Nature's Powerful Golden Elixir To Repair Damaged Hair: Ojon Hair Intensive Repair

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I've basically been living in my pool since late May 2017. As you can imagine, as we exit August my hair needs some serious TLC. 

I used the Ojon Hair Intensive Repair Treatment. I hoped it would have been a life wrath for my chlorine soaked hair. When I dipped my finger into the mask, the texture feels like softened butter. I was so surprised by the texture, I thought it would've been stiffer. To apply it, I scooped out some and massaged it between my palms. I was surprised again when the formula melted into an oil. The mask has a strong sweet coffee smell. It's not bad, just potent. It was easy to apply to my hair. The oily consistency allowed the pre-wash treatment to slip through my hair without tugging or dragging. I saturated my hair with the mask and waited 20 minutes before heading to take a shower to get it off. 

One of the first things I noticed after toweling off my hair is that my hair still smelled quite strongly of Ojon Intensive Repair. I thought it would fade after a few hours. It didn't. In fact, I didn't wash my hair again for about a week and the smell stayed in my hair. I would prefer to not walk around smelling like a fresh pot of coffee but that comes down to the individual. After my hair had dried off the day I used this mask, my hair felt softer. I could tell that this is the kind of mask you'll have to use a few times before you get its full results. I really disliked how frizzy my hair was after this mask. *Kendrick Lamar voice* I got frizzy hair is inside my DNA, so I'm used to it. Usually, after I have treated my hair, the frizziness is lessened. That wasn't the case here. I think maybe this mask just wasn't formulated for my hair type or my hair is too damaged that a mask can only do so much. 

For me, the end of the summer always means a hair cut. 

How does your Summer end?