Josie Maran’s Vibrancy Argan Oil Full Coverage Concealer ( Review )

Reviewed By Kayla M

I’ve heard of love at first sight but I didn’t know love at first blend existed until recently. For the past few months I have been having a wild love affair with Josie Maran’s Vibrancy Argan Oil Full Coverage Concealer Fluid, yes her name is a mouthful but outside of that she is pure perfection. You know those memes about how there is no concealer that can cover up how tired you are of men & life well girl…. Look no further. This concealer has saved my life in ways I didn’t even know I needed. The formula blends like a dream- quickly and effortlessly.  Josie Maran created pure magic in a tube, according to this product is noncomedogenic ( won’t clog your pores) and vegan. It conceals blemishes, scarring, dark spots and all my regrets. The concealer has a creamy oiled based formula The natural finish lasts all day without ever beginning to look worn and messy. The least amount of undereye creasing I have ever experienced. My dry skin problems involves my undereye as well, so the journey to find a concealer that wont cease like crazy under my eye has been a long one.


The concealer is great for “no makeup”makeup  and “beat  for the gods” realness days. It has become my holy grail concealer, my desert item essential and possibly the love of my eyes’ life. The only downside I have found is I wish the product came in more shades however the company argues the 8 shades match perfectly with the 14 shades of foundation they have. Regardless of its lack of color range it really is magical.

For all my brujas and witchy women out there I highly recommend you try this magical concealer

Sephora Play Round Up: March, April, + May


March. April. May.
It's play time

Sephora Play: March


Sephora Collection
Matte Perfection Powder Foundation

This is a beautiful powder for those of us with dry skin. It doesn't emphasize dryness. 

Sephora Collection
Triple Action Cleansing Water

Blossom & Bloom™ Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Spray

My Burberry Blush

Hard Pass

Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara

Untitled design.png

I either love a mascara or I hate a mascara. This is one of my least favorite mascaras ever. The wand has an innovative, curve + hook shape. I might have liked it more if this was a rubber wand. However the bristles are too large for my eyes. The formula is so wet! It's barley thicker than water. Hot mess. No thanks.

Add It To Your Cart

Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30

Untitled design (1).png

Summer skin in a bottle! My skin felt and looked hydrated. Juicy like a peach!

Sephora Play: April

Full-On™ Lip Polish

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 12.5% Vitamin C

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel

VERB (not pictured)
Hydrating Shampoo + Condistion

Hard Pass

Backlight Priming Filter Face Primer


I fear the beauty community is ready with torches and pitch forks about this one. This Becca primer has become a staple for so many beauty bloggers. As excited as i was to try this product, it was a major let down. I just felt like it make my skin look ashy and also like I had been punched in the face with glitter. 

Give It A Second Look

Make Up For Ever
Ultra HD Perfector Skin Tint Foundation SPF 25


This itty bitty sample gave me 4 full applications and I liked it! It is the exact light-medium coverage I want to wear all summer long. The shade was a little dark but I was able to make it work. It's a product that I would enjoy having but I'm not running to go but it. 

Sephora Play: May

Victor & Rolf

Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter

Kat Von D
Tattoo Liner

Sephora Collection
Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying

Return To Sender

Benefit Cosmetics
The POREfessional Face Primer


Save it. You can't convince me to give this product another look. I've had this sample a few times. I've excavated every ml of product in search of the tressure that makes Porefessional such a top-rated primer. The last squeeze of each tube left me dry and unsatisfied. I'm swiping left, blocking, and reporting this primer. 

Always Have It On Hand

Bumble and Bumble
Thickening Spray


From my favorite hair brand, comes my secret weapon to hair so large it too can block the dazzle of a President Obama smile. I've had the full size of this Thickening Spray. Spraying this product on my roots gives the illusion that I am of average height and not a 4 foot 10 inch toasted marshmallow. If you have thin hair, get it. If you have hair so long that it weighs down your roots, get it. It is amazing!!! 

Give me all of the samples!

all play.jpg

Sephora Play Unboxing!


The Subscription Box that is NEVER disappointing

I thought I would be over this box by now, but it's just not true! Each month, I am still excited to find that black and white box in the mail! Though, I could do without repeat items. Just saying. 


The first item in my Sephora Play box (from February but shhhh) was this Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Colour. This was a repeat item that I wasn't too broken up about. It is actually a smooth and creamy shadow stick. 

rosegold eye.gif

The shade was a shimmery, pale rose gold. I'm not much into rose gold on it's own for makeup -I know! It's such a favorite shade for people but it just is too medium of a color for me. I need more POP! The shade of this shadow stick gave a nice back drop to the colors I wanted to use. 

Laura Mercier  Caviar Stick Eye Colour

Laura Mercier
Caviar Stick Eye Colour

Caviar Stick Eye Colour gives my makeup longevity. I have watery eyes, because I;m a cry baby, so my eye makeup has a pretty short shelf life. The shadow stick also gave some oomph to these not so great eyeshadows.


Next was the Sephora Collection Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rebel Chic. I was shocked by how pigmented the lipstick was AND by how smooth it went across my lips. Not a skip. Not a tug. My lips felt like velvet. 


I also felt this color was a reflection of my soul.

Sephora Collection   Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rebel Chic

Sephora Collection
Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rebel Chic

Finding this skin care item in my  Sephora Play box made me feel like I had won the game of ‘was the box worth it?’ Ugh, such a gem! It’s every beauty box subscriber’s fantasy to open their mail to find a product they’ve been yearning to try. For me, that product has been the Farmacy Green Clean Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy. Despite it’s comically long name, the product has been on my Sephora Loves list for ages. I didn’t know if I would love it but that list serves as a “ooo grl, you gotta try this’ list. 

makeup off.gif

A full size of this makeup removing balm has already been purchased and added to my cabinet. It melts away makeup like it was never even there. Mascara can be such a  brat. So many makeup removers leave mascara on my lashes. This Farmacy product dissolves it! There is a video of an actress from The Lion King on Broadway removing her stage makeup with this balm. It is the reason I wanted to try this product. It did not disappoint.

Farmacy   Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy™

Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy™

Remaining Products

Out of all of the six samples that were featured in my Sephora Play subscription box (*whispers* from February), the only disappointing product was the Belif Eye Bomb. Firstly, it was a repeat product. Secondly, I didn’t like it the first time I had gotten it. That is the only aspect of the Play box that I would like changed: subscribers can review the items as to potentially adjust what our future boxes could contain.

Chloe   Chloé Eau de Parfum

Chloé Eau de Parfum

Freash   Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15

Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15

Belif   Moisturizing Eye Bomb

Moisturizing Eye Bomb

The Fresh lip balm is bomb but it is also expensive. So I was glad to have it as a sample. And the perfume was: eh. A little sweet, a little not much to it. Still, I was more than happy with this box and continued my subscription!

play 1.jpg

What subscription box should I try next?

Find Out Which Radiance Peel Kayla Rates 5 stars!

Written By Kayla M @oohkayla


To know me is to know that the brand First Aid Beauty holds my heart. I’ve told this story before but the brand was a major part of my skincare routine to help get my skin back to “normal” a few years ago. As someone who has never had a facial or any type of peel done before, any product that promises to do the work of a spa while being in the comfort of my home is intriguing to me. I had tried First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance pads in the past and loved them so trying the Facial Radiance Intensive Peel would be the next reasonable step in my relationship with the brand.



The product comes with a small tear dropped shaped sponge and a container with 1.7oz with a price tag of $40. The container is pretty tiny and the sponge seems pointless but don’t judge this product by its packaging. The sponge almost doubles in size when wet and allows you spread the product so evenly it’s mind blowing. The best part is a little goes a very long way especially once you start using the sponge. I used such a small amount and my face was completely covered with the peel in no time.  As per the directions you should leave it on for 1-5 minutes, that time frame is perfect for a quick skin care pick me up. The burning feeling most peels provide was subtle at first and didn’t really start to BURN until after I rinsed the product off. The feeling was tolerable and through some sort of magic I only felt it on the exact 2 spots I really wanted to “peel.” The Facial Radiance Intensive Peel claims to provide softer, smoother and brighter skin after 1 use. This claim seems like a tall order but it REALLY DID WORK AFTER ONE USE! The spots right above my cheekbone area were much smoother and less dry and flaky after 1 use of the product. 

 Bonus: I had no inflammation or irritation afterwards and there is no down time what so ever.


I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a peel that works, doesn’t break the bank and won’t leave you looking all types of crazy for days afterwards. 




Sephora Play + Ipsy Unboxing! November 2017


$10 Beauty Subscription Showcase!

These two subscription boxes feature 5 sample size products that cover all corners of beauty. Hair, makeup, skincare, fragrance, and even tools. My subscription always arrive the third week of the month.  Here is what Ipsy and Play! by Sephora had to offer in their November 2017 boxes. 



You can finish your look with this month's subscription bag from Ipsy! Hair, lips, eyes, face, and a perfume! Look good, smell good, feel good. 


The Goods:

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo (shop here)

Colourpop Pressed Shadow in Paper Tiger (shop here)

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Fiesty (shop here)

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Plumping Lip Gloss in Lip Locked (shop here)

Kensie Signature Eau de Parfum Purse Spray (shop here)


This color palette was so Autumn!



You get a little bit of everything with this November's Play by Sephora box!


The Goods

Burberry My Burberry Blush (shop here)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara (shop here)

Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy Hydrating Cloud Cream (shop here)

Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel (shop here)

IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm (shop here)

Origins Clear Improvement® Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores (shop here)

seph 2.jpg

The mascara and the hair balm are products that I would be interested in their full size!

Origins Clear Improvement® Mask Reviews on Meetpepperb!


"My pores seemed to be much smaller & my skin was soft to the touch." -Deanna
Full Review Here!


"I love giving myself a mini facial. The Origins Clear Improvements mask is exactly what I’m looking for to get rid of gunk that clogs up my pores." Danyelle
Full Review Here!

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The Luxe Eye Makeup Remover That FIZZLED!


CHANEL is one of those luxury beauty brands that make you feel good and looks like a gem on your top shelf. Like most, I get really giddy when it comes to super luxe beauty products. When I opened up this CHANEL GENTLE BI-PHASE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER, I was so stoked. After giving it a few trial runs, I ended up majorly disappointed. Given, It’s not the most glamorous of Chanel products but still, I expected more. 

I really wanted to love it, but it just wouldn’t remove my very stubborn eyeliner and mascara until about 5 cotton pads in… and still, there was a significant amount of product left on my eyes. I rubbed and rubbed and it became frustrating af with each toss of a pad. This may work better for those who wear less eye makeup and who stick to non-waterproof liner and mascara. 

CHANEL 1.jpeg

Even though it became a shit show, what I DID love about this eye makeup remover was that didn’t irritate my skin or eyes one bit, no matter how long I was trying to rub off my permanent marker of an eyeliner. It is a true friend for delicate and sensitive skin.

For the price, I personally do not think is it worth it being that it didn’t get the job done. I’d rather stick to my Bioderma Sensibio which works a tad bit better. I can get two 16 oz pump bottles of Bioderma Sensibio for just under $34, which is the same price of this 3.4 oz bottle of Chanel. Another great eye makeup remover are the RMS ultimate makeup remover wipes which are less than half the price, or even a good old jar of Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil. All 3 of these less luxe choices work better. I’m still going to keep this product as a last resort though, as it looks pretty on my top shelf.

Detox! Get Your Green On!

Pretty much a green juice in mist form, for your face... GENIUS!

Pretty much a green juice in mist form, for your face... GENIUS!


Have you ever loved a product so much that you can’t stop telling people about it? That’s how I feel about this incredible product from First Aid Beauty’s HELLO FAB line. The Vital Greens Face Mist is the perfect pick me up throughout the day. I love to spray a few spritzes while I sip on my daily Pressed Juicery Greens 3.


Jam Packed with glorious green superfoods like Kale, Cucumber and Spinach to name a few, this green concoction combats against environmental aggressors while hydrating and soothing your skin.


This spray has been essential during the colder days in NYC when my face tends to tighten and dry up the most. Using this mid day has not only help refresh and hydrate when needed but it also helps improve the overall tone and texture of my skin. It simply just feels good. The scent is pleasant and fresh which caught me by surprise because I honestly thought that it would smell… well, kinda gross. 

What also caught me by surprise was how it actually set my makeup. My creamy tinted moisturizer, concealer and gloss highlighter combo did not budge or even transfer on to my phone. 


I would recommend this to anyone and everyone as this is suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Especially if you’re someone which severely parched skin in the upcoming cold, winter months (like myself) as well as someone who travels a lot via airplane, because we know the toll that can take on the skin. 

For $18 this little 2 oz spritzer is an affordable hidden gem that does wonders and goes the distance. Perfect Stocking Stuffer this season. This product can be purchased at Sephora online and in stores as well as

Hello FAB Vital Greens Face Mist, Welcome to my Holy Grail lineup.

Find out what mask takes Kayla back to her childhood!

Written By Kayla M


If you ever allowed glue to dry on your hand & peel it off with excitement please raise your arm proudly in the air!

 Fast forward 20 years, to me getting my now adult hands on First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Purifying Mask. A couple of years ago I had a major skin problem and First Aid beauty was the brand that saved me from that moment forward I became a First Aid Beauty Ride or Die. On their website, the mask is said to “help purify skin, reduce the appearance of pores and control excess oil by drawing out skin purities.” In addition it claims to lessen the “congestive pigmentation from areas where pimples previously formed.”

Truthfully, I didn’t expect much from the mask but was pleasantly surprised. The texture is very thick and was a little difficult to work with the first time around but after 20 minutes of reminiscing about elementary school it was time for the fun to begin! This mask was beyond easy to peel and came off in large whole pieces- as someone who usually avoids peel mask because I hate how only a little piece here and there will cooperate and the rest is a struggle and literal pain I was amazed at how well the Red Clay peeled off. 

Once the mask was off I flashed back to how the top of my hand would feel so soft once the glue was gone and I am happy to say this mask had the same effect. I have used the mask about once a week for the past month now and although I do not see any visible improvement or even pore reduction I would recommend for its smoothing capabilities and fun factor.

What Works For You, May Not Work For Her: Trouble Maker Mascara by Urban Decay

Same Product.

Different Outcome.

Our Senior Content Creators, Amanda (@acevellee) and Danyelle (@bufferingbetty), reviewed the mascara that makes a pretty bold claim! Keep reading to see what our ladies thought about this mascara.



What I look for in a mascara is voluminous, thickening black pigment for my sparse, unruly lashes. A product without fallout is completely ideal. Formulation that hardens, making my lashes feel heavy is a must to avoid.


The textured, holographic tube is galactic and gorgeous. A refreshing alternative to the basic black and metal tubes. The slimmer brush is more like a comb and I’m just not feeling it.

I stabbed myself a couple of times with the spikes while trying to get to the roots of my lashes.


Apparently, Urban Decay’s is advertising this mascara as “sex-proof” (fun but reaching…). It’s also supposed to give sublime black pigmentation as well as 13.7 times the volume. For me, this mascara didn’t deliver 2/3 of its claims.


Amanda's Results


In my experience this mascara could hold up fairly well in a one hour gym session, experiencing minimal flaking and smudging. Along with longevity it also gave me a bit of length. Troublemaker absolutely didn’t volumize my lashes.

It separated them more making them seem more sparse and thin if anything.


I wouldn’t recommend Troublemaker Mascara because I personally dislike it. It didn’t do anything for me but with that being said, for someone with naturally thicker or fuller lashes, I guess this might work.



I really dislike mascaras that have a super wet formula. I'm always tempted to just leave the tube open for an hour to see if it'll age the mascara. I like my lashes to feel soft with a fanned out lash look.


This gothic unicorn packaging is my mood all Fall/Winter long.

I'll be honest: Packaging matters to me. Inexpensive or premium, makeup is a luxury. When I apply my makeup, I like it when the package to be hella cute. UD nailed the Troublemaker's tube! Also, I much rather have a rubber wand. I think they're less messy.


Sex proof, huh? Calm down. This claim was like Urban Decay was playing Truth or Dare with the whole of the beauty community. Dare: test it out! Truth: did you really check your mascara afterward? 

While I rolled my eyes at that claim, I was anxious to try a mascara that promised all this volume with a lightweight formula! I detest when I can feel that I'm wearing mascara. 

Danyelle's Results


I. Am. Feeling. Myself. With this mascara. 

Because my lashes naturally curl up, I don't want or need a mascara that has a lot of hold. All it's going to be is stiff and harsh on my lashes. The definition Urban Decay's Troublemaker gave my lashes without turning them into tiny shards of glass is exactly what I want. I experienced no smudging or flaking. I also LOVE how easily this mascara removes in the shower. OMG. I don't want to waste half my cleanser on removing mascara. It was fantastic!

staight m2.jpg

Do I think this mascara was top shelf quality? Eh. It's a great mascara for daily use. If you're looking for more drama to your lashes, you won't find it here. BUT!, this is what I want for like a regular Tuesday makeup look. Soft, dark lashes. Lasts all day. Easy off. The only tip I can offer is to use a dry, clean spooly to seperate any lashes that may clump together. That isn't an extra step for me. I do it with every mascara. 

Your turn!

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How can I get rid of dark circles? Here's An Eye Cream Worth 4 Stars

Written By Deanna P



Biossance Squalane peptide eye gel

15ML 0.50721 FL OZ Retails for $54.00

Reduces puffiness and dark circles


As I become more knowledgeable about health & wellness I am more in tune to what I put in or on my body.  The products on the market today are filled with ingredients that are unsafe and harmful to your skin.  I had heard of Biossance, but did not now much about the brand. As a company they believe in clean beauty and they ban 2000 harmful ingredients.  Recently the company went to Capitol Hill to lobby for higher legislative standards for ingredients that that are allowed in beauty products.   The US has a surprisingly low standard and only ban a measly 11 ingredients. Biossance commits to no harmful ingredients, sustainable packaging, and proven results.  The brand originated in a lab in 2003 by Berkeley scientists.  They make all their products using biotechnology.  Their products are safe for your skin for the environment &  do not not harm animals.  


"The cream has no synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates or

mineral oil.  It can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin"




The key ingredients and what the do include:

100% PLANT-DERIVED SQUALANE: Instantly hydrates and locks in essential moisture

EYESERYL & ARGIRELINE: Reduces the look of dark circles and puffiness

SWISS APPLE STEM CELL EXTRACT: Brightens the under eye area


Use of this product was very simple.  Gently dab on the lower and upper eye mornings & evenings.  It can also be dabbed above the brow.  I used it for a week and saw a visible improvement.  My under eye circles looked lighter and my eyes appeared brighter.   I think the product is worth the price.  I love what the brand stands for and it’s ingredients are all natural & the packaging is sustainable.   Your health is priceless & since this product promotes healthy skin and works, I am a fan. It can be purchased at





The Galaxy Eye Shadow That Has Us Feeling So Extra -Terrestrial!

Ready for eye shadows that will make you feel out of this world?

4 star.png

These shadows have a wild amount of depth and dimension.

Intergalactic, Ether, Zodiac (Fave), + Cosmic

Intergalactic, Ether, Zodiac (Fave), + Cosmic

This eyeshadow formula was made for movement! Not a speck of chunky glitter lies within these multi-dimensional eye shadows. A soft base loaded with different shades of sparkle. And the way they reflect light -it's everything Ke$ha used to sing about. Now I got that glitter on my eyes... Looking sick and sexified.

The best way to apply this eye shadow is with your finger. However, you can use a short, dense flat shader brush and get a beautiful look. Apply a small amount and blend it out. Add a second layer and keep it concentrated to where want your eye shadow to pop! The color lasted pretty long on my eyes as well. You must, without question, use a sticky base. There will be a ton of fall out if you don't. 

The color of the base plays a major role in how the shimmers stand out. The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Black Bean + Milk have contrasting effects on the Moondust shadows. Milk (white) gave the shadows a grayish base and really let the sparkles stand out with direct light on it. The black base intensified everything! The base of the shadow became more pronounced. The shimmers were singing! The reddish copper shade is from the Eyedeal Duo from Dose of Colors in Maple. It gave a different tone to the shadows. The Intergalatic shadow (lighter purple) looked like it was on fire. 

Urban Decay also launched some of the Moondust shadow shades in a liquid form. Layering the Liquid Moondust Cream underneath turns the volume of the powder shadow all the way up. 

My favorite way to wear these shadows is layered over an eye pencil such as these 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Mainline (blue) and Goldmine (gold). The formula give the shadows something to cling to and help prevent any fall down. The pinkish base is a Multistick from Bite Beauty in Cashew. The Moondust shadow in Cosmic layered over is just stunning!


Let Urban Decay's Moondust eye shadows abduct you!

Available at Sephora, Ulta, Macy's, and ($21)
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This Lightweight Liquid Lipstick Will Survive Taco Tuesday!


Tis the season for deep lips (although I believe you can wear them throughout the entire year). 

I have honestly never tried HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte and Lip Contour Matte Pencil before today and I wish I had jumped on this train a while ago. First off the packaging is sultry, and perfect for that Instagram aesthetic. 


The shade "Famous" is an absolutely gorgeous Burgundy, reminiscent of my favorite Pinot Noir. Although the shade is incredibly dupable, the actual quality and featherweight formula is NOT. 

The liquid lip goes on thin and comfortably. While applying it went on smoothly along my lips. Given, it does have a watery consistency but two layers leave a perfectly sleek, opaque result. It does dry down so lightweight you feel like nothing is on your lips. I recommend blotting lips so that you don't feel a sticky residue. I do have to make sure to let it dry completely before I go on about my day because it will transfer onto and stain my invisible aligners. I don't care what anyone says NO MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK IS HYDRATING AT ALL, however, this liquid lipstick is more comfortable than most, just make sure you prep your lips properly and exfoliate before application for the best result. 

I really do love the Lip Contour Matte Pencil. It glides on incredibly smooth as well and doesn't skip while outlining the lips. It isn't super drying and sits light and well on the lips. It is the perfect base when applied under the liquid lip but also works sufficiently on its own. 

Most importantly you guys, this liquid lip and lip contour duo did survive through Taco Tuesday. A tiny bit of transfer did occur but nothing that a quick little touch-up couldn't fix. 

As the product dries down, the shade deepens which is pretty cool to see happen before your eyes. Here is how the shade "Famous" sets on my medium skin tone. 

As the product dries down, the shade deepens which is pretty cool to see happen before your eyes. Here is how the shade "Famous" sets on my medium skin tone. 

The Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick retails at and for $20 and the matching Lip Contour Matte Pencil retails for $19. Your local Sephora might carry mini pairs to try out before you splurge and commit to the full size products which is a plus. 

This luxurious 3 in 1 multi-use product promotes youthful skin that's as smooth as a baby's bottom.


Charlotte Tilbury is known as one of the Queens of the Beauty Industry. I have followed her career during my teens and early 20s as she was the artist behind iconic looks from Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss (I won't ever get over that Iconic V magazine cover of Rihanna and Kate!) as well as working with Tom Ford for many years. 

It has been a handful of years since she released her own high end beauty line and one of the stand out products I've heard raves about was the Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow, a 3 in 1 cleanser, mask and face balm. When I got my hands on this I almost fainted and was praying that it lived up to the hype.

Created with a blend of organic sea buckthorn seed oil to aid in a smoother complexion, vitamin A, C and E to improve firmness, brightness and moisture for youthful, glowing skin as well as rosehip and camellia oils to renew texture, hydrate and delay aging. 

Created with a blend of organic sea buckthorn seed oil to aid in a smoother complexion, vitamin A, C and E to improve firmness, brightness and moisture for youthful, glowing skin as well as rosehip and camellia oils to renew texture, hydrate and delay aging. 

My favorite thing about this product is the consistency. The balm feels luxurious. I always say that products like these make you feel calm and pampered. Cleansing and treating your skin no longer feels like a chore.

Cleansing was a breeze, I tried it as a make up remover and it took off my mascara and eyeliner fairly well, better than expected. I did another thorough cleanser after removing my makeup and then used it as a mask. It does as it says and makes your skin baby soft and plump with major hydration without leaving it oily (oily gals, this multi-tasking product is your friend) I recommend massaging it onto dry skin to get blood circulating and letting the skin drink up the moisturizing benefits. You can do the same when using it as a mask but just leaving it on for about 15 min . I must admit that I did NOT use this as an overnight mask, but I have used it as balm moisturizer by applying very little after cleansing/masking. 

If I can change one thing about this product, it is the subtle scent (subtle for me, but might be stronger to others) I don't feel quite comfortable putting perfumed products on my face. With that being said, I'm shocked (and pleased) to find that after a couple of weeks of use, this cleanser/mask/balm/everything didn't burn or irritate my dry sensitive skin. My face also doesn't feel uncomfortable tight after I rinse it off or get red.  

Sensitive skin friendly multi use cleanser. The gel like balm texture is superb!

Sensitive skin friendly multi use cleanser. The gel like balm texture is superb!

I found that you can even use this on dry body parts like your hands and elbows (trust me, try masking your hands with this, your cuticles will feel renewed) 

This 3 in 1 Product retails for $60 with 100ml of product which may seem like a little bit of product but you are paying for the luxurious quality. This is definitely a "TREAT YO SELF" product, and a perfect gift as the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! 

You can purchase Multi-Miracle Glow at,, and Bloomingdales. 

A Top Rated Red Clay Cleanser ... but Where are the Fireworks?

Written by Twist.It.Tea



Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay


I was kind of on the fence about this product at first, but since my pores have been doing the most, and this cleanser is great for a deep cleanse, I’ve been giving it a go for the last few weeks.  Honestly, no harm has been done to my face since using this cleanser, and I use it both, day and night respectively.  My skin has stayed clear, and my pores are basically nonexistent under my eyes so that makes me really happy.  I haven’t noticed any negative effects to my face but there’s something about this cleanser that doesn’t strike me as AMAZING. My other cleansers have exfoliants in the formula and I love how smooth and fresh they make me feel after a wash.  I’m looking for that so-fresh-and-so-clean feeling after a long day of work and First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay is just notttttt doing it for me.  I don’t have any problems with blackheads or much acne – maybe a few blemishes here and there so when I use a cleanser I’m looking for a smooth feeling afterwards, and a makeup free face.  But I will say this cleanser is great for drawing out black heads and other impurities because of the of the Red Clay component.  


 I really enjoy the process of my nightly routine, and I relish in the moments after removing a face full of makeup. Not to mention I’m really into this red clay color that reminds me of my favorite Algenists Mask that I usually apply right after.  The gel was weird at first because I was expecting a thicker formula hence the red clay, but the way it suds up is nice, and it kind of has this sparkly look to it when it’s out of the tube.   I’m not going to lie…. I hate the smell of this formula, it’s like a cheap Vicks Vapor Rub type nostalgia and I’m not with it.  Ya’ll know I love that fresh tropical, coconut vibe and this is the complete opposite.  I’ve actually gotten used to it after a few weeks but it’s such a turn off that I would never repurchase this for $24.  I’m not amazed and I’m not convinced it’s really doing much for my skin besides cleaning my pores a little extra deeper and not drying out my face when removing the excess oil.  The ingredient that caught my eye was the Rosemary Leaf Oil, which is supposed to unclog your pores and tone the skin. The Red Clay does all the dirty work by absorbing that nasty oil build up, while detoxing and purifying the skin. The cool thing about the Red Clay ingredient is that while it’s battling the evils of your skin, it’s doing it in a calm and gentle way that won’t strip your skin of your much-needed natural oils. This stuff may be harsh on some skin types, but I have combo/oily skin and like I said, I haven’t had any problems. In fact, it’s reduced the uneven skin tone on my cheeks and alleviated some stubborn blemishes and redness. I won’t repurchase this facewash, but I definitely won’t say it’s trash, it’s just not what I’m personally looking for in a cleanser, which has also has the necessary elements of exfoliants and an amazing aroma.




With this $6 Concealer, You can look airbrushed, NO FILTER NEEDED!

By: @acevallee


Concealer and foundation are the toughest buys for me. I’m so picky, and even THAT is an understantement. I’ve also always been one to splurge on concealer with the exception of LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer, which is a phenomenal gem. When Colourpop Cosmetics announced that they were releasing Concealers a while back I had to get in on it because so far, I'm in love with a majority of their entire line. 

When they first released their NO FILTER CONCEALERS I picked up a few and I've been using them since and I absolutely love the product. Issa Hit out of the ballpark. I'm obsessed with the soft wide tipped brush on the wand. It swipes on so perfectly and comfortably without skipping or poking me. A little goes a very long way, I’m talking LONG DISTANCE! The coverage is INSANE. You you suffer from Dark Circles either hereditary, or caused by insomnia or life's bullshit... you can use this little fella and look picture perfect. You can still control the coverage if you want or need a bit less, by using as little product as possible and sheering it out to a medium coverage with a bit of facial moisturizer. 

Created using soft blurring pigments, Colourpop's No Filter Concealer will make you look like a well rested ethereal enchantress!

Created using soft blurring pigments, Colourpop's No Filter Concealer will make you look like a well rested ethereal enchantress!

The formula is super creamy and a bit thick yet still featherweight without caking up (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Colourpop please spill these secrets). It is also brightening AF! I love that it leaves this blurring, soft focus effect that although it sits as a matte finish, you are still left airbrushed and glowing. 

My super sensitive skin reacted well to this concealer and although I have mega dry skin, as long as I moisturize really well it will not be a problem for me. 

I picked up 3 shades because purchasing online can be a bit tricky, I went with 3 shades from the Medium skin tone range, 30-Medium, 35-Medium Tan and 40-Golden all though all 3 work well, i found that my perfect match is 35-Medium Tan, which I watched on my hand in this photo.

I picked up 3 shades because purchasing online can be a bit tricky, I went with 3 shades from the Medium skin tone range, 30-Medium, 35-Medium Tan and 40-Golden all though all 3 work well, i found that my perfect match is 35-Medium Tan, which I watched on my hand in this photo.

You can also bump up a few shades for contouring or drop down a few shades lighter for highlighting if that's something you're interested in. For less that 20 bucks you can get 3 shades for a full face of conceal, highlight and contour with high end quality. 

Colourpop staff has stated that more shades are in the works and they currently have 5 shades each for Fair tones, Medium tones and Dark tones. 

Colourpop staff has stated that more shades are in the works and they currently have 5 shades each for Fair tones, Medium tones and Dark tones. 

This concealer is the perfect purse size and contains a decent amount of product (about 0.14oz) considering you don't even need much for full coverage. The minimal packaging is clean and perfect. 

The recently just restocked and I got myself a few for backup and if you want to try, head over to and grab a few, at $6 a pop you can’t go wrong.

Dose of Colors Desi X Katy Collection Relaunch: Must Haves (and what you can pass on)


The DesixKaty collection from Dose of Colors relaunches today, Sunday 9/24/17 at 6pm PST!! It launched in mid-August and " sold out in less than a day" (Allure). 

Dose of Colors is an indie brand that is no being sold at Ulta online. The also make my absolute favorite liquid lipstick in the shade Berry Me 2. Every time I think I've found a new fave, I wear Berry Me 2 and I'm hooked all over again. Desi Perkins and Lusterlux (Katy) are each influencer with a large following. They amass  5.5 million followers on Instagram, over 1.1 million followers on Twitter, and 4.3 followers on Youtube. The whole collection features 2 liquid lipsticks, 2 nude creme lipsticks, a gloss, and eyeshadow palette. If you want to know what is a true must-have for this collection, keep reading :)



The nude and rose gold packaging is just beautiful. The lipsticks have soft touch outer layer for similar to the feel of a NARS lipstick. Each highlighter and the eyeshadow palette is wrapped in a rose gold shimmer that is shimmers in a way that you can't look away. I'm -a little obsessed.


The GIrls palette is named for their dogs! Each shade is named a nickname for their dog. I have three yorkies, so obviously, I'm a dog person and just love that. The full shimmer palette was made with the idea that most makeup wearers have their go-to matte shades. Some folks did not like that but I really didn't mind. I rather have a palette full of unique shades than yet another -can I say it' dame warm neutrals palette. What I don't love about the formula is that they the shades are made to be used with your finger. I have very small lids so that doesn't always work for me. However, I love the colors. Each shade has so much dimension. They are comparable to a UD Moondust shadow but with more... everything. More pigment in the base shade and tons of sparkles. My favorite shade is Turbosan. Truthfully, I don't think this palette is a must have. I would if I could use it with a brush because I really do love the colors. When I've tried, the colors aren't as potent. Harpoon and Suz are meant to be used wet. When you do, have and asthma pump near by because -stunning. Yeah, just stunning. 


More Creamer Please is the nude lipstick my skin tone has been waiting for. It is a brownish peach shade perfect for deeper medium tones and even deeper. There is a lighter nude called 'No Shade.' The formula of this lipstick is creamy and hydrating. This is a must have! Dose of Colors really does know how to do a lipstick. 


Dose of Colors makes an amazing liquid lipstick formula. The color is so rich! It is a mousse like formula with a comfortable finish. I've been wearing their lipsticks for years and never have a problem. The only application note you need to keep in mind is that you need to let the formula dry down or you will move the color around like I did in the swatch of Hot Fire. You can see in the center wear my lips touch that the color looks lifted but that was pure application error. This almost neon red-orange shade, Hot Fire, is a little bit tricky to get an even finish but you can finish it easier with a brush. Savage though -amazing! It is so dark and vampy. Of course, a fall staple. The lipstick wears down to a nice stain. If I had to choose just one, I would painfully take Savage and just miss Hot Fire with great sorrow. I see myself getting much more use out of Savage. Year round, not just when people are fighting over pumpkin spice lattes (which aren't all that anywayz -needed to be said!).


The DesixKaty collection from Dose of Colors launched with two highlighters. A rose gold  shade called Mirame (Me-rrah-meh - please try to pronounce it. No es tan dificil). As well as Fuego which is a champagne gold. I just picked up Fuego. When I applied it to my cheeks, I immediately regretted being cheap and not getting Mirame as well. It is not just your run of the mill highlighter. Your skin looks wet! It doesn't look like a chunk of eyeshadow on your cheek, it looks like it was always meant to be there. The highlight is a must-have product. 


My absolute top two picks from this collection were the Savage Liquid Lipstick and the Fuego highlighter. 


What did/will you get from the DesiXKaty Collection from Dose of Colors?

This Powder Leaves You Poreless Without Dimming Your Glow

By: Amanda V.


Me being me, how could I not review Glossier's newest sensation. As a gal with dry combo skin, I avoid setting powders. I honestly think I had one my entire 29 years of living and that was early last year when I purchased Hourglass's Ambient lighting Powder in Dim Light. I personally think that Glossier's WOWDER is a better version of that powder. It will give you this blurred, poreless, glowing effect with a shade that adapts to your tone. Most settings powders will be described as "translucent" but the for someone my complexion and darker, it will look a little too light and not at all invisible. This powder is super lightweight and comfortable and super impossible to over do it and even if you do, it will not cake up, it's that damn sheer. This is a great for the sensitive, parched gals like myself who feel the need to mattify their dew once in a while without losing their glow. It lasts throughout my entire workday, just adding a touch up if going out for post work activities. With that being said, Although for all skin types, I'm not exactly sure how it would work on those that need to really control their oily skin type. 

The packaging is ace. I don't know how exactly they got the packaging to be mess-free but they did it. The powder doesn't release until you tap on the netted area in the center. LOVE!

You can purchase this Gem on Glossier's Website for $22!!! I kid you not, TWENTY TWO DOLLARS!!! THAT IS A STEAL!!! You can purchase the Wowder Duo That comes with the powder and a gorgeous metallic millennial pink Wowder brush for $35! 

You can click the link below for 10% off of your first purchase



You can match this powder to your Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. My Skin Tint is in the shade "Dark" so I purchased Wowder in  Dark Deep. 

You can match this powder to your Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. My Skin Tint is in the shade "Dark" so I purchased Wowder in  Dark Deep. 

Frizz or no frizz? That is the question!


Living Proof is a company that was founded in 2005 & is based in Cambridge Mass.  It’s staff is comprised of beauty experts & biotech scientists using technology from MIT.  The company actually does what it promises & makes hair beautiful. I have tried Living Proof product before & loved the results so I was happy to try Living proof frizz nourishing Oil.  This product actually got the coveted 2016best of Beauty award given by Allure The Beauty Expert in 2016. The nourishing oil comes in 2 sizesA 0.85 oz for $20.00 &  3.4 oz for $38.00.  I suggest you start with the smaller size & try the product to see how well it work on your hair.  I think the price is fair as this is a high end oil that really works to improve your hair.  

The things I loved best about the oil is the scent & the fact that itdelivers on the results promised.  The product packaging is also pure genius.  Simple in nature, the color, size, & shape of the product made it feel ultra expensive & give off a cool trendy vibe.  The product was easy to dispense & it was easy to store.The scent was one of my favorites, a light fresh citrusy smell.  I am a big proponent thata product should smell as good as it works and the nourishing oil does just that. The oil promises that it will prevent frizz & add nourishment to the hair.  Since my hair tends to be frizzy, & not look very smooth, I was happy with the results.  My hair looked shinier, healthier, less, frizzy & more manageable.  I really liked this product better than most leave in oils.  I highly recommend trying it.  It also contains no Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates .

For more information or to purchase, check out:

This Highlighter Will Give You A Fade Free Yoncé Glow That Will Last During an 8+ hours FaceTime Session

By Amanda V.


Glow queen here, doing glow things... This MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Fusion Highlighter in Golden is a stunning gel-powder formula will drive that golden summer glow into the fall. I have not stopped using it these past couple of weeks. I love that the glow does NOT contain major chunks of glitter and glides on leaving a soft luminescent, heavenly glow onto the skin. This highlighter is talc-free (yes lawd) and is super seamless in texture and a smooth and silk like finish. It was comfortable to wear even on a hot humid day! 


What is major about this highlighter is that you can see my beam from a mile away at every turn of my head and it lasts more than 8 hours for me. It stood glowing on my face from about 3pm - 12am while on FaceTime with my Best Friend. It didn't budge until I wiped it off before I went to sleep. That glowing longevity is what I live for y'all!!!

The golden shade is the most flattering and will work amazing on all skin tones especially medium to dark. 

The golden shade is the most flattering and will work amazing on all skin tones especially medium to dark. 


The MUFE Pro Light Fusion Highlighter is available in 2 shades, The Golden shade from this review as well as a light golden pink that would be even more flattering on the fairer skin tones. You can purchase this incredible product for $39 at Sephora Stores, and

Your hair has never been this clean before, R+Co's Oblivion will wipe out all!!

By: Amanda V.


Long story short, I have had so many hair mishaps that I am extremely picky with what I use on my hair. My scalp is extremely sensitive and can be irritated easily and my hair is more on the dry, unruly side. Most of the summer i have been leaving my hair in its natural curly state but during the month of August I've dealt with a few blowouts and that lead to product buildup (thanks to dry texturizing spray and massive amounts of dry shampoo) which lead to an irritated scalp. Even after a regular triple wash my hair never felt clean. I recently took a walk to my local Bluemercury to invest in a new scalp scrub by one of my favorite brands, R+Co but sadly it was already sold out. Since I didn't want to leave the store empty handed, I decided on getting their OBLIVION clarifying shampoo and conditioner. This just so happened to be the best purchase decision i have made in a very long time. 


Keep in mind that when I used this on my hair I had a week old blowout with tons of product buildup and reside from finishing creme, dry shampoo, dry texturizing spray, hairspray as well as the natural oil my scalp produces... GROSS, I know. Even during the summer the chlorine from the pool and hard water from my shower head can lead to build up but after a triple wash with this shampoo my scalp was squeaky clean I mean C L E A N!! Not stripped completely from moisture but stripped from all of the buildup and residue from products and pool sessions. The lather was so comfortable and soothing which I think was due in major part to the ingredients like coconut oil, rosemary leaf extract, witch hazel and tea tree oil. My hair didn't feel like a parched brillo pad at all. It feels like a Detox but for my hair. I feel like my scalp has received a brand new lease on life. The restorative gel conditioner serves as the perfect companion to make this one powerful duo. This conditioner is an oil-in-gel hybrid that hydrates your hair while incorporating nutrients back into it. About 80% of this conditioner is made up of Coconut, Almond, Moringa Seed and Peach Kernal Oils but in a gel form to attach to the strands better. Although it won't lather like your average creamy conditioner, which might turn some people off, but it gets the job done perfectly and my hair is left moisturized and hydrated with superb shine. When would a basic clarifying product leave your hair like this? Never!! At least not that I know of. This lightweight conditioner left my normally dry, and kinda thin hair frizz-free and shiny without any weigh down. Also While Blowdrying my hair it smelled fresh and like the subtle scent on this shampoo and conditioner, THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW THIS CLEANSING DUO LEFT MY HAIR AND SCALP CLEAN AF! I'm 3 days into my blowout and my scalp feels great and my hair still smells clean. It feels so good to finally touch my scalp and not get grossed out. 

The vegan and cruelty-free Oblivion duo is also gentle and mild enough for daily use which is a major plus to those with parched hair like mine. 

R+Co's Oblivion Duo is smaller than the other shampoos and conditioners, Both are 6oz rather than 8oz like the rest of their line. The shampoo retails for $24 and the conditioner retails for about $25. These are worth the splurge for me and I and it to be a worthy investment, whether you just purchase the shampoo or both. You won't realize how clean your hair can actually get until you use this. Totally recommend this duo for the dry, frizzy and thin haired babes. 

Can be purchased at and Bluemercury stores as well as and