Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in “Flexitarian”

By: Amanda V.

Once again I come to you with yet another product for Glowing Goddess skin. The brand Colourpop is one of the greatest things to happen to the beauty industry. Innovative formula, affordable price tag with premium pigmentation. They recently came out with 4 new Super Shock Cheek Highlighters. They are all absolutely STUNNING!!! I posted the swatches on my Instagram and they’re just so 

Aesthetically pleasing that all I can do is stare. It's like a glistening Christmas tree. 

(Swatches from My Instagram post. From left to Right: Do Not Disturb, Flexitarian, Candyman & Might Be.)

The shade that stuck out for me was “Flexiatrian”. This cool toned, silvery champagne shade is seriously like diamonds for your skin. The BEAM IS REAL!!! It’s not for the faint-hearted. This incredible pearlized finish highlighter glides on so smoothly like a dream. the formulation of these particular products are unique and extremely delicate like silk. I dropped one of them and the product popped out but I pressed it back in gently thank god. I prefer to apply this product with my fingers and dab it on lightly. I pack it on to the intensity that I prefer. Sometimes I’ll grab a slightly damp beauty blender just so that the finish is more flawless. This gives me that lit from within glow. This highlight will last ALL DAY, especially when set with a spray like Mac Fix+ or Urban Decay's All Nighter. 

photo with Flash 

photo with Flash 

No flash

No flash

The Colourpop Highlighters all retail for about $8 flat for 0.15oz of product on the Colourpop website, tax free and the shipping is free when you spend $30. This item is a complete steal. This product has not affected my skin in anyway, it's pretty gentle in my honest opinion. The only complaint I have about this product is that they don’t last too long. my highlighters from last summer song seem as pigmented and as silky. I suggest you use it up constantly so you don’t end up having to toss it. That is the single reason why I knocked off a star. Easy to use and inexpensive, it's perfect for young girls who are just starting out with makeup. Grab yourself a few, I highly recommend. 

NOTE: CLOSE THE JARS AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN. If not, the unique silky formula will dry out. 

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