The ‘Worst Rated Makeup Artist In My City’ Challenge Is The Greatest Thing The Beauty Community Has Given Us


It’s Worse Than You Think.

Finding a makeup artist that can make you feel Red Carpet ready is not easy. Are they professional, can they match my complexion, do they neglect their brush cleanings like I do? These are all questions we ask when we need to find an artist. But the internet threw that out the window. They searched review sites for the worst rated makeup artist in their city and VOLUNTARILY chose, and paid, to have their makeup done by people with the lowest ratings.


Oh. It’s a big thing right now!

My favorite thus far comes to us from vlogger Daisy Kaur.

I’ve subtly blocked the artist face with this barely noticable sun sticker from giphy.

The artist told Daisy she’s been doing makeup for 9 years. With that kind of resume it should all go well, right?

Throughout the video, Daisy’s artist keeps leaving her. Just a few seconds after the artist begins, she asks Daisy if it’s ok if she goes to make a phone call. Pretty unprofessional. If the artist had gotten in a call, that’s one thing I would be ok with. But to interrupt your client’s time to go make a phone call. No. No.

The train was derailing from the moment the artist began using a base color that was too light to Daisy’s face.

She interrupts the makeup application several times. It was so cringy. I think maybe she was running off watching a few clips of a makeup tutorial to finish the application!

The eye shadow is when the derailed train fully combusted. At first, I thought this eyeshadow technique was a the artist giving herself a guideline, but it was not.


I’m sorry but I could not stop myself from laughing.

But then. I. Got. Angry. The most important skill a makeup artist must have from my consumer/client opinion is cleanliness! I don’t care if you can make me look like Salma Hayek for a few hours if you’re going to give me a rash or something worse!


This artist straight up applied the gloss to Daisy’s lips from the tube. The wand from the tube went on to Daisy’s lips! A communial WAND! I was screaming. Oh that’s just nasty.


When applying your makeup, there is always a moment when it looks a little crazy where you think it’d be best if you just wash your face and start over. And, because I like give people a chance, I thought, maybe the artist could pull it together in the end. It would just need some final touhes and look great. That didn’t happen.

Ya’ll Daisy paid for a middle aged woman to play ‘makeup artist’ on her face. She paid to potentially contract something from that gloss!.

Daisy did an update at the end of her video where she says her eye were itching and she was having from sort of reaction on her lips.

She said the makeup smelled old and that brushes were scratchy. Girl, yes. We could see that from our screens at home.


Watch video here!