Zero Waste Skincare Brand That Is Perfect For Your Tree Hugging Bestie


Captain Planet would be so proud.

A growing trend amongst Millennials consumers is shopping with more social consciousness. Rather than just buying from a brand that sells a product, they want to feel like they’re supporting a brand who stands for a cause. Loli Beauty is here for anyone looking to shop from a company that is looking to change the culture of the beauty industry by protecting our ever changing environment. Global warming is real, my loves. Loli Beauty is making their mark by producing products that are zero waste by designing packaging that is reuseable and compostable.

Meet Loli Beauty


Social conscious shopping isn’t a trend that is exclusive to the beauty industry. It seems that it is no longer enough for a brand to ‘round up to the next dollar’ to donte to a charity. It is becoming an expectation for a brand to voice, for example, stances on political issues.


Relatively recently, Nike made a bold statement when it chose to feature NFL player, Colin Kaepernick in a campaign. I haven’t ever watched a pro football game in my life; not even the one time I attended a Superbowl party. But, even I know that Kaepernick, now a household name, caused waves each time he knelt during the singing of the National Anthem to protest the police brutality of black people. By Nike featuring Kaepernick, they told its consumers that they support the athlete’s message.


Was Nike’s campaign for coin or was it in earnest, that’s an answer that will never truly be known. By Loli Beauty designing a zero waste company, they are acknowledging the validity of Global Warming: a topic that politicians themselves still dispute despite the overwhelming scientific evidence.


Of course, beauty isn’t new to voicing an opinion. There dozens of brands who express passion for ethical practices such as being cruelty free or fair trade. Beauty bloggers and consumers have rejected lines that neglect to have more inclusive shade ranges or do not feature people of color as regularly as white models. The world i changing and getting smaller. If these brands want to stay relevant and make money, they’ve got to adapt. Protecting the future of our environment is one of those causes. It’s why freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gaining popularity.

The Beauty industry thrives on consumerism. So we should do it more responsibly. According to Gary Gardner, director of research for Worldwatch, said, "[m]ost of the environmental issues we see today can be linked to consumption, As just one small example, there was a story in the newspaper just the other day saying that 37 percent of species could become extinct due to climate change, which is very directly related to consumption" (source).

Consumers spend $18 billion globally every year (source). We can do more to help the environment and Loli Beauty can help you make that important first step.

Beauty is a luxury at all price points. It isn’t an absolute necessity for me to paint my eyebrows into something other than what nature gave me, but it is part of the human condition to be just a little bit obsessed with our looks. Cosmetics go as far back as Ancient Egypt; we’ve all attempted that signature Cleopatra eyeliner. So it is unlikely that these levels of consumerism will decrease. In turn, consumers need to do more to encourage brands to reduce waste.


We can be concerned with Mercury’s retrograde’s affect on us while recognizing how our treatment of the planet where we live is affected by our behaviors. And change them.


LOLI stands for Living Organic Loving Ingredients.

Loli doesn’t just want you to have products that nourish your skin but they care about what you do with the jars once the product is finished! In a article about packaging, WWD writer, Jennifer Weil, said, “green is the fastest-growing theme for beauty packaging these days.”

“From our food-grade, glass yogurt jars that can be reused for food storage , to our certified compostable labels, bags and boxes, we are thoughtful in our choices and mindful of both the planet and people” (LOLI)


As I though Loli Beauty didn’t think through how many jars a person store without concerning people, they did shut me down! They announced via instagram it;s new refill program! Keep your original jar and order a refill of your product in a compostable pouch. Plus you’ll get 30% off. Everyone wins!


One of the features I love on their site is how Loli proudly displays the ingredients of each product.


And breaks down all the details you need to know about their products.


Let’s look at some products!!!


Pank Micellar Water


Need to know: $38, And there is a WAITLIST! What! Must be a good product right?

Avaiable at
Shop here

Aloe Blueberry Jelly



Hmmm, sounds like a snack but it will actually make you the snack *sizzle sound* This moisturizer is for oily, breakout prone skin!

Need to know: $28
Avaiable at
Shop here


Purple Corn Grains


A cleansing powder that transforms into a purifying, polishing scrub when activated with water, hydrosols or vinegars.” (source)

Need to know: $32
Available at
Shop here 


Royal Manuka Honey

“…natural enzymes, amino acids and minerals to repair damaged tissue, dissolve dead skin cells and tighten skin. Its naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide clarifies and prevents breakouts, too. Science couldn’t have done it better.“(source)

Need to know: $18 + honey is a personal favorite of mine in terms of skincare!
Available at
Shop here

It’s Not the Green New Deal, but I’m sure Rep. Ocasio-Cortez would support this zero waste beauty brand.

We can act now before our Earth strikes back.

This New Skin Care Ritual Will Leave You Glowing!


Glow Up.

We’re all trying to keep on smiling through the rest of Winter but our skin is tight from the cold temps + heating system. We are drying out! This new line from Aveeno promises to lock in moisture and then some! Aveeno has expanded their Positively Radiant Skincare line to take your skin to a whole new glow level. Maxglow! This line includes 5 products says it will give you that dewy-model look, while actually hydrating your skin. There is even a product that is designed to enhance your makeup!

Meet Max Glow

via @aveenous on IG

via @aveenous on IG

MAXGLOW Infusion Drops




Most excited to try this product. I have some moisturizers that make my skin feel great but are completely lacking in the glow factor.

The Big Claim: “ Infused with soy and kiwi complex, each moisturizing drop helps even skin tone and texture without clogging your pores. Use alone or with your favorite moisturizer for a lit-from-within glow” (source)

Need to know: $23.99, mini version available at Ulta
Avaiable at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here

MAXGLOW Serum + Primer


The Big Claim: “Create a glowing, smooth canvas for makeup and brighten your skin with this multi-tasking face primer and serum.” (source)

Need to know: Shake before use! $23.99, mini version available at Ulta
Avaiable at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here




MaxGlow No Mess Sleep Mask




The Big Claim: “This nighttime face mask actively works while you sleep and replenishes lost moisture, helps recover skin from damage and helps even your skin tone and texture … attracts and locks in moisture to intensely hydrate overnight, for a more radiant, dewy complexion. The hydrating sleep mask comes with a no-mess paddle applicator that allows you to keep your hands clean while applying.”

Need to know: $23.99
Available at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here

MaxGlow Micellar Gel Cleanser




The Big Claim: “cleanser works like a magnet to draw out and wash away makeup, oil, and other skin-dulling impurities. With moisture-rich soy and kiwi complex, its unique formula is designed to attract and lock in moisture, leaving skin feeling hydrated, soft, and dewy.” (source)

Need to know: $10.29
Available at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here

MaxGlow Peel Off Mask


The Big Claim: “smoothing and brightening face mask acts as a soap-free, no-rinse exfoliator that helps lift away dull, tired skin.” (source)

Need to know: $13.29, mini version available at Ulta
Available at Ulta, Target, Walmart, CVS, + Walgreens
Shop here

via @aveenous on IG

via @aveenous on IG

The Big Claim:

Need to Know:
Available at
Shop here →

Ready to Glow?



Are People Really Buying Mini Fridges For Their Skincare?


Trust us. You’ll want one, too.

We are the generation that has everything so we make anything as extra as can be. That does, in fact, include our obsession with skincare. It’s not so much a fear of aging as it is a need to curate the perfect self care evening; first: a glass of wine topped off with a sheet mask; second: scheduling an appointment with our therapists. How else are we supposed to wind down after a yet another day of the government shutdown? Enter our latest indulgent distraction: a mini fridge -yes, for our cosmetics!

Could we technically put our eye creams in the regular size refrigerator in the kitchen? Sure!

But think about all the things that are sitting in your fridge right now. I don’t know -I just don’t feel right about having my favorite eye cream sitting next to a jar of my grandmother’s sofrito. Both are precious but they have no business being in contact with each other.

Plus, think of all the things that have gotten pushed to the back of your fridge only to be found three weeks past its expiration date.

I mean, thank god for packaging and pictures, otherwise you’d have no idea how to identify what is, apparently, pico de gallo. What if that happened to your 24K gold eye gels -lost in the abyss of your fridge because it was hidden behind that weird smoothie you bought and never threw away for you hoped a friend would come over and take it off your hands. It would be tragic.

When I apply my skincare, all I want to focus on is the joy of hydrating my dry skin. Not stress over wondering when was the last time I cleaned out my fridge and if what is in that bowl supposed to be that color.

Yes! There are real skin care benefits to keeping certain beauty products in the fridge. Especially eye cream!

In a perfect world, you’d clear off a shelf in your regular size refrigerator to make a proper place for your moisturizers and aloe gel.

But this is reality and it’s only a matter of time before your roommates or your Mama thinks your Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask is actually a sandwich spread -sticks a butter knife in it and gets bread crumbs in the jar. Boom! $45 goes down on account of turkey on rye.

So, yeah, we’re getting mini fridges.
And we’re putting them in our little beauty oasis just to feel like we got it like that. So check these out if you’re ready to treat your undereye to the uplifting feeling of cooled eye cream.

Looks like a breadbox but all you’ll find is some moisturizers and maybe some perfume

Shop here →

The cosmetic mini fridge is getting so popular!

Did you get a gift card for Christmas? I think I know how you’ll spend it!

Macy's Beauty Collection, Keep It Cool Skincare Fridge

Need to know: $150 (bish, why!!)
Shop here →

These next ones aren’t NEARLY as expensive.


Saranghae. Blue Moon Beauty Fridge

The Big Claim: “when applied within the perfect temperature range of (41°F to 46°F), your skincare will better control inflammation, puffiness and feel like heaven on your skin.” (source)

Need to know: $79
Shop here

This next little guy actually just dropped this week!!


The Makeup Fridge, Makeup Fridge Mini
Shop here →

These are great, but you don’t have to get a self proclaimed cosmetic mini fridge. I have just a regular, degular, shmegular, mini fridge to spoil my face with. It’s about $20 cheaper, too.


RCA, MIni Fridge
Shop here →

What I love most is that this little baby sunshine looks like a throwback refrigerator. It’s the cutest damn thing sitting on my vanity, which is actually a presidental style desk that I bought on Craigslist when I graduated college.


My mini is stocked with my moisturizers, sunblock, overnight cream, primer, setting sprays, a scalp treatment, and, of course, some sheet masks!


The first time I applied my skincare after it had been cooled, I was hooked. It’s so satisfying, so cooling! The only thing I need now is some eye gels!

It’s a lifestyle.


Toners For Dry Skin: you might need more than one!


We're just a little high maintenance in this dehydrated corner.

It's funny how just a year ago I wasn't even sure of what a toner does. More accurately, I was skeptical of toners even serving any skincare benefits and not just a scam to get beauty junkies to buy more of the industry's promises of perfection in a jar. Fast forward to Summer 2018 and your favorite squishy beauty blogger has got a few toners sitting in her cabinet. 


About my skin: 
I have normal skin that leans dry If i'm not careful. The seasons play a starring role in how my skin behaves. In the winter, my skin needs a wild amount of attention. The heat in the summer makes my skin a little oily but the extra SPF I apply to my skin can dry out certain areas like my forehead and cheeks. In the fall, my skin just -ugh, perfection!!! And in the spring, we cool. 

Having a few toners is more than me just being high maintenance. No, really! My skincare has always been responsive. I look at my skin and focus on how it feels. It tells me what it needs. 


At our last Meet Pepper B present's Beauty Hour event, we had skincare expert, Niambi, teach us about natural skincare. She is the creator of Pholk Beauty formally known as Bloomsbury Square. Niambi said, "my skincare is a conversation." It was one of the night's major takeaways.  Instead of doing the just same old routine, pay attention to what your skin is asking from you. 

Soothing and Hydrating Toner:

The Esteli Coco Rosa Hydrate Toner Mist has brought some balance to my life. Toners I had been using were too potent to use daily. I like to use this toner on days when I have exfoliated my skin because it feels gentle and hydrating. I spray it on a cotton round apply it to my face to ensure that I'm getting all of the goodness all over my skin. I don't like the smell. It's slightly rosy but has a spicy note to it. I've said in the past how I don't have a great sense of smell. If you blindfolded me and put a plate of strawberries in my face, I probably guess that the scent is coconut. It's just not in my skill set. That said, there is something that is zesty and just off about the scent. But I like how my skin feels when I use this toner, so I look past it. I also use this to remove excess oils from my skin before I use an epillator for my uninvited, unnecessary, ladystache. This product also claims to be makeup setting spray or a skin refresher but I don't agree. Lastly, a tip I picked up at #BeautyHour with Niambi was using a toner before a mask to prep the skin. This toner has come handy for that too!!

And not that it really matters, but I just love the color of the bottle. Deep, jewel tone-ish shades of green bring me so much zen. 


Retexturizing Toner:

United State Balancing Tonic by Origins has been a part of my life for almost a year and I'm ready to put a ring on it. There were spectacular changes to my skin with this product. On the corners of my jaw, below my ears, I have been getting rough textured skin. It was a build up of dead skin. I didn't want to use a physical exfoliator too often because that tends to break out my skin. This balancing tonic was able to remove the dead skin without damaging my skin. I just have to use it sparingly on my nose because it's more sensitive. I cannot use this toner after sun exposure or using a physical exfoliator because my skin just doesn't like it. This is more of a winter product while the Esteli toner I can use year round. 


Honorable Mention - The Gram or YT Made Me Buy

Social media doesn't always influence my purchases. I stalk the "new" or "just in" sections of Sephora, Ulta, and Beautylish so much that I am already a quarter of the way through a product when I see my fave vloggers hauling it. Which always prompts me to think "Yuh been sleeping, gurl!" It doesn't happen often, but when it does the product is usually -eh. Hype is just hype. I grabbed the mini version of the Mario Badescu  Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater while standing in the checkout line at Ulta. It's a trap because it was only $5 so I didn't give it too much thought. Plus, I had been wanting to get a toner with rosewater. It gives excellent hydration that doesn't last. I've been using it this summer as a quick hydrater after being in the sun or to freshen up my face after the gym so I don't have to over use my moisturizer. She's not cheap. If you want a product like that, this can fill that need but don't expect sparks to fly when you use it. 

What toners are you using?

My Ride or Die Beauty Products of 2017!

By: @acevallee

Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood glow queen! Happy 2018! Better late than never, I'm posting my top standout products from last year that is sure to remain in heavy rotation this year. Come to the celebration that is obviously on my Top Shelf as you can see. Some brands are repetitive but I honestly can't apologize for it because it is truly the products that got me through the past year and I refuse to eliminate them because of repetition. There are some dry skin warriors on this list so make sure to take notes if you're a fellow parched gal. Also theres a product that I forgot to take a photo of because it has been lost for 3 days but I MUST mention it. OLEHENRIKSEN BANANA BRIGHT EYE CREAM. LIFE CHANGER!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even going to talk about it, just go run out and get it... NOW. It's my top recommendation. Thank me later. 


FOREO LUNA PLAY has been a crucial addition to my skincare routine. It helped me deep cleanse in the most gentle way possible. Unlike a Clarisonic this gentle silicone, vibrating tool doesn't need carry and bacterial residue which is a plus for those like me who fear germs. The battery on the brand's tiniest cleansing device does run out but it did reassure me to upgrading to the Luna Mini 2 which can be recharged. 


SUNDAY RILEY JUNO face oil has been my ace this season. I double dose before bed after cleansing and before my moisturizer. I put enough to make me look like a greasy strip of bacon. My parched skin needs all of this goodness to drink up during the hours that I'm asleep. 


FLOSS GLOSS nail polishes are hands down the best. "Disco Dust", a nude-ish rose gold holo compliments my skintone perfectly and I'm sure my manicurist is tired of me using the same polish. The shade "Lipliner" is basically MAC's classic lipliner "Whirl" for your nails... enough said. Universally flattering, The go-to for my pedicure. 


Of course I had to include FENTY BEAUTY on my list. That KILLAWATT HIGHLIGHTER in "TROPHY WIFE" is bold as F*CK and it is the standout product of the brand's entirety. The effect is like shattered purely gold glass and can be used as an eyeshadow as well. The richest glow of all time. GLOSS BOMB is also one of the best glosses on the market and is truly universally flattering on each and every single skin tone. When in Doubt with what lip to wear, pairing with a smokey or neutral lid, Gloss Bomb will come in clutch.  


BUNNY MOON JELLY MASK Move over Oatafix, This is now LUSH's most hydrating face mask that I have ever used. It is such a treat, perfect for boosting hydration in this harsh NYC winter weather. With calming ingredients like rose and chamomile to sooth and honey to generously moisturize dry, sensitive skin, this newbie is a winner! 


In 2017 I turned 30 and started using sunscreen on a daily basis. GLOSSIER INVISIBLE SHIELD doesn't irritate my skin or make me breakout like just about every other sunscreen on the planet, and it's more like a serum and its super light and soaks in seamlessly. Also works well under makeup which is a plus. (Glossier, please make a waterproof version). This was my got to protection after using exfoliants and products like Drunk Elephant's Babyfacial to protect my freshly renewed skin from the sun. 


COLOURPOP was one of my top 3 brands this year. Most of my money went to ordering highlighters and also Face Products. I was addicted to their SUPER SHOCK CHEEK HIGHLIGHTER "Flexitarian" which became my signature glow a while back (here's my past review on this formula)  as well as "Off Tropic:" which is the warmer version of my signature. Their Powder Bronzers and Blushes were also some of my most used products as they go on silkily with no skipping or patchiness. BTW, Not one product in this photo cost more than $8!!


This is the greatest product from Glossier since Haloscope. GLOSSIER CLOUD PAINTS are a great multi-use product for eyes, cheeks and lips. I was using this for a majority of the year mixed with highlighter to get a pretty glow. (which is now called "draping"). They're insanely pigmented so very little goes an extremely long way. The shade "Dusk" is my favorite. 


Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial is worth every ounce of hype it is given. After using it once a week for a month, I've noticed a difference in texture and clarity of my skin, leaving it renewed, radiant and subtle after each use as if I went and got an actual professional facial done. 


HERBIVORE COCO ROSE has become a staple in my bedtime shower routine! It makes my skin baby soft and heavily moisturized with a pretty sheen. The scent is subtle and divine! This is like my 4th jar because I'm truly obsessed. This Dry Skin's Bff. I actually have a review on this here


My top 3 brow products that are in heavy rotation are GLOSSIER BOY BROW in clear for everyday grooming. COLOURPOP BROW BOSS pencil in light brown to define. CHARLOTTE TILBURY LEGENDARY BROWS in Supermodel because of its tiniest most precise brush that applies the perfect amount of pigment to tint your brows and make them feathery.


You will always find a GLOSSIER BALM DOTCOM somewhere around my room, bag or coat/jacket. I have every single flavor but the standout this year was the BIRTHDAY BALM DOTCOM. The pretty glittery sheen is an adult version of the Vanilla Frosting  Lip Smackers that I was obsessed with as a kid. Thanks to the brand's collab with MILK BAR and you can actually use this as a fun glossy, glittery highlighter. I always say these are great multi use products. from lips to cheeks to cuticles.


EXFOLIKATE GLOW MOISTURIZER has been my go-to moisturizer all season to give my skin the hydration and radiance it needs, especially since I mostly skip makeup for work. it gives me a healthy glow and mimics a good night's sleep. 


GLOSSIER YOU fragrance has become my signature scent of the season, which is odd because I prefer more masculine scents. This warm, comfortable, crisp, peppery concoction captivated me each and every time I wore it. It sinks into my skin to give me a scent that adapts and belongs solely to me. It doesn't smell the same on me than it does on anyone else. I am the base note! It amplifies my natural scent in the best way possible. it lingers on my clothing as well which I love. 


My palette of the year is COLOURPOP YES PLEASE! As you can see, this beloved palette was my ride or die for a pretty, neutral warm lid with that beautiful pop of yellow that I entered my 30s with. YES, I said yellow! This palette helped me be a little less boring with my eye looks. For $16, you can't go wrong. 


Another COLOURPOP obsession came late this year with their LUSTER DUST LOOSE HIGHLIGHTERS. The effect they give alone or on top of their Super Shock Highlighters is to die for!!!

Detox! Get Your Green On!

Pretty much a green juice in mist form, for your face... GENIUS!

Pretty much a green juice in mist form, for your face... GENIUS!


Have you ever loved a product so much that you can’t stop telling people about it? That’s how I feel about this incredible product from First Aid Beauty’s HELLO FAB line. The Vital Greens Face Mist is the perfect pick me up throughout the day. I love to spray a few spritzes while I sip on my daily Pressed Juicery Greens 3.


Jam Packed with glorious green superfoods like Kale, Cucumber and Spinach to name a few, this green concoction combats against environmental aggressors while hydrating and soothing your skin.


This spray has been essential during the colder days in NYC when my face tends to tighten and dry up the most. Using this mid day has not only help refresh and hydrate when needed but it also helps improve the overall tone and texture of my skin. It simply just feels good. The scent is pleasant and fresh which caught me by surprise because I honestly thought that it would smell… well, kinda gross. 

What also caught me by surprise was how it actually set my makeup. My creamy tinted moisturizer, concealer and gloss highlighter combo did not budge or even transfer on to my phone. 


I would recommend this to anyone and everyone as this is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Especially if you’re someone which severely parched skin in the upcoming cold, winter months (like myself) as well as someone who travels a lot via airplane, because we know the toll that can take on the skin. 

For $18 this little 2 oz spritzer is an affordable hidden gem that does wonders and goes the distance. Perfect Stocking Stuffer this season. This product can be purchased at Sephora online and in stores as well as

Hello FAB Vital Greens Face Mist, Welcome to my Holy Grail lineup.

This Website Could Help Protect Your Skin From Another Breakout

You'll never have to wonder if a product is going to make your skin have a freak out again!

Shop Smart Saturday is back and ready to save your skin from a breakout. If you've got acne prone skin, this post is for you! 

Shop Smart Saturday is all about being an informed consumer. You read reviews. You track trends. And you don't buy any product without researching down a rabbit hole that makes you want to have a paleo-diet for a few weeks! It's the worst when you experience buyer's remorse on account of you not having known what you now know, ya know?

Skincare is trial and error. But there is a way to significantly reduce the 'error' part. Sure, you can go to a dermatologist and have a skin analysis to learn what ingredients put at risk of a breakout so you'll, therefore -avoid them. But we found the millennial approach -a website that does all the guesswork for you!

CosDNA is a website that analyzes a product's ingredient list. It individually ranks the harshness of an ingredient on a scale from 1-9; 9 being the worst on your skin for long-term use. 

"About Comedogenic (Acne), Irritation and Safety
The value of Comedogenic and Irritation from zero to five, the lower the better (the less chance it will happen).
Safety index from 1~9, the lower number means this ingredient is low hazard. Unlike comedogenic and irritation, Safety is a comprehensive index focus on safety on long term usage, according to harmful report from CIR, RTECS, FDA and other related information. The purpose of the index is more inclined to assess whether long-term injury of skin, cells or the human body." - CosDNA

The website is basic and looks outdated but it isn't. It's also super easy to use. There are two ways to search for problematic skincare that I find the most effective. 

The first is by using the 'Product Search' tab. I searched the Peter Thomas RothTherapeutic Sulfur Masque Acne Treatment Masque. It was in their database. Seldom do I find that the product I am looking for is not with in CosDNA's database. 

The ingredients in the product are individually listed and ranked for safety. It's that easy! Now that you know the risk, you are in control of whether or not you can manage a skin breakout this week!


The second approach is by using the 'Analyze Cosmetics' tab. This is helpful if you tried the 'Product Search' tab and weren't successful in your quest. 


This method takes a little more effort on your part. That said, it's still very easy. It's as simple as finding the ingredients list on a product page. Just copy & paste then click 'analysis.'

I copied the ingredients for the Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask from it's Sephora webpage. 


CosDNA gave a rank of the ingredients. It even found the name of the of the product I was looking up! It's a tool everyone can use!

Your skin will thank you!

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Kissed By A Rose: This Body Polish is a savior for those with even the driest skin.

BY: Amanda V.


Let me start off my stating that I'm going to have to repurchase HERBIVORE'S Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish for the rest of my existence. It's THAT DAMN GOOD. I have the driest skin on the plant. Most products that i apply to my body absorb in seconds and then I'm parched again. The KP (Keratosis pilaris) on my arms and legs don't make it any better. 

This scrub has been a godsend. It is made up of Virgin Coconut Oil for major hydration and beneficial proteins for both in and outside of your body (insert longest "yeah boiiiiiiiiii" ever) Moroccan Rose is soothing, making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin and also works as an antibacterial and astringent to purify your pores while the Sugar. although isn't super abrasive but is still does the job of gently exfoliating your skin enough to renew it and have it glowing. 

This has become a staple in my nighttime shower routine. I shower with my regular Body Bar, and then after I rinse I start to apply this Body Polish all over but paying the most attention to the problem areas on my arms and legs. I rub and exfoliate for a couple of minutes while my skin soaks it up and then I rise with lukewarm/cool water. My skin is left hydrated and a bit more supple and super moisturized. At first I was in disbelief because I didn't think anything could hydrate my skin but this scrub did absolute wonders. I didn't have uncomfortable dry skin while asleep at night and it still felt moisturized in the morning when I woke up. It is a bit oily but I love that because for me that is needed (like I said I have the most parched skin on the planet). I don't think the light rose scent is over powering, it's quite subtle which is nice. Another plus is that this made my legs post shave, feel so nice with zero irritation. This scrub is not only nourishing but also luxurious because it makes you feel pampered after you use it. 

The single reason I took away half of a star is because I really wish this came in a larger size. This will last only 2 weeks tops. PLEASE HERBIVORE, MAKE A LUXURY SIZE!!!!

This product retails for about $36 and it is sold at multiple stores including and as well as the brand's own site It is quite pricey for not lasting more than 10 uses maximum (and that's pushing it) I will justify the price by saying this is a MEGA treat, especially for those of you like me with supremely dry skin. It's an actual relief in a jar. 



Your best glow can be found in the skincare aisle! Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops is a 5 Star Gem!

By: Amanda V.


I, the self-proclaimed glow queen has come across yet another gorgeous highlighter, this time from high end skincare brand Algenist. Being that this product ISN'T laid out there with the other makeup products throughout all of Sephora, you would more than likely walk past this and not know that your best glow yet even exists!

You can see the shimmering glow dripping off of the dropper. its so gorgeously pearlescent. 

You can see the shimmering glow dripping off of the dropper. its so gorgeously pearlescent. 

I am a major fan of liquid highlighters and this one is no exception. This serum formula gives a gorgeous dewy effect and I love the way it sinks into the skin rather than lay on top, especially for the hot and humid summer months. This gorgeous highlighter was love at first drop. The iridescent sheen pulled on my heartstrings. I love how the beam can be built from subtle radiance to an intense glow yet still feel so incredibly lightweight and airy. It feels like nothing on the skin. You can apply with your fingers or a brush like Real Techniques' duo fibre contour brush (which is my go to for liquid highlighters) and then tap  a tiny bit with a beauty blender just to blend out any harsh lines and make it seamless. It seemed to last an entire work day which is major. This liquid highlight may give a dew effect but it doesn't set wet. It sets kind of like a semi matte, So this will work for all skin types even for all of you oily babes out there. Also, It works so well with my sensitive skin but I felt like that was a given coming from a great skincare brand. The highlighter is formulated to work well with mature skin as it has gold pigments and ultra fine luminous pearls that don't crease into fine lines and wrinkles as well as Alguronic Acid to reduce the appearance of them. You can mix this into your moisturizer for a brightening effect and even your foundation for a diffused soft focus effect to the skin. This highlighter contains an AlgaCorrecting Complex that aids in color correction and treats uneven skin tone. It is also formulates without synthetic dyes, parabens or sulfates and is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. ALL OF THIS SKINCARE MAGIC WHILE GIVING YOU A BOMB GLOW!!! YES PLEASE!!!

This is a swatch on my medium skin tone (with flash) & The beam is real!!! It will photograph beautifully. This is in the shade "Champagne". 

This is a swatch on my medium skin tone (with flash) & The beam is real!!! It will photograph beautifully. This is in the shade "Champagne". 

The Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Luminzing Drops comes in 3 different shades, "Rosé", "Champagne" and "Pearl". This highlighter is more on the pricier side, retailing for $38 and you get 0.5oz of product. A single drop of this product goes a very long way. Although it may seem small, you're still getting alot of glow for your buck. You can find this Product at Sephora Stores and as well as

Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask

By: Amanda V.

Calling all dry skin babes, Supreme hydration in a sheet mask is here! Actually it has been here I'm just a little late to the party. First of all I love any and all packaging by super adorable Korean brand TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL (their mascara has a dinosaur scribbled on it. A DINOSAUR! I LOVE). Not only is the packaging Cute AF but the product inside DELIVERS!!! YES!!! It's a win/win here. I decided to take this mask to work with me to get me to relax a bit during one of my vey rare breaks. This mask claims to clarify and remove dead skin cells and and moisturize and firm your skin to look youthful, fresh and... GLOWY!!! (100 points for Radiance)

I excitedly ripped open the package and was ready to slap it on my cleansed face. The mask has a net protecting it from ripping I assume. It's pretty... uhh... gooey? There is so much excess serum in the packet but that's nothing to complain about because HELLO! More nutrients for your skin. With the mask on my face i could feel my severely parches skin soak up the product. The mask kept slipping off and I don't think it was because of the slippery goop of "egg cream" making the mask slide off but because I couldn't stop laughing at how horrendously ridiculous I looked with it on. It gave me a good laugh. The texture of the egg cream serum is so silky. I left it on for about 20 minutes (do not go beyond that time limit, it will do the opposite of hydrating your skin, yikes!) and the redness on my cheeks seemed to have calmed down and i was left with a fresh, deeply hydrated, lit from within glow and silky smooth skin. For those super hot NYC Summer days you can stick these in the fridge for a little chill, pampering session. This mask is good for just about every skin type there is, even for you oily babes, it will leave your skin MOISTURIZED, not oily. the egg white nutrients reduces shine and gives more of a radiance to the skin rather minus the greasy look. This Egg Cream mask is cruelty free and free of harmful chemicals, also super safe for sensitive skin, no irritation occurred with this sheet mask which normally can happen to me with most sheet masks.

I heard many complain about the price $6 for a single sheet and $24 for a 5 Pack, which I personally think is an incredible price point and it does exactly as it claims. I'd rather spend $6 on a chance for glowing skin than a frilly frap at Starbucks. For $6 at your local Sephora or, you can kiss your dry patches good bye and say "Hello Lover" to Intensely hydrated, radiant, deeply cleansed, fresh skin. 

Glossier Super Pure Super Serum

By: Amanda V. 

Once a Glossier gal, Always a Glossier Gal. I come to you with yet another exquisite product reviewed. When the cult millennial brand launched its Supers, I of course ran with the hype and grabbed a pack. I did use up all 3, but I didn't expect to really use Super Pure in particular, let alone finish the entire bottle. I get breakouts here and there but nothing major. That is... until about a month ago. I was super stressed out, super menstrual and my nutrition was super poor. All of that affected my skin leading it to also affect my self-esteem. I decided it was time to give this little guy a go. After using my Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser at night I would also use this serum right after. I chose to do it at night because my skin would remain cleansed without the addition of makeup. This way my skin could breathe and absorb the vitamins in this serum. 

This serum did calm down my stress induced and PMS breakouts. The more I used it the smaller the blemish and with less soreness and redness. This worked wonders for my skin and now I know what to use when I breakout again. Yes it works, but it does take some time so you must be patient. It's safe to say I am keeping this serum on my Top Shelf when my new shipment arrives. I think it's great to have during stressful times as well as a girl's most pleasant time of the month (10 points for sarcasm). 

What's great about the Glossier Supers is that you can mix them up or use them separately and it wouldn't throw your skin completely off. They're basically daily vitamins for your skin. 

The packaging is small and cute (.5oz of product to be exact) but the product is powerful. Vintage medical dropper vibes, like an adorably pastel prescription. You don't have to use too much, you get about 4-6 weeks worth of product if you use it everyday. It will last longer if kept to just treat occasional breakouts. This serum contains Zinc to purify the skin of pollutants and also contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to soothe redness and soreness surrounding the blemish. 

I highly recommend, especially to those who are acne prone, give this a try and see what it can do for you. Separately the Glossier Super Serums cost $28, if you purchase the super pack, the cost $65 plus free shipping (saving you $19! Thats 1900 pennies honey!) If you make your first purchase on, use this link to get 20% off!

Glam Glow Dream Duo Overnight Transforming Treatment

Glam Glow is practically notorious at this point. Their line of prestigious skincare is a luxury beauty lovers lust for! Once you glance at the price tag, you'll wonder if it is really worth all those hard earned dollars. 

I myself was a skeptic. After nearly finishing this jar of Glam Glow Dream Duo, I'm sorry to tell you that, yes, you will be eating simply to make up from this indulgent purchase. This overnight skin treatment is worth. EVERY. DAMN. PENNY. 

Dream Duo is a two-step system that takes your beauty sleep to the next level. You start with the pearlescent DREAMSERUM and let it soak into your skin for just under a minute. Then follow up with the DREAMSEAL which is the soft gray cream. Tuck yourself in bed and be ready for a morning to remember. 

The mask doesn't have a sticky uncomfortable feeling like some overnight treatments. You won't even realize that you have anything on your face. Each time I used this mask, I woke to an alluring complexion. And the results lasted 2-3 days. 

The instructions advise us to use this as a nightly treatment. When trying new skin care, it is always best to listen to your skin and maybe break some rules. I have pretty normal skin. Using this mask more than twice a week was just too much for my skin. I would get a pimple. This mask is nourishingly rich. Respond to your skin care needs. 

And makeup! GIRL. BOY. Your makeup application after using this mask has never been so easy. Flawless makeup comes down to your skin care (and maybe Facetune). Your skin looks so good after this mask, you can forgo full coverage foundation and just use a tinted moisturizer. You won't want to cover your beautifully hydrated skin. 

I've got my eye on the newest edition to the Glam Glow line: Glow Setter. A setting spray that promises "a hydrating, refreshing setting mist that perfects and finishes makeup, energizes skin, and boosts radiance for an instant, sexy Hollywood glow." #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney!

What is your nightly skin care routine?

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Available at Sephora; $59

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Clinique Pep Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

Clinique Pep Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

When you find out someone is using Clinique for skincare, you know they have their life together. They’ve mastered adulting: they have a well-balanced diet, pay their bills before the due date, regularly brunch, makeup brushes are always perfectly pristine, steady income. I mean even if they don’t, they give off an aura of maturity.