Beauty Hacks You Actually Need


Check List!

This list won’t leave you wishing you hadn’t clicked on it. This isn’t one of those ‘5-minute’ videos that use a lighter and an empty gallon of water to make a garbage bag organizer. These are all beauty hacks that everyone should already be using!

Reduce. Reuse.


Beauty is more socially concious than ever. We’ve seen brands going cruelty free and actively learning to be more diverse. The next front for socially concious beauty is reduing waste. This Etsy seller has the perfect hack. How many cotton rounds do you go through while removing your makeup that you just toss in the trash? Now, you can wash them and reuse them!

Need to know: set of 10, $9.90
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Your Beauty Blender Will Actually Dry


Pet peeve: Picking up my beauty sponge and it’s still wet from the day before. Makes my muscules tense up. This tray actually allows air flow on all sides of your beauty sponges so they will fully dry!

Need to know: $15.39
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Beauty Sleep


We’re all going to wrinkle but just not right now, ok? You’ll get real beauty sleep with this pillow. No sleeping on your face!

Need to know: $68
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Brush Display

Who has time to dig for their favorite brush? NO ONE! We’re running late! This two teir brush holder keeps your tools on hand and organized

Need to know: $69
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This brush organizer is calming explaining its minimalist vibes.

Need to know: $21.99
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Guru Beauty Room


While cleaning out your makeup collection, have you ever uncover a favorite product that you could’ve sworn you lost in that hotel last Spring? Yeah, us too. Sometimes, it;s out of sight, out of mind for products. This Shadow Rack organizing system keeps it all in plain sight.


No bulky shelving! Just seamless glittering shadows and your favorite lippies all on display.

Need to know: The Etsy shop is currently on vacation but they are lauching a Kickstarter campaign this August. Follow their shop for updates!
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The Big Claim:

Vanity Lighting To Go

Ok, this company is literally call Beauty Hak!

It’s a portable lighing kit. Just use the suction cups on your mirror and instant vanity. How many hotels have you stayed at and the lighting was just the worst! Never again!

Need to know: $49
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