Dose of Colors Desi X Katy Collection Relaunch: Must Haves (and what you can pass on)


The DesixKaty collection from Dose of Colors relaunches today, Sunday 9/24/17 at 6pm PST!! It launched in mid-August and " sold out in less than a day" (Allure). 

Dose of Colors is an indie brand that is no being sold at Ulta online. The also make my absolute favorite liquid lipstick in the shade Berry Me 2. Every time I think I've found a new fave, I wear Berry Me 2 and I'm hooked all over again. Desi Perkins and Lusterlux (Katy) are each influencer with a large following. They amass  5.5 million followers on Instagram, over 1.1 million followers on Twitter, and 4.3 followers on Youtube. The whole collection features 2 liquid lipsticks, 2 nude creme lipsticks, a gloss, and eyeshadow palette. If you want to know what is a true must-have for this collection, keep reading :)



The nude and rose gold packaging is just beautiful. The lipsticks have soft touch outer layer for similar to the feel of a NARS lipstick. Each highlighter and the eyeshadow palette is wrapped in a rose gold shimmer that is shimmers in a way that you can't look away. I'm -a little obsessed.


The GIrls palette is named for their dogs! Each shade is named a nickname for their dog. I have three yorkies, so obviously, I'm a dog person and just love that. The full shimmer palette was made with the idea that most makeup wearers have their go-to matte shades. Some folks did not like that but I really didn't mind. I rather have a palette full of unique shades than yet another -can I say it' dame warm neutrals palette. What I don't love about the formula is that they the shades are made to be used with your finger. I have very small lids so that doesn't always work for me. However, I love the colors. Each shade has so much dimension. They are comparable to a UD Moondust shadow but with more... everything. More pigment in the base shade and tons of sparkles. My favorite shade is Turbosan. Truthfully, I don't think this palette is a must have. I would if I could use it with a brush because I really do love the colors. When I've tried, the colors aren't as potent. Harpoon and Suz are meant to be used wet. When you do, have and asthma pump near by because -stunning. Yeah, just stunning. 


More Creamer Please is the nude lipstick my skin tone has been waiting for. It is a brownish peach shade perfect for deeper medium tones and even deeper. There is a lighter nude called 'No Shade.' The formula of this lipstick is creamy and hydrating. This is a must have! Dose of Colors really does know how to do a lipstick. 


Dose of Colors makes an amazing liquid lipstick formula. The color is so rich! It is a mousse like formula with a comfortable finish. I've been wearing their lipsticks for years and never have a problem. The only application note you need to keep in mind is that you need to let the formula dry down or you will move the color around like I did in the swatch of Hot Fire. You can see in the center wear my lips touch that the color looks lifted but that was pure application error. This almost neon red-orange shade, Hot Fire, is a little bit tricky to get an even finish but you can finish it easier with a brush. Savage though -amazing! It is so dark and vampy. Of course, a fall staple. The lipstick wears down to a nice stain. If I had to choose just one, I would painfully take Savage and just miss Hot Fire with great sorrow. I see myself getting much more use out of Savage. Year round, not just when people are fighting over pumpkin spice lattes (which aren't all that anywayz -needed to be said!).


The DesixKaty collection from Dose of Colors launched with two highlighters. A rose gold  shade called Mirame (Me-rrah-meh - please try to pronounce it. No es tan dificil). As well as Fuego which is a champagne gold. I just picked up Fuego. When I applied it to my cheeks, I immediately regretted being cheap and not getting Mirame as well. It is not just your run of the mill highlighter. Your skin looks wet! It doesn't look like a chunk of eyeshadow on your cheek, it looks like it was always meant to be there. The highlight is a must-have product. 


My absolute top two picks from this collection were the Savage Liquid Lipstick and the Fuego highlighter. 


What did/will you get from the DesiXKaty Collection from Dose of Colors?