What are 5 product's Men should start out with when shopping for skincare?

Kiehl's Facial Fuel

This can be used in the shower the light weight cleanser is extremely refreshing. This is perfect for early mornings. Leaving your skin to feel rejuvenated.

 Retail:  8.4 oz 22.00 | 16.9 oz 35.00


Anthony Vitamin C Serum 

Vitamin C helps to brighten the skin. This serum will also help in the overall appearance of the skin. Vitamin C will also help to firm the skin. This can be used at night after washing your face and using the B6 spray this would act as the third step. Vitamin C can assist with any skin discoloration dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. This age fighting serum is definitely a great start when building your collection for skincare.  

Retail 46.00


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer 

Spf 30 

This moisturizer is readily absorbed, leaving the surface area soft and nurtured. SPF 30 protects against sun damage which can cause premature aging. This moisturizer is extremely light weight. No fear this wont feel heavy on the skin and add extra weight.  This will go on right before leaving the house in the morning/noon

Retail: 31.00 




What are 5 products Men should start out with when shopping for skincare? 


Guy's treat your skin before its too late. Getting your skincare routine down is priority with aging. I mean besides both Men and Women want to prevent signs of aging and don't openly admit that. The 5 products I've selected are super low maintenance and can be done a mixture of during and after the shower. 

Men often think skincare routines are too much. Up keeping your overall appearance is never too much. Protecting your skin from sun damage and the effect being in the city has on your skin. Maintaining your skincare routine allows you to minimize the appearance of pore which is extremely common amongst men. Men tend to sweat more then women so the pore size is a little bit more visible. Maintaining your Man-Care can also help with break and ingrown hair from shaving or barbershop. 

Urban Decay B6 complexion spray

The vitamin B6 spray is a unisex product. This is an easy tool to use when leaving the gym. This product reduces redness helps to minimize pores,  ingrown hairs and sustains breakouts. This can be used directly after washing face in the morning, after the gym or at night as a treatment.

Retail Travel 15.00 Full Size 33.00


Boscia Black Mask

The Boscia Black Mask should be used once or twice a week. Although men can handle a little abrasiveness . Doing mask too frequently can strip your skin of its essential oils. This black mask will brighten your skin. Smooth out the texture of skin. As well as get dirt and oils out of your pores. Being in the city there is so much floating around. 

Recap Step Suggestions:


  1. Wash Face ( Facial Fuel )
  2. Dry Face 
  3. Spray B6
  4. Moisturize Face 


  1. Wash Face 
  2. Spray B6 
  3. Apply serum 
  4. Allow absorbing 
  5. Moisturize 

Mask Twice a Week