The Lip Bar Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bawse Lady

Written by Danyelle V


“I started making lipstick in my kitchen because I believed beauty shouldn't compromise health and because I was determined to not change the way I looked to fit into some superficial or trendy beauty standard. Fuck that. There is no standard… Every woman deserves to be represented. So I do this not for the love of makeup, but for the love of women who are unapologetically themselves and the women working up the courage to be.” Melissa Butler, Founder of The Lip Bar


There is so much girl power and #blackgirlmagic behind the creation of The Lip Bar and it is simply inspiring. A company started by a woman of color in her kitchen to challenge the beauty industry with the goal of empowering women. My heart swelled with love and pride when I learned about the story behind The Lip Bar. I know I’m not the only geek out here reading a brand’s “About the Brand” or “Behind Our Story” sections on their websites, right? Just take 5 minutes to check out their website and instagram feed, and you will feel all of the passion behind this brand. The imagery is stunning! Each collection is so well thought out and executed. It is obvious that love and fire is what created the brand. I'm just a tad obsessed LOL. Just a tad. 

I will get to the review of the Liquid Matte Lipstick shortly. First, I just need you all to understand that this isn't just a cosmetic company. It is VIBES with a Z, I swear! One of the most innovative features on their website is the Try On section. I believe that cosmetic companies are starting to understand that we increasingly-socially-conscious-millennials value inclusion. Therefore, featuring swatches on various skin tones has become more common on cosmetic websites. But The Lip Bar goes to the next level. Often I find that, for example, lipsticks are swatched on 2-3 skin tones. The Lip Bar gives us SIX! Oh yeah, they also have the option of swatching the lipstick with soft-natural make up or dramatic makeup. They've thought of everything!


The formula of the matte liquid lipstick is like silk. It is thin but not runny which makes it easy to control. You can get a fully opaque and even layer in one coat. Until it fully dries, it is a little sticky but that does go away after a few minutes. It does not transfer, but it will break down while eating.

The shade I am wearing is Bawse Lady. This. Color. OMG. I need eight of them. Ms. Melissa, listen, please do not ever, evah, discontinue this shade. This is the bloodiest red I have ever owned. This is that January 20th shade. It’s the shade you wear to your Inauguration day. This is the shade you wear when you are inducted into a hall of fame. Bawse Lady is the shade you wear to that meeting with your boss to show him who is the Bawse. World domination is possible with this shade. That “Don’t test me” shade. Can you tell I’m obsessed? I half wish my hair wasn’t purple so I could wear this shade with my hair down. I have a shadow root so I can pull it off with my hair up. Trust me, purple hair and red lipstick will take me from CEO to court jester real quick. I wear Bawse Lady and I feel like I can command an empire!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from their instagram. The Lip Bar and the message behind it will give you such a powerful  urge to create something of your own. It inspires you to chase and develop your own sense of style. You can really feel the voice of this brand. No questions, they will tell you who they are!

This video is from their YouTube page. They aren't super active on it but this video captures their whole vibe so well. It's fun, sexy, confident. These lipsticks are very high quality and very affordable. While they are a small business, I honestly believe retailers will pick them up soon and you will see them everywhere! So get ahead of the trend!

So which shade are you picking up before you start your empire?

We have an interview with Melissa Butler, founder and CEO of The Lip Bar! She is insightful and her words, like her brand, will inspire you to chase your own dreams. Read the full interview here.