Puff, Puff, Mask: Cannabis is a Rising Beauty Trend

Danyelle Valentin // @bufferingbetty

For chronic good skincare *winky face*

We all know the ‘party’ properties of cannabis, even if not from experience. However, many of us, including myself, are or were ignorant of the beauty benefits of it! Cannabis beauty solutions are far from new but they certainly are on trend. Kush Mascara from Milk Makeup and Sephora carrying High Beauty, it looks like CBD should have been on my vanity and in my skincare cabinet ages ago! In addition to improving the skin, having the beauty world have such an emphasis on the healing benefits of marijuana speaks to the social, in my opinion, progression of society. I’m not saying a face cream is going to cause Congress to legalize cannabis, but maybe it will de-stigmatize people and cultures that embrace it.

Homage to the chillest pass time

We be burning not concernin’ while we blending our eye shadow. For me, I noticed the trend really kick off with the launch of this palette. I thought it was funny, socially relevant, and stunning!!! I also LOVE green eye makeup! While this gorgeous palette is not formulated with any cannabis, it is truly a tribute to plant.

Smoke Sessions, Melt Cosmetics

Need to know: $48
Avaiable at meltcosmetics.com
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Could you imagine sitting in a circle with my forever president, Pres. Obama. How weird did he get, you think?

The O.g. Hemp Product

Who else remembers going to a beauty supply store with their mom, seeing this brand, and feeling totally confused. Hempz? Is that a weed on the package? Is the place my mom buys rolos and pinches selling drugs? Should I ask my mom or will she grill me about even knowing what the weed looks like?

Lips Ultra Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balm; Hempz

Need to know: $8.99
Avaiable at Ulta
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Lucid Dreams


The dreamiest sleep with a morning glow! Pholk Beauty was featured in our Beauty Hour events! Meetpepperb team approved!

H2Oil Hemp x Hibiscus Night Oil; Pholk Beauty

Need to know: $27

Avaiable at Pholkbeauty.com

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The Trend Intensifies

Mascara is that one beauty step that, according to me, 9 out of 10 makeup wearers wouldn’t skip. Milk Makeup comes across as the brand that caters to that cool kid, aloof type so adding in a product that hypes up le ganj’ makes perfect sense from a branding POV. But! Their whole base line for infusing this mascara with cannabis would make you pick up a tube.

According to Milk, “Conditioning hemp-derived cannabis oil fuses heart-shaped fibers to lashes for thickness without the fallout. The hydrating formula also fills the hollow fibers for a double dose of volume.” They also used it as a binding tool in order to make the product totally vegan by not using beeswax.

Kush Mascara: Milk Makeup

Need to know: $24
Avaiable at Sephora and milkmakeup.com
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Healing Powers of an all-in-one Salve

Did you know their were people in the world helping ease the pain of arthritis with cannabis based products? Here is one of them! Along with hydrating your skin, this all in one salve will solve your woes. It’s the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis that help ease the pain in your grandma’s knee.

Hemp Salve: Cannabliss

Need to know: $55
Available at cannablissorganic.com
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6. Puff, Puff, Mask

I like that the package says “non—intoxciating” to clarify that, no, Sephora is not selling any mind altering substance. Just skin altering potions.

Hello Calm: Origins

Need to know: $28
Available at Sephora
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Green Goddess with Intention


If you’re part of team #LegalizeIt, you’ll find adding this gorgeous looking product to your skin care even more satisfying. Herbivore pledges that “$1 of every Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil sold goes to Americans for Safe Access, an organization that supports safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.”

Emerald, Herbivore

Need to Know: $48
Available at Sephora
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This is not only a product, but a whole line formulated with cannabis. If that doesn’t convince you to jump on board, I don’t what will!

High Five, High Beauty

Need to Know: $40
Available at Sephora
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To put it bluntly, cannabis creates reefined beauty.