This No Frizz Hair Care Line is your First Defense Against Humidity

Danyelle Valentin // @bufferingbetty

When your love for big hair turns ironic.

bad frizz.jpg

 With frizzy hair, even the slightest presence of moisture in the air ruins your low slick back ponytail into a swirly mess.



Don’t doubt for a minute that I don’t love every inch of my hair. I can manipulate it into anything. There are certainly cute frizzy hair days.

good frizz.jpg


But THIS is not one of them so these are the days that we need to embrace the power good hair care.

worst frizz.jpg

The first step for managing frizzy hair is identifying why your hair swells 3x it’s actual size in the first place. Frizzy hair means that your hair is on the dryer side; regardless of your hair type. For me, it’s, 1, I was born this way, and 2, using hot tools in my hair. Using heated styling tools to smooth my frizz just creates more of what I’m trying to, not eliminate, but keep well below Hagrid levels. I also shower with hot water. I know it’s bad for my dry skin and hair but I can’t help it!!!!

So, if you were born this way, the first thing you need to do is ACCEPT and EMBRACE your frizzy hair. Almost nothing can correct nature. There are dozens of ways to style your hair where frizz adds an exciting element of beauty. We see it on the runway all the time!

Note: I wouldn’t be mad if my hair looked like that every day. And I do mean that big too!

I also need to accept that I am damaging my hair with heat and products that dry it out -only making it frizzier. What are your habits that effect your hair?

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Frizzy hair be like 0 to GODDAMN in 5 seconds. You’ll think you’re going to have a great natural hair day and POOF. Your hair had other plans but you were already in your car on your way to happy hour and now you have to enlist ‘the bun’ to save you. -Just me?

To keep your hair fierce rather ferocious, prepping your hair starts in the shower. The Living Proof No Frizz shampoo and conditioner left me blown away the first time I used it. It has continued to impress me every time I wash my hair. I’m on my third set!!! Do you remember how nice you’re hair felt before your discovered hot tools and styling products? Or do you feel slightly jealous of your baby cousins’ hairs because they just look so healthy and untainted by the pressures of adulthood? Yeah. that's how good my hair feels and looks with this combo.


Most ‘no frizz’ hair care lines I’ve tried leave my hair weighed down. I. Hate. Flat. Hair. The Living Proof combo is everything. My hair looks and feels so healthy. My wavy hair texture is at peak waviness when I let it air dry -even with no added product. Are you paying attention! NO ADDED PRODUCT! I get compliments on my hair when I use this shampoo and conditioner.

Add it to your cart, your wishlists, your mood boards now! -
Shampoo // Conditioner


On second and third (+ so on) day hair, I use the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream. It brings down the frizz to a socially acceptable level. I keep mini ones with me at all times! One in my purse and one chills in the cup-holder of the front seat of my car. It doesn’t act as a smoothing oil which works to eliminate all signs of frizz. Like I said, I love my frizzy hair. I just like to not walk around looking like I haven’t brushed my hair in 3 months. The styling cream gives more definition to my waves without making my hair heavy.

Living Proof   No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

Living Proof
No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

This next product is not part of the Living Proof line BUT it is a ‘holy grail’ level product for keeping my hair in shape. The Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre Shampoo Masque -ya need it. Just to keep it simple; you need it. Damage in my hair always shows on the ends. This masque makes my hair look like I just got it cut. It’s boujee salon level excellent that you can do at home. I would just avoid using it directly before styling your hair because it is so rich that your hair will just fall flat.

Bumble and Bumble   Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre Shampoo Masque

Bumble and Bumble
Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre Shampoo Masque

Have I told you how I’ve crowned myself as the Sample Queen -because I have. You can be too! Try all of the Living Proof products I wrote about in this travel kit they put together.

Living Proof   No Frizz Smoothing & Frizz Fighting Travel Kit

Living Proof
No Frizz Smoothing & Frizz Fighting Travel Kit

For the days when the frizz factor will not be controlled. always keep some sort shield with you. It could be a hat, headband or scarf. For me it’s at least 4 bobby pins to create a secure bun and a hair tie for when I can’t be bothered. Frizz happens fast. Don’t let them catch you slippin’!


From the moment I emerged into this life, I have had frizzy hair. As a child, my mom saturated my sisters’ and my hair with Infusium leave in conditioner. In middle school, to control the frizz, I coated my hair in Pantene Pro V mousse or any brand gel -I had one that tinted my hair blue and made it as hard as plastic. I’d pull my hair into a high side ponytail with a scrunchie! In high school, I discovered the blow dryer but only used it the night before school to “let the frizz settle overnight” -I still do this sometimes.

I fully embrace my hair! I often try something new: blonde, blue, purple, bob, bangs, braids. and all of the things!

If all else fails, live in your Diana Ross- big hair, don’t care-moments!

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