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12 Hacks Priscilla Ono Has In Her Beauty Kit That Give Clients The VIP Treatment


Not one of them is actually makeup!

As the Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty and Rihanna’s makeup artist, Priscilla Ono has to be prepared for anything while on set. Via Instagram story, Ono shared some of the tools in her treasure box - we mean, makeup skit. Of course, Fenty Beauty on tap was to be expected, but butt wipes?! Let’s dive into this kit!

Who else is excited for the release of Fenty’s new foundation!!!


What we expect to find in a make up artist’s kit:


All we know is:

Priscilla Ono is a wonderfully talented artist. So if she’s got it in her kit, all aspiring MUAs should take note.

1. Breath refreshments!

Mints. Honestly, it’s so obvious, we’re mad we didn’t think of it. Think of how close a makeup artist can get to a client’s face. Now image if the client had a seafood lunch. Prscilla says she keeps vairous flavors in her kit to have her clients’ preferences on hand.

Mints →

2. Toothpicks

“Because people gotta eat and you can’t have your clients have things in their teeth.” We’re learning so much in this Instagram story. Did you know there was such a thing as flavored toothpicks!? We did not!

Cinnamon Toothpicks →


3. “Butt Wipes”

“Gotta have the butt being fresh.” This one probably isn’t necessarily for a client, and Ono didn’t offer any beauty tips with this one, but we’re guessing if the artist is feeling fresh and clean, their work will be too.

Butt wipes →


4. Privacy, please!

While we’re on the subject, this Poo-Pourri will let you go confidently without fear of an odor fallout.


5. Foot Wipes

For shoots where the model is barefoot. If your client missed a pedicure and it shows, these wipes have a quick way to exfoliate the feet.

Foot Wipes →


6. Shot Wipes

“Because sometimes accidents happen. You don’t want body makeup staining the clothes.” She’s got every wipe you can think of.

Shot Wipes


7. Soap Sheets

The most important skill any makeup artist must master is cleanliness! Washing your hands and tools is a must. These are single use hand soaps! Priscilla says that she often finds that on set that there is running water but no soap. She wants her hands to be clean when she starts working. Prepared for anything is the theme here. Her compact is from Japan but the link below is close enough.

Soap Sheets

8. Vick’s VapoRub but Fashion

“Like Vaporub in oil form.” She uses this essential oil to apply to pressure points to cool down in hot climents.

Olba’s Oil


9. Single Use eye Drops

Soothe eyes without fear of contamination! “Just tear one off and give it to your client.”

Individual Eye Drops

10. Spa Towels

“I like to put these in ice buckets when it’s really hot [to] cool down my client’s neck. Or you can put them in the microwave to warm them up on a cold day.” They’re individually wrapped towels that are damp and have essential oils. VIP treatment just became spa treatment.

Towels →

11. Fan

Because when it’s hot, you can’t have your models sweating!



12. No Spill Makeup Remover

Fill empty lipgloss tubes with a makeup remover. Makes it one step, compact, and even more handy

Empty Lipgloss tube →

Go Forth and Blend!