Tracee Ellis Ross Launches Haircare Line + The Message Feels Like Big Hug


“Love your hair. It is yourself.”

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is the actress known for telling stories that encourage us to laugh and love. She is a fashion icon known for making us look at our closets and feel utterly unimpressed. Now, she will be the mogul who looked over our shoulder in the mirror and kissed our curly, coily, and tightly textured hair. Ross’ haircare line, Pattern, is what she describes as, “something that has been living in [her] heart for 20 years is [now] manifesting into reality.”

Meet Pattern


The line features a hyrdation shampoo, 3 types of conditioners that cater to your pattern’s haircare needs, 2 serums, a leave in conditioner, and haircare accessories to make your wash day go more smoothly; such as a microfiber towel.

“Every curl has a story, a rythm, a dance, a curve, coil, zig-zag, wave. Curls speak for themselves.” (Pattern)

With that understanding, Pattern crafted three types of conditoners to fit the moisture needs of these different types of hair. To help you define your type of curls, they created a curl guide.

Conditioner Types for “juicy and joyful” hair:

Medium: for curls

Heavy: for coils

Intense: for tight textures

Leading up to the lauch of Pattern

Tracee Ellis Ross shared her own journey to accepting and loving her hair.


“IF MY HAIR COULD TALK ~ oh, the stories it would tell. i can literally chronicle my journey of self-acceptance through my journey with my hair. growing up, society told me there was a right way to wear my hair and a right way to look. those ideals didn’t match what i saw in the mirror, so i tried to beat my curls into submission— putting body lotion in my hair, sleeping in rollers, blowouts, relaxers, texturizers, ponytails so tight they gave me a headache; and i even whipped out an iron (the kind you use for clothes) in an attempt to straighten it that way.

trying to make my hair look “easy and breezy”, “bouncin’ and behavin’” actually had the opposite effect. my hair was broken, damaged, and tired of trying to be something that it wasn’t.

i finally took the leap and stopped relaxing my curls, thereby beginning the healing journey towards loving my hair. it was a long road to knowing, understanding and, eventually, loving my curls. now i just let them be the happy little ringlets and zig zags of joy they want to be.

if your hair could talk, what would it say? #fbf #hairlove

This woman turned her hair into a crown in a shoot for Essence Magizine. A CROWN!!!!

This self love carries into the mission for Pattern:

The price range for Pattern is also relatively affordable, too! The conditoiners, serums, and the leave-in each are $25. The shampoo is $20 and all of the haircare accessories are under $20!


Watch this short film celebrating hair and community for Pattern Beauty

“Rock Your Pattern”


Find Your Perfect D.O.D Lashes Based On your Muse


Dash Of Downtown Lashes Are About To Upgrade You

Inspired by the best of downtown Brooklyn, brings you our new signature lashes, Dash of Downtown! There are six styles and they’re so affordable and reusable! Find your perfect pair based on who your muse is!



Have you ever seen Kelis in anything subtle? Nope! Us either! This lash is the most dramatic lash.


Lafayette Lashes


The Lafayette Lashes capture the drama with a sweet, flirty flare because they’re so wispy!
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“I just took a DNA test, Turns out I’m 100% that bitch!” (Truth Hurts)

We love Lizzo because she doesn’t bring the drama, she IS the Drama!

Willoughby Lashes


What makes them so eh-xtrah, is the criss cross formation of the lashes.
So if you’re a thick chick who needs tempo, D.O.D Willoughby Lashes should already be in your hands!
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Who could’ve predicted that ‘Pon De Replay’ would lead to all that emcompasses the name, Rihanna, today. Fenty Beauty, Savage X Fenty, Fashion Icon who is like the Queen of the Met Gala, and she’s still making bops, too! She’s expensive, ya’ll!

Smith & 9th Street Lashes


These Dash of Downtown lashes are subtle + chic. Exactly what you need to tell everyone who is the boss without saying a word!
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Cardi B


Pop up, guess who, bitch!

There’s no such thing as ‘holding back’ when it comes to Cardi B.

Ashland Place Lashes


Turn up the volume and accentuate your winged liner with these Ashland Place Lashes,
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Chrissy Teigan



Some how Chrissy Teigan is everyone’s best friend who we love to watch roast people on Twitter. She’s like everyone’s favorite aunt who you want to get drunk because she is just the life of the party and incredibly funny.

Myrtle Ave Lashes


Pour yourself and your besties a large glass of wine and laugh the night away with our Myrtle Ave Lashes!
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Demi Lovato

Demi is just your average girl trying to find herself but is always serving face!


Duffield Street Lashes


Because leaving your house with not even half beaten face is not an option. These Dash of Downtown Duffeild Street Lashes pull any look together.
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Hello! Got get ‘em!

12 Hacks Priscilla Ono Has In Her Beauty Kit That Give Clients The VIP Treatment


Not one of them is actually makeup!

As the Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty and Rihanna’s makeup artist, Priscilla Ono has to be prepared for anything while on set. Via Instagram story, Ono shared some of the tools in her treasure box - we mean, makeup skit. Of course, Fenty Beauty on tap was to be expected, but butt wipes?! Let’s dive into this kit!

Who else is excited for the release of Fenty’s new foundation!!!


What we expect to find in a make up artist’s kit:


All we know is:

Priscilla Ono is a wonderfully talented artist. So if she’s got it in her kit, all aspiring MUAs should take note.

1. Breath refreshments!

Mints. Honestly, it’s so obvious, we’re mad we didn’t think of it. Think of how close a makeup artist can get to a client’s face. Now image if the client had a seafood lunch. Prscilla says she keeps vairous flavors in her kit to have her clients’ preferences on hand.

Mints →

2. Toothpicks

“Because people gotta eat and you can’t have your clients have things in their teeth.” We’re learning so much in this Instagram story. Did you know there was such a thing as flavored toothpicks!? We did not!

Cinnamon Toothpicks →


3. “Butt Wipes”

“Gotta have the butt being fresh.” This one probably isn’t necessarily for a client, and Ono didn’t offer any beauty tips with this one, but we’re guessing if the artist is feeling fresh and clean, their work will be too.

Butt wipes →


4. Privacy, please!

While we’re on the subject, this Poo-Pourri will let you go confidently without fear of an odor fallout.


5. Foot Wipes

For shoots where the model is barefoot. If your client missed a pedicure and it shows, these wipes have a quick way to exfoliate the feet.

Foot Wipes →


6. Shot Wipes

“Because sometimes accidents happen. You don’t want body makeup staining the clothes.” She’s got every wipe you can think of.

Shot Wipes


7. Soap Sheets

The most important skill any makeup artist must master is cleanliness! Washing your hands and tools is a must. These are single use hand soaps! Priscilla says that she often finds that on set that there is running water but no soap. She wants her hands to be clean when she starts working. Prepared for anything is the theme here. Her compact is from Japan but the link below is close enough.

Soap Sheets

8. Vick’s VapoRub but Fashion

“Like Vaporub in oil form.” She uses this essential oil to apply to pressure points to cool down in hot climents.

Olba’s Oil


9. Single Use eye Drops

Soothe eyes without fear of contamination! “Just tear one off and give it to your client.”

Individual Eye Drops

10. Spa Towels

“I like to put these in ice buckets when it’s really hot [to] cool down my client’s neck. Or you can put them in the microwave to warm them up on a cold day.” They’re individually wrapped towels that are damp and have essential oils. VIP treatment just became spa treatment.

Towels →

11. Fan

Because when it’s hot, you can’t have your models sweating!



12. No Spill Makeup Remover

Fill empty lipgloss tubes with a makeup remover. Makes it one step, compact, and even more handy

Empty Lipgloss tube →

Go Forth and Blend!


The Only Place To Spend Your Money On National Lipstick Day 2019!


More Than Lipstick

Something powerful and magical happens when women work together to fight for what they believe in. These two cosmetic brands are an example of job ust that! Beautiful Rights and The Lipstick Lobby are cosmetics with a cause!


Beautiful Rights


Who they raise for:

  • March For Our Lives

  • Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Americal Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

  • Momsrising

  • EMILY’s List

  • Lamda Legal

  • Legal Momentum



Shop and pick out your favortie shade of lipstick! Once you are at check out, select which organization you are donating to!


20% of your sale will go directly to that cause you chose to sponsor.


Pantsuit Pink!


Gloss Ceiling


Stronger Together


The Lipstick Lobby


If the fire in my soul became a cosmetics company, this is what it would look like.


For The Lipstick Lobby, each lipstick is a representation of the organization it is fundraising for.


  • The unPrison Project

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)




Kiss my pink

Planned Parenthood


In The Clear
Vitamin E Lip Balm

The unPrison Project

Shop here →

These boxes though! *intense heart eyes*

They’ve also got some merch that will have you searching to for the nearest protest!

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Fight Back.


Your Brows + Lashes Just Found Their New Best Bud.


Jack pot.

CBD is still one of the biggest trends in 2019. Milk Makeup kicked it up a notch with release of of their lash and brow serum. It promises to take your lashes to new hights and give you the bushiest brows.

The beauty industry right now:

Kush Growhouse
Lash + Brow Serum

Need to know: $48, apply twice daily for 12 weeks for the best results
Shop here →


Milk Makeup is growing their Kush Collection! The already had a Kush mascara, a brow gel, and a lip balm, too!


The key to seeing results with products like this is consistency!

Set up a routine for yourself! Twice a day for 12 weeks for the best results!

Honestly, wow! If you’re stuggling to grow out your brows, this looks promising!

Raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized
by a man’s amazing eyelashes.

Give nature a run for its money!

Milk Makeup usage instructions are to “use morning and night on clean skin. Allow formula 1-2 minutes to dry before makeup application.”

Roll up. Grow up.

Beauty Hacks You Actually Need


Check List!

This list won’t leave you wishing you hadn’t clicked on it. This isn’t one of those ‘5-minute’ videos that use a lighter and an empty gallon of water to make a garbage bag organizer. These are all beauty hacks that everyone should already be using!

Reduce. Reuse.


Beauty is more socially concious than ever. We’ve seen brands going cruelty free and actively learning to be more diverse. The next front for socially concious beauty is reduing waste. This Etsy seller has the perfect hack. How many cotton rounds do you go through while removing your makeup that you just toss in the trash? Now, you can wash them and reuse them!

Need to know: set of 10, $9.90
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Your Beauty Blender Will Actually Dry


Pet peeve: Picking up my beauty sponge and it’s still wet from the day before. Makes my muscules tense up. This tray actually allows air flow on all sides of your beauty sponges so they will fully dry!

Need to know: $15.39
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Beauty Sleep


We’re all going to wrinkle but just not right now, ok? You’ll get real beauty sleep with this pillow. No sleeping on your face!

Need to know: $68
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Brush Display

Who has time to dig for their favorite brush? NO ONE! We’re running late! This two teir brush holder keeps your tools on hand and organized

Need to know: $69
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This brush organizer is calming explaining its minimalist vibes.

Need to know: $21.99
Shop here → 


Guru Beauty Room


While cleaning out your makeup collection, have you ever uncover a favorite product that you could’ve sworn you lost in that hotel last Spring? Yeah, us too. Sometimes, it;s out of sight, out of mind for products. This Shadow Rack organizing system keeps it all in plain sight.


No bulky shelving! Just seamless glittering shadows and your favorite lippies all on display.

Need to know: The Etsy shop is currently on vacation but they are lauching a Kickstarter campaign this August. Follow their shop for updates!
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The Big Claim:

Vanity Lighting To Go

Ok, this company is literally call Beauty Hak!

It’s a portable lighing kit. Just use the suction cups on your mirror and instant vanity. How many hotels have you stayed at and the lighting was just the worst! Never again!

Need to know: $49
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Beauty Made Easy

Hot Girl Summer Shopping Guide


Heat Advisory!

This heatwave is a direct result of Hot Girl Energy. This weekend it’s going to be too hot. Just get your highest reviewed SPF and dive into the pool or just stand in front of the freezer with the door open in your underwear. We’re not judging! Most likely, you’re going to be online shopping while thanking the inventor of air conditioning. Here are our top picks for your Hot Girl Summer beauty! Go ahead, post that thirst trap.


Fresh Glow


New from fave, The Lip Bar! It’s more than just lip. A duo bronzer + highlighting blush.

Need to know: 5 shades, glowy bronzer, $20
Shop here →


Pepper did an unboxing and demo on our IGTV!


Color Drops Serum Blush


With this heat, you may already have a flush but who doesn’t need a little more. This new Serum Blush is the cutest packaging from Em Cosmetics

Need to know: Release July 22nd!
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Skin Fetish System


Pat McGrath is finally giving us what we’ve been begging her for. To see the way Pat McGrath does complexion is to see Jesus turn water into wine or Beyonce at Cochella. She’s magic! Her Skin Fetish foundation, primer, loose setting powder, and two complexion brushes are about to melt your hot girl summer!

Need to know: Release July 26th!
Foundaton: 36 shades, $68
Powder: 5 shades, $55
Primer: $60
Foundation brush: $55
Powder brush: $58
Shop here →


When McGrath does makeup, it doesn’t even look like she’s used powder so you know this is gonna be a hot one!




Rise and grind my dear! Does anything say heat like red packaging! It’s a new palette from Natasha Denona. Don’t you just want to dive into those mattes!

Need to know: $65
Shop here →



Booty masks are becoming like a real thing! This is the new Bawdy x Sephora Collection Butt Sheet Mask. Your booty will be glowing in your new cheeky bikini.

Need to know: 4 formulas, $8
Shop here →

Stay Hydrated!


The ‘Worst Rated Makeup Artist In My City’ Challenge Is The Greatest Thing The Beauty Community Has Given Us


It’s Worse Than You Think.

Finding a makeup artist that can make you feel Red Carpet ready is not easy. Are they professional, can they match my complexion, do they neglect their brush cleanings like I do? These are all questions we ask when we need to find an artist. But the internet threw that out the window. They searched review sites for the worst rated makeup artist in their city and VOLUNTARILY chose, and paid, to have their makeup done by people with the lowest ratings.


Oh. It’s a big thing right now!

My favorite thus far comes to us from vlogger Daisy Kaur.

I’ve subtly blocked the artist face with this barely noticable sun sticker from giphy.

The artist told Daisy she’s been doing makeup for 9 years. With that kind of resume it should all go well, right?

Throughout the video, Daisy’s artist keeps leaving her. Just a few seconds after the artist begins, she asks Daisy if it’s ok if she goes to make a phone call. Pretty unprofessional. If the artist had gotten in a call, that’s one thing I would be ok with. But to interrupt your client’s time to go make a phone call. No. No.

The train was derailing from the moment the artist began using a base color that was too light to Daisy’s face.

She interrupts the makeup application several times. It was so cringy. I think maybe she was running off watching a few clips of a makeup tutorial to finish the application!

The eye shadow is when the derailed train fully combusted. At first, I thought this eyeshadow technique was a the artist giving herself a guideline, but it was not.


I’m sorry but I could not stop myself from laughing.

But then. I. Got. Angry. The most important skill a makeup artist must have from my consumer/client opinion is cleanliness! I don’t care if you can make me look like Salma Hayek for a few hours if you’re going to give me a rash or something worse!


This artist straight up applied the gloss to Daisy’s lips from the tube. The wand from the tube went on to Daisy’s lips! A communial WAND! I was screaming. Oh that’s just nasty.


When applying your makeup, there is always a moment when it looks a little crazy where you think it’d be best if you just wash your face and start over. And, because I like give people a chance, I thought, maybe the artist could pull it together in the end. It would just need some final touhes and look great. That didn’t happen.

Ya’ll Daisy paid for a middle aged woman to play ‘makeup artist’ on her face. She paid to potentially contract something from that gloss!.

Daisy did an update at the end of her video where she says her eye were itching and she was having from sort of reaction on her lips.

She said the makeup smelled old and that brushes were scratchy. Girl, yes. We could see that from our screens at home.


Watch video here!

Naomi Campbell Made A Makeup Tutorial And Now Every Internet Beauty Guru Has Some Explaining To Do


First Step: Be Naomi Campbell

Nothing speaks to the power of Youtube like the trend of celebrities creating their own lifestyle vlog channels. J.Lo, Adrienne Bailon, Shay Mitchell, and, now, Naomi Campbell. This supermodel gave us selfie models the deets to her quick makeup routine and -just, wow. Thank you.

First off, Ms. Campbell starts the video with her immaculate bare skin -the woman has no need for makeup. Makeup needs Naomi. After years of getting her makeup done by the industry’s best, of course Naomi has picked up a few tricks along the way.

“My quick 5 minutes -er, no.. my quick few minutes makeup”

With her skin looking like hydration is thristy, she begins with some concealer to highlight her T-zone.

NARS     Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Soft Matte Complete Concealer


“Highlighting the T-zone is always important”

“I love using these [triangles]. They lay flat and dont apply too much [product].”

Throw out your beauty blender, folks, and get you a big pack of wedges!

FantaSea    Latex Free Foam Wedges

Latex Free Foam Wedges


Naomi’s look was all about highlighting her bone structure and keeping the look as minmal as possible.

“i dont really where base on my forehead because I want to look like I dont really have anything on.”

For this look, instead of apply foundation all over the face, use a highlighting concealer on the center of your face and blend outward.

Pause. Can you believe she just has concealer in the center of her face??? The woman is just stunning.

Concealer. Contour. Blush. Boom. Naomi Campbell.

NARS   Contour Blush in Gienah

Contour Blush in Gienah


One of the biggest takeaways from this tut is that we all need to scrap how we’ve been applying blush. Naomi prefers “high blush.” Apply your blush to high part of you cheek rather than the apple.

“High blush not low blush. I dont like to apply blush on low cheeks. I think looks like clowny and takes away from the bone structure”

NARS   Blush in Geity

Blush in Geity


She blended the highlight and blush shade from the NARS cheek palette for highlight.

Nars   Man Ray The Veil Cheek Palette

Man Ray The Veil Cheek Palette

She finished the look with some brightening powder under her eyes.

NARS   Soft Velvet Pressed Powder in Mountain

Soft Velvet Pressed Powder in Mountain


And threw on the tinyest bit of purple eye shadow. She used the darkest shade from this palette and did a wash of color.

“Purple is my favorite color”

NARS   Quad Eyeshadow in Tropical Express

Quad Eyeshadow in Tropical Express


She shared that when she was younger, NARS Honolulu Honey was her favorite lipstick.

NARS   Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey

Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey

“After years of sitting in a chair for so many hours, when I do it, it has to be a minute thing.”

She skipped mascara entirely because her lash extensions were so beautiful and she said she doesn’t really wear mascara.

She likes a ‘pinky’ lip and blended these two glosses together.

NARS   Lip Gloss in Sexual Conduct

Lip Gloss in Sexual Conduct

NARS   Lip Gloss in Outrage

Lip Gloss in Outrage

There were a few moments where our hearts dropped. To remove the excess powder, Naomi Campbell kept blowing on her brushes!

What is happening!


But don’t you dare come for Naomi.

Everyone was just honored to be here, honestly.

Facts. We’ve been played. Stop using 600 products to get the same results as Naomi’s look.

Naomi doesn’t need a lot of anything.

See the Video!

KKW Body Foundation Changed This Woman's Life And Shut Down Haters On Twitter


So many feels!

KKW Beauty released a body foundation and, as goes everything with the notorious Kardashian family, there was drama. Everyone had a strong opinion to share. But one influencer had a story about her mom that made Twitter take a seat and actually listen.


Katrina is a beauty blogger (@treeeenz) who wanted her followers to know exactly why the KKW Skin Perfecting Body Foundation deserved some love and support.


On Twitter, Katrina shared this photo of her mom’s legs. One leg has had the KKW Body foundation applied to it while the other leg is red and has discoloration.


“this is why i bought my mom the @kkwbeauty body foundation. with my mom’s sickness, she developed a skin condition and she’s been so embarrassed to even wear shorts or dresses out in public. she got so extremely happy after i applied the body foundation and i’m so emotional rn” @treeeenz

“this is why i was getting so angry about everyone who was saying this was a stupid product. please be mindful that not everyone has perfect skin/legs/etc. i can’t wait to take my mom out this summer and her not being self conscious about her illness”

She got many replies to her tweet supporting her. Some even shared their own insecurities.

Others, not so much.


I could see this having some truth. But I wonder if this person has an issue with the whole beauty industry?

I think this is a great concept. KKW Beauty is hardly the first brand to release body foundation. I remember as a teen when my mom came home with a body foundation to cover her vericose veins. I didn’t think she needed it but that’s not for me to decide.

While I see the point about “promoting unrealistic standards of perfection” from the whole beauty industry, not just the Kardashians, I think a lot of people are missing a point. Choice + growth. Choose to wear whatever you want. My mom chose to wear makeup on her legs in the summer. And eventually, she got tired of applying foundation to her legs are learned to accept them. The process of covering up her legs, made her engaged with them more and I think that is how she got over that insecurity. I haven’t heard my mom talk about how her veins look in years. Hopefully, Katrina’s mom goes through that same growth. And even if she continues to cover her legs, it is her choice. Respect that.

here’s to Feeling pretty

These $8 Fenty Dupes Will Be Your Summer Staple!

Colourpop to the rescue!

Colourpop came through with their Lite Stix + Blush Stix collection just in time! Summer make up means fast application. Blink and the season is over. We’ve got beaches to catch! We don’t want to spend a single extra minute worrying about perfect blending when their are weekend carnivals with our names all over them. What caught my eye, was the fact that this new Colourpop release included colors that looked like some of my favorite Fenty Beauty Shimmer Stix shades! I found Colourpop matches for almost all of the Fenty Shimmer Stix. The only one left out was Blondie. We can’t deny, Fenty has a way with gold that other brands haven’t yet grasped; Long Live Trophy Wife!! Here are the matches I found!



hope st.PNG

Hope St.



acting up.PNG



Acting Up

yacht life.PNG

Yatch Lyfe

more is more.PNG

More Is More



mic drop.PNG

Mic Drop


Chili Mango







flying high.PNG

Flying High



Flying High

DOn’t Empty your Wallet to FIll Your Cart.

The Only Kylie Skin Review You Need: Michelle Phan Came Back To Save Us From Ourselves

Does Kylie Skin meet Michelle Phan’s standards?

Like a gaurdian angel watching the mayham about Kylie Skin unfold, Michelle Phan swooped back on to youtube to give beauty lovers a protecting voice. She guest starred in a ‘first impressions’ type of video on beauty influencer, Promise Tamang’s Youtube channel, Dope2111, to test out Kylie’s new skincare line.


It started with the announcement of a walnut scrub. That was the moment the internet beauty world erupted and started side-eyeing the release of baby Jenner’s skincare line. We all could see the release of Kylie Skin coming. We could have even predicted the twitter + meme circus that would come with it; for there rarely is a moment involving the Kardashian-Jenner clan that is unaccompanied by a social media tornado. Love them or hate them, the reality TV family is everywhere and so are their products. The hype could temp you to give them a try.

The OBG: Original Beauty Guru


Anyone who was a teenager in 2007 has seen a Michelle Phan beauty tutorial on Youtube. She turned her hobby into a business and now she owns her own beauty line, Em Cosmetics, and beauty subscription service, Ipsy Beauty!

The 32 year-old team up with her sister-in-law / beauty influencer, Promise Tamang, to spill all the tea about Kylie Skin and

if the walnut scrub will be scratching up our faces.


Promise Tamang is an incredibly talented artist who can change her face into almost anything!


No, seriously! It took me a minute to figure out which face was actually hers while scrolling through her IG.


They put their skin on the line to test it out.

Not all heroines wear capes!

Promise purchased the collection herself for $125 which she and Michelle both deemed a “fair” or “average” price for a full skincare routine.


When you and your bestie plan DIY facials together:

Each peice was tested and given a review based on how each of their faces felt in the moment.


The Foaming Face Wash:

Michelle: “Doesn’t feel that nourishing. Actually feels pretty drying as I’m washing this off. At the end of the day, you don’t want to buy the packaging or buy the hype. You want to buy a product that’s gonna work for you.” She also thought it would be better with teenagers with more oily skin.

Promise: “Not a velvety foam. It takes off like 80% of the makeup. It’s good but it’s not going to replace any of the cleansers I’m using now.”


The reason you’re here!


The Walnut Face Scrub:

Michelle: “It’s very finely milled. It’s not as bad as I thought it was, actually. But would I buy this for myself, no. I just think (physical exfoliants are) a dated formula.”

Promise: “I just feel like it’s not safe so I wouldn’t recommend for people to use this. Walnut scrubs are just a ‘no’ for me.“


The Vanilla Milk Toner

Michelle: “I don’t like fragrance in my skincare. So far this is my favorite product.”

Promise: “This feels really nice on the skin.”

Both were glad to see the left over makeup removed from their faces after cleansing and exfoliating.

The Vitamin C Serum

Michelle: “It’s OK. It’s not bad. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s not the best thing in the world either.”

Promise: “It’s a tad bit sticky but it’s good.”