and sticky and gave the illusion of more volume.

This gloss is taking me back!


The Big Claim: “Ultralight and packed with lip nourishing ingredients, our latest drop "Minimalist" is the BEST way to pamper your pout … 90% organic” (source)

Need to know: $14
Avaiable at
Shop here

The Lip Bar launched the Minimalist lip gloss with a homage to the 90s. In this image I had flashbacks of listening to Aaliyah and TLC. I see jewelry and hair styles that my aunt and her friends wore. I see genuine appreciation, understanding and love for the 90s. Not the tacky rip off we have been seeing lately with no inclusion of the culture of women who originated the style.


That authenticity is what keeps us going back to The Lip Bar.


“If no where else, your beauty is validated here.”

From the moment you log on to The Lip Bar’s site, they show you who they are. To have a dark skin, plus size woman, with natural hair right in line with a thin, blonde, white woman SHOUTS to every consumer who is beautiful in their vision: black girls, brown girls, big girls, those of us who don’t see ourselves reflected as beautiful in far too many spaces. To then have that image followed by a clear statement that validates our beauty and the struggle of under-representation and misrepresentation exemplifies the powerful voice behind this brand.

The Lip Bar just had the grand opening of their flagship store in Detroit just a couple of weeks ago!

And there is much more coming from the lip Bar too!


A couple of days ago, they had this survey link in their IG stories. The survey featured questions asking to give feedback on what would make the ideal lip palette. Is a lip palette going to happen???


This happened in January.


They posted a picture of an empty compact with this caption:

”… after 6 years of busting my ass to create amazing products, grow the brand and launch with major retailers... WE’RE EXPANDING OUTSIDE OF LIPS!! 🎉🙌🏾🙀” (source)


What do you think is going to fill that compact? I’m hoping for blushes, highlighters and bronzers but highlighter is my very first guess.


While we wait, we’ll perfect our pout.

Minimal. Never boring.

Revive Your Scalp With This New Hair Care Line From Target!


Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair.

When shopping for a new hair care line, we are all looking for same thing. It’s products that when you use them, you have that classic rom-com scene. You know it well: the leading lady turns her head, the wind blows, catches her hair, all flowing and gorgeous -capturing the attention of the hot barista with big dreams. He’s a writer, or some shit, -super talented but doesn’t believe in himself, blah, blah, blah, they get married. No? You don’t have wild daydreams standing alone in an aisle at Target? Just me. Cool.


Ok so maybe this new line from Kristin Ess’ Target collection won’t land you a husband but it has the potential to get you to fall in love with your hair.

This line caught my attention because I personally have a lot of issues with my scalp. Somehow I have flaky patches and oiliness. Pimples. You name it, I have it. I have thin, frizzy hair, too, so I want to find a line that can smooth my hair without making it flat. One of my go to scalp treatments is Phyto’s Botanical Scalp Treatment (see here). I love it! Really balances my scalp but it’s $40 and I want something a little more cost efficient. I haven’t tried this new line from Kristin Ess but it checks all my boxes!

meet Kristin Ess: Scalp

Use: “root-to-tip hydration, scalp rebalancing, strand strengthening, frizz minimizing, soothing + softening” (source)

Scalp Purifying Micellar Shampoo


If you are looking for a clarifying shampoo, this could be your guy. After using too many hair products, the micellar water could break up the build up. I would avoid using this daily. Just when you need that deep clean.

The Big Claim: “ the micellar water gently washes away impurities while leaving your natural moisture intact.” (source)

Need to know: $12
Avaiable at Target
Shop here

Weightless Hydration Daily Scalp + Hair Mask


Be mindful of the ‘daily’ claim from this mask. Products often claim they are safe for daily use however it is always better to listen to your hair and skincare needs than to blindly follow the instructions on a bottle.

The Big Claim: “This multi-tasking mask uses natural minerals and botanical oils to calm and rebalance the scalp … Don't worry about heaviness - this whipped mask is light enough for daily use.” (source)

Need to know: $14
Avaiable at Target
Shop here

Instant Exfoliating Scalp Scrub


Honestly, this whole line has my full attention. This is one product that I already have chilling in my cart.

The Big Claim: “This non-drying scrub removes flakes, product build-up, excess sebum, and hard water deposits from the scalp, giving you a cleaner canvas through gentle exfoliation. I formulated this with a sugar complex to keep natural moisture intact.” (source)

Need to know: $14
Available at Target
Shop here

Scalp Detoxifying Bubble Hair Mask


I think this might be worth looking into to replace my Phyto’s Botanical Scalp Treatment.

The Big Claim: “This bubbling scalp mask instantly removes oil, build-up, dead surface skin cells + debris. Use it as a pre-shampoo scalp treatment on dry hair before you shower, then once the bubbles wear off … wash your hair!” (source)

Need to know: $14
Available at Target
Shop here

Anytime Anywhere Scalp + Hair Milk Oil

The Big Claim: “This PH balanced bi-phase milk oil was designed to hydrate + protect. The oil phase combines avocado, olive, jojoba + castor oils to restore moisture and rejuvenate the scalp and hair. The milk phase uses panthenol + a shea-based emollient complex to add instant softness and shine. Best part: this can be used on wet or dry hair.” (source)

Need to know: $14
Available at Target
Shop here

Because Rom-Com Hair Can exist.

This New Palette From A Top Makeup Artist Will Make You Aphrodite On Earth


Who Wants To Be A Queen When You Can Be a Goddess!

This is not just another highlight palette. It’s a palette that comes to us mere mortals from pro makeup artist, Danessa Myricks. Her work is impeccable. I could scroll through her Instagram for hours getting inspired whilst wishing she could do my makeup. Every canvass she touches turns humans into goddesses. Her complexion application is unrivaled. You become a source of light. not the highlighter on your cupid’s bow.

Meet The Lightworks Palette from Danessa Myricks Beauty


This color spectrum. The range! The depth!!!


The Big Claim: “This weightless, soft, creamy, powder formula is infused with micro light refracting pearls that amplify your natural radiance while offering a sophisticated “lit from within” glow .” (source)

Need to know: $40, Vegan, Cruelty Free
Avaiable at
Shop here

Here is Danessa Myricks centered in this photo alongside two models adorning Myricks skils!


What is incredible about Danessa Myricks is that she showcases beauty of every skin tone. From her work, it is evident that she cares deeply about displaying the beauty of every skin tone.

It’s certainly a quality that we need to see more often!

Could you imagine being this fly and glowy!

Here is some more of Danessa Myricks’ work that just captivating!!!

Danessa Myricks Beauty is a brand that flies a little bit under the radar. It’s not one you see super often on social media. However, pro artists are very familiar with her line! She has a full range of products to do a full face worthy of an editorial shoot!

Myricks makes skin look so healthy!

Aphrodite, Venus, You.



This New Skin Care Ritual Will Leave You Glowing!


Glow Up.

We’re all trying to keep on smiling through the rest of Winter but our skin is tight from the cold temps + heating system. We are drying out! This new line from Aveeno promises to lock in moisture and then some! Aveeno has expanded their Positively Radiant Skincare line to take your skin to a whole new glow level. Maxglow! This line includes 5 products says it will give you that dewy-model look, while actually hydrating your skin. There is even a product that is designed to enhance your makeup!

Meet Max Glow

via @aveenous on IG

via @aveenous on IG

MAXGLOW Infusion Drops




Most excited to try this product. I have some moisturizers that make my skin feel great but are completely lacking in the glow factor.

The Big Claim: “ Infused with soy and kiwi complex, each moisturizing drop helps even skin tone and texture without clogging your pores. Use alone or with your favorite moisturizer for a lit-from-within glow” (source)

Need to know: $23.99, mini version available at Ulta
Avaiable at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here

MAXGLOW Serum + Primer


The Big Claim: “Create a glowing, smooth canvas for makeup and brighten your skin with this multi-tasking face primer and serum.” (source)

Need to know: Shake before use! $23.99, mini version available at Ulta
Avaiable at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here




MaxGlow No Mess Sleep Mask




The Big Claim: “This nighttime face mask actively works while you sleep and replenishes lost moisture, helps recover skin from damage and helps even your skin tone and texture … attracts and locks in moisture to intensely hydrate overnight, for a more radiant, dewy complexion. The hydrating sleep mask comes with a no-mess paddle applicator that allows you to keep your hands clean while applying.”

Need to know: $23.99
Available at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here

MaxGlow Micellar Gel Cleanser




The Big Claim: “cleanser works like a magnet to draw out and wash away makeup, oil, and other skin-dulling impurities. With moisture-rich soy and kiwi complex, its unique formula is designed to attract and lock in moisture, leaving skin feeling hydrated, soft, and dewy.” (source)

Need to know: $10.29
Available at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here

MaxGlow Peel Off Mask


The Big Claim: “smoothing and brightening face mask acts as a soap-free, no-rinse exfoliator that helps lift away dull, tired skin.” (source)

Need to know: $13.29, mini version available at Ulta
Available at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here

via @aveenous on IG

via @aveenous on IG

The Big Claim:

Need to Know:
Available at
Shop here →

Ready to Glow?



Setting Your Makeup With Powder Just Got An Upgrade


Slay all day.

Finding products that make your makeup last all day is what makes a ‘holy grail’ product. Setting your face is the key and we’ve all got our tricks that work for our skin. Pressed powder, setting spray, and a loose setting powder all have a place in our makeup bags. Stila is bringing innovation to getting your makeup to stay all day with a new way to set your face.



That’s right! A spray setting powder!

Did setting your makeup just get easier or messier?

Here’s the thing. Unlike a typical liquid setting spray, which you apply directly to your face, this powder setting spray is meant to be applied to your brush.


In your fantasy, you can image an aerosol type of spray with powder that easily sets your face or applies lashes (bc i still have no clue how to). But in reality, the spray would camel spit powder on your face, get in your hair and ruin your outfit. I don’t think your makeup would even set well if you sprayed powder onto your face. You need to press it in into your skin.


Stila’s In The Buff Powder Spray has a little bit of a learning curve.

Learning how to spray this powder on to your brush may take a few rounds of practice.

One other concern is how much product is lost. When your spray the powder on to your brush, a lot of it just ends up floating in the air. So the bottle may contain .39oz but you absolutely will not get to use all of it. Some product gets lost when you use a loose setting powder but it looks like a lot more will be wasted from a spray bottle.

The up side is it’s quick! I imagine for a makeup artist this would be better that pouring out a loose powder then swirling your brush in it. Just spray on the brush and then apply on to a client’s face.


The Big Claim: “Stila's loose setting In The Buff Powder Spray feels like spun silk on skin. This microfine powder instantly blurs imperfections and sets makeup, while skin-loving, oil-absorbing ingredients mattify skin without making it look dry.” (source)

Need to know: Available in 3 shades, translucent, light/medium, and medium/deep
Avaiable at Ulta, Macys, and
Shop here

Can you see yourself using this powder?


Makeup for your Teeth? Pink, Platinum, + Yellow?? I’m Cringing.


Because you don’t have rapper money and there’s a party tonight.

I am always one to say that makeup is fun in all forms. Changing up your look for a few hours is part of the self expressive nature of cosmetics. Getting a little weird with your makeup is always welcome. I, myself have green, blue, and neon lipsticks, frosty-funky color highlighter, and I have been itching to bleach my brows. Just for fun. But how weird is too weird? How far is too far in the realms of eccentric makeup?

Meet Chrom

Creators of temporary tooth polish. Like nail polish but for your teeth. YOUR TEETH!!!

“CHRŌM is a tooth polish, just like nail polish, that can be applied and removed in a matter of seconds, and lasts for up to 24 hours at a time. It doesn’t smudge when you're eating and has no taste” (source)


Need to know: 14 colors, $18
Avaiable at
Shop here


The colors

Ok. As Americans, we have a pretty basic standard for what teeth should look like. Our ideal is bright, white, straight, and clean teeth. (Lord, doesn’t that say so much, but I digress). So the Chrom tooth polish that makes the most sense to me is the “Pearly White” shade. Maybe you’ve been drinking too much coffee lately and it’s showing on your teeth. You have an event to attend and want brilliant white teeth to make your smile just that much more beautiful. But, with Chrom, you have the option of making your smile sparkle with glitter, with green teeth, and, yes, YELLOW.


This color is Glitterati Chrom. 1 of their 3 glittery shades. Can’t lie, I love glitter and this looks like something I’d give a try to. Maybe. While your teeth look brighter, they also look kind of dirty. But still not too bad.


Ok I almost bought Glitterati Party because this is just freaking cute.


No. No, sorry, Just no. Glitterati Gold looks like you ain’t brushed your teeth in 7 months. I almost called a lawyer to bring a lawsuit for causing me trauma and making my spine cringe!


Chrom toothpolish in Baby Blue and in Mint gave me some positive feels all over again. This is very appropriate for music festivals, laser shows, raves (are they still a thing), basically any party where there is a girl with a hula hoop, pigtails with yarn, and gemstones on her face.

But then this color happened.


24 Karat Toothpolish is cancelled. It looks like she caked Hot Cheetos on to her bottom teeth. It looks like her teeth have been replaced with Cheez-Its. It looks like the concept of a toothbrush had never been introduced. It looks so crazy, it changed history! Oy vey. Ay Dios. No puedo.


I’m weak.

Chrome Grillz.png

And here we have Chrom tooth polish in Sunshine. Right.

When I was a kid, I remember my friends and I pressing silver gum wrappers on to our teeth and pretending we were rappers, singing lyrics no 9 year old should sing. I don’t know about other play grounds around the country, but on 104th between 2nd + 3rd Ave in NYC, that’s what we did. I remember we would also take the brown wrappers off a Reese’s peanut butter cup and wrap them around our teeth and pretend we were hillbillies.


Chrom Tooth Polish is just an extension of that. Playing pretend. Dressing up. Having fun. So I joke about how crazy some of the colors look, but in the end, it is just makeup.

Is it fashion or is it Corny?


Spring Came Early + Brought a Delicious Looking LUXE Cheek palette With It! We’re Screaming!!


Natasha Denona is bringing our cheeks back to life with this cream + powder cheek quad.

Why bother listening to a superstitious. groundhog to tell you that Spring is just around the when Natasha Denona just confirmed it! This week she released the latest in her ultra-delicious cheek collection.

Meet the Bloom blush + GLow Palette


Natasha Denona is a makeup artist whose career dates back to the mid 90s.

Ready for your cheek bones to be turned all the way up?


“- Glow Cream Base in Peach (natural peach)

- Cream Blush in Fuchsia (deep cherry red with a subtle bronze shine)

- Glow Extreme in Light Rose (nude champagne)

- Duo Glow in Vibrant, Golden Coral (vibrant coral with golden champagne)”

Shade descriptions from here

Is that red calling anyone else?!?!


One of my favorite things about cream blush is the multiple functions of it. As well as dolling up your cheeks you can apply it to your lips!

The powder highlight has so much dimension!!

If you fawn over Natasha Denona products, you see how her cheek colors are never flat. Never one note. As her models turn their head, you see all of the gorgeous colors lighting up their faces.

The shades and tones are flattering on a spectrum of different skin tones!


I’m dusting off my Spring favorites and adding this new beauty to my collection!


Available at:, Sephora, and Beautylish!

FInd out how you have every makeup product you want right now and pay later here

Flexible Payment Plans On Makeup

Thank you, Glow Goddesses

New Brand Alert! Spktrm Beauty Launches with Foundation in 50 Shades!


Because “Current Beauty Standards not Inclusive.”

The beauty industry is changing it’s face. Many brands preach inclusivity and tote the label of diversity. However, a quick scroll through their social media and just a glance at the shade ranges of their complexion products will prove otherwise. Diversity has become a buzzword in the beauty community as of late. But most of those brands are frontin’. Spktrm Beauty is not. Finally, we’ve come across a brand that rises to the challenge of fully embracing beauty in all forms.

Meet Spktrm Beauty


Spktrm Beauty is redefining what beauty can be.

In a campaign video showcasing what Spktrm Beauty’s vision of inclusive beauty is, there were models ranging in race, age, gender, body shape, hair texture, each model had their own style of makeup, style of dress. All of them were real. You could imagine passing them on the street. And that was beautiful. One model stated, “When we fail to show the full extent of the human experience we’re saying that these experiences don’t hold any value and worth” (source). This is the core as to why representation matters.

We have been sold beauty standards through the eyes of what appeals to the white male gaze and it has shaped the beauty industry for far too long. It takes brands like Spktrm Beauty to dismantle and reshape what we see as beautiful. And they are doing just that!

Spktrm Beauty is the very first company to ban retouching models in their ad campaigns.

Don’t talk about it. Be about it. This is a brave step in the beauty industry and a brave step by these models. It is true that the younger generations yearn for inclusivity but they are the same generations that chase people off of Twitter with cyber bullying. Comments sections on videos and social media posts can be so savage.


We have gotten so used to retouched images that erase the fact that models are humans with weird birthmarks, scars, cellulite, or uneven lips. When people see the ‘flaws’ on models, they sometimes react with verbal violence because it is a reminder of their own flaws and insecurities. A reminder of these aspects of themselves that they have never been able to see as beautiful. So for a brand to tell them that they are. it challenges what they believe and are not always ready to accept.

Retouching has become so ingrained in our culture and contributed to desire for perfection that on our personal Instagrams, we edit photos of ourselves! Facetune is like a right of passage for every beauty blogger. It takes time to see yourself as beautiful. Spktrm Beauty tells us that we just are.


They are launching with a foundation!

Meet Happyface Foundation!


I reached out the the Spktrm Beauty team for more info on their product. The foundation is a “sheer-medium buildable coverage.”

The Big Claim: A foundation that nourishes the skin with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and marula oil!

Need to know: $35, picking a shade may be a little tricky because there aren’t shade descriptions just yet.
Available at
Shop here

And it’s available in 50 shades!!!


Want to see your name in a product, who doesn’t right?

Spktrm Beauty will be naming each foundation shade after the first person who buys the shade!!! That’s awesome!

Let’s keep our eyes on Spktrm Beauty to see them grow and so that we can learn to embrace the beauty of ourselves! And let’s encourage more brands to follow suit!

How do you Embrace Your Beauty?

The hottest Concealer could now be the hottest Foundation and we’re so ready for it


Shape Tape Becomes Face Tape

Tarte has done it! Shape Tape Concealer has dominated the beautysphere for a long time now. It is Ulta’s Best Selling concealer. Will the foundation version of the full coverage concealer be in your next monthly favorites?

Meet Face Tape Foundation


Tarte hasn’t announced the release date just yet but follow us on our Instagram, @meetpepperb and we’ll keep you updated.

“Coming soon to ‪‬ & [Ulta] 💜” source

It comes in 50 SHADES!!!

Do you remember when Tarte first tried to launch a Shape Tape-esque foundation about a year ago. The Shape Tape foundation was not the success many of us thought it might be. The original release included a dewy foundation and a matte foundation of the same name. But each formulation was only available in 12 or so shades.


Because the shade range was so far from inclusive, a few big name beauty influencers announced they would not be reviewing the product specifically because of the, well, joke of the shade range that was available. It surely wasn’t the only reason this foundation didn’t maintain interest like the concealer, but it was a big factor.

But that was then and this is now!


The Big Claim: “longwearing, full-coverage vegan foundation mattifies, hydrates & brightens your appearance … transfer-proof, waterproof & sweatproof” source

Raise your Hand If you can’t wait to add this to your cart!

New Pinterest tool lets you add skin color to your search results


Por fin.

Admit it. You’re single and have a secret Pinterest board full of rustic-twinkle light aesthetic that is exactly what you’d want for your dream wedding. Yeah, same. I love scrolling through recipes and beauty looks but, like many media outlets, Pinterest has makes the seeing the representation of people of color like, well, finding a black model on Pinterest. Nearly impossible.


I’m just gonna say it.

Pinterest has been a ‘hail to the size 4 boho white girl whose hair flows long and blonde with summer tanned skin.” In every category. On every mood board. At all times. That is a really tough thing for some people to hear and, the thing is, I’m ok with that. It should make you uncomfortable when you realize that your favorite app to scroll through doesn’t celebrate all people.

What keeps all of us on Pinterest is the fact that it is women celebrating each other.

(And all the organizational tips, right? #virgo4lyfe)


How many times have you shown your hair stylist screenshots of the perfect highlights you saw on Pinterest.

For many of us WOC, seeing how those highlights or that eye shadow color might look with our skin color took a carpal tunnel educing amount of time to find. If you did not explicitly type ‘hair style’ followed by ‘black woman, asian woman, woc,” chances are that you scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and still didn’t find someone with a complexion similar to your own.

I have literally typed in my foundation or concealer shade in order to find women who look like me.


Pinterest did an update this week that POC have been asking for for a long time now.

Look at these tweets as your receipts:


I’ve had this exact conversation with my own sister. We were trying to find some Puerto Rican recipes for the holidays that weren’t created by someone went to La Isla Del Encanto and pinned their watered down version of sancocho.


Search by skin color

After you have entered your search, Pinterest has had a row of suggestions to help narrow your search. Now, por fin, finally, the new feature lets you add a skin color. They have added 4 color wheels to choose from. Pick the color wheel that most closely represents the skin color you are looking for. Here I searched ‘glowy makeup.” As you can see, the default result images are of lighter skinned women.


The row of suggestions still includes the option to add, for example, “Dark Skin,” and “Black Girl” to your search like it did before.

Pinterest is an homage to white girls with blonde hair.

Just look at this search of pretty hairstyle from this morning. Pretty hair according to Pinterest is naturally straighter and on a white woman.


But hopefully this new feature will help up us who don’t fit that mold get some inspo too.


This new feature isn’t all the way there yet. Not all searches include the option to add a skin tone to it. I looked up ‘purple smokey eye’ and the color wheels did not pop up. Instead it was the original way you had to search: waiting for the exclusionary results to then add who you are really looking for.


Why does all of this even matter?

Pinterests search results reinforced our societal flaw that we understand beauty as being in one form. It emphasized that ‘white, thin; blonde’ is the default for beauty. You could argue that that hasn’t changed because you still need to add a skin color instead of there being a natural mix of different women in the search results. I agree. White woman is still the Pinterest default setting. However, adding the 4 color wheels is a step in the right direction.


As a beauty editor, I try to be conscious of the beauty shots I choose to share. Pinterest is one of my most frequented sights when it comes to searching for a specific beauty look. Especially when I draft B. Scopes;’s beauty horoscopes. I spend a lot of time trying to find WOC: east and south asian, black, latina. All of us. Women and men with all skin tones but I do my best to focus on medium to darker skin tones. Even after I have chosen “The Look” for the horoscope, If I’m not finding models of different skin colors, I abandon that look and find something new. Even if I REALLY wanted to use that look.

I do this because it would be so very easy to just pick 10 pictures of pretty light skinned women.

Easy because we have been conditioned to recognize beauty through a eurocentric gaze. I refuse to be a partner in encouraging that one standard of beauty. I don’t always get it right. I’ve checked my work and I want more diversity.

I think this is a major improvement to Pinterest but I do hope to eventually see a more a organically diverse search result.

beauty is in All of Us.


NEW BRAND ALERT!: Subtl Beauty


Meet Sublt Beauty.

If you are just taking the crosstown bus or boarding a cross country flight, this product should be on your radar.

Subtl Beauty


At a glance, my first thought was: How are you fitting a whole face in the palm of your hand?!?

Subtl Beauty has eliminated your need for an over sized makeup bag to put in your over sized purse without neglecting your desire to feel and look pretty.


Meet Rachel, founder and CEO of Subtl Beauty.


“I’m not an aspiring #MUA #Influencer or #trendsetter. I’m a woman with career goals, family responsibilities, a social life, and a very real need for portability in my beauty products...This is how the idea of Subtl Beauty came to be. I developed the Subtl Beauty stack to be compact enough to fit in my clutch for my sleepovers, but also big enough to hold full-size products for travel and daily use.” (source)

Rachel is all of us. Sublt Beauty is relatable.


Basics for a face that says, “I’m here!” or, “Where is my coffee, Josh?” or “Brunch is on me!!!”


It is the age of growing beauty brand inclusivity. More brands are pushing themselves to create shades other than medium to dark white girl. It is a mix of the frenzy that sparked from Fenty Beauty jumping off with 40 foundation shades combined with braver influencers being more vocal about not using or promoting brands that have PITIFUL shades ranges.


While there are only 5 shades of concealer available from this brand, I don’t want you to take that as vote against them. Let’s be real, Fenty launched 40 shades because regardless if the products sucked, everyone was going to buy and try them because, one word, Rihanna. They could risk investing all that shade development money. Subtl Beauty literally had a kickstarter campaign to get support. I think this is one of those brands we will find in Target in just a few years if we support just another working woman who had a vision to give other women something the market wasn’t offering them.

Subtl Beauty created a chart to help you find your shade! If we have a similar complexion, I think medium might work for us with a sheered out application! I used the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in shade Warm Beige. The chart lists the shade Honey as a match for their medium shade. Honey is three shades deeper than my Too Faced shade and described as ‘tan neutral.’ (source)


I’m a huge fan of beauty influencer, Jackie Aina. Like many of us, I’ve watched her apply her concealer a 1000 times. She often uses Nars concealer shade ‘amande’ which is listed as a shade match for Subtl Beauty’s dark concealer. She describes her complexion as dark and often acknowledges that brands tend to stop their complexion shade range right around her skin tone. Unfortunately neglecting an entire group of women ready to make beauty purchases if only they were available to them. If you are deeper than Jackie, you may not have a concealer from Subtl Beauty just yet. I will also say that their Instagram could use a huge serving of diversity not just for the sake of diversity but because anything less is just unacceptable.


Subtl Beauty also has a cute brush available!!


Sublt Beauty basically looked at my makeup bag and was like, “biiiiitch, that is unacceptable! LESS!”


The smooth clean lines and minimalist look of Subtl Beauty will make you look at your own makeup bag and feel like a hoarder.

Here are my essentials for my basic go to makeup look. Stacked, because why not. This excludes mascara, brow gel, and all the cotton swabs I carry to edit my work. plus the two full sized makeup brushes I need to get all of this on my face.

Subtl Beauty gives me that Milk Makeup minimalist feel without all the bulk. While Milk Make up has that ‘so chic, too cool’ vibe, Sublt Beauty has that “CEO + confident in my looks” feeling.

I think the stackable makeup is accessible for makeup wearers at all skill + interest levels. If you are just trying to look + feel better at a morning meeting or on a coffee date, this is perfect to just keep in your bag. You can get ready in your Uber on your way to catch up with some friends, too. Business, casual, date, party. In your small purse!

Simple. Subtl. Beauty.