Highlighters Go Head to Head! Summer 2017 Glow

Written by @Twist.it.tea 


Shimmering Skin Perfector® Poured Crème Highlighter in Champagne Pop


Urban Decay

Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid in Sin

Becca retails for $38 in 0.19 oz at Sephora

Urban Decay retails for $28 in 0.21 oz at Sephora





Urban Decay’s Sin, and Becca’s Champagne Pop are both described as the natural and subtle highlight shade of their family.  Personally, I tend to lean more towards natural glows than a holographic look.  This is just a preference because I spend a lot of time in an office setting so I like to keep it low-key during office hours.  What’s important as well is being able to build with a natural highlight that will give me the drama for my afterhours fun.   I decided to run a little experiment with these two uber popular highlighters.  Based on their obvious differences in formula, Urban Decay being a liquid and Becca being a poured cream, I thought they were fair contenders.  But what really mattered to me in the conclusion of these highlighters was; are they easy to apply to a fresh face of makeup, longevity and if their pigment was right for a day to night, look.






What stood out to me the most about Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector was the poured cream.  I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t intimidated by this formula at first because of the unusual consistency.  I ended up loving the flawless application due to the formula. I use my finger tips to apply and a small stipple brush to buff it out.  At first I was generally worried that the cream texture wasn’t going to perform to my expectations of this being a “Holy Grail” item, because of the application process of using my finger tips as suggested. When I first started using this product my finger tips did a horrible job of applying the highlighter.  It got stuck dry spots, looked streaky and really scaly for some reason. As soon as I put the stipple brush to it, it buffed out to a sheer perfection. 

This is alovely, creamy, satin formula that applies nearly perfect on my cheekbones after a little love.  It doesn’t clog my pores or enhance any imperfections – it sits, stays and gives me a natural glow that I need throughout the day.

Applying Urban Decay’s Highlighting Fluid was …. Tricky.  This liquid highlight has a flat doe foot wand which awkward to apply.  The liquid is hard to blend with my finger tips and ended up shifting my face make up.  I have to dab the product on and not use too much, so at first it was a little time consuming to get this applied just right.  Although overall, the Urban Decay does give a beautiful glow when applied right.  It was hard to decide between the two given all of these factors but Becca won this round for me. 








I could conduct this portion of the experiment in my office but I don't think that would be a true test to the longevity of these products. I work in a showroom for the majority of the week, not facing many elements in regards to makeup staying put.  I started testing this highlighter out when I knew I needed to have a full face of makeup from afternoon to night aka a full day of running a, and most likely bar hopping.  The Urban Decay gave me the shimmer and shine for a good 10+ hours.  I didn’t feel that by the end of the night my makeup had dripped, or smudged off, it held on tight. It still looked beautiful, and dewy by the end of a full day of dancing and gallivanting around town. The Becca highlighter was a little disappointing. It’s a great base for day but it definitely needs to be reapplied throughout if you still want that initial glow that you get in the beginning. Becca is more on the low-key side while Urban Decay definitely gives you more of a sparkle and shine. 




All in all these are both great highlighters.  The only deciding factor I could come up with if I were faced to make a decision in the store would be to grab the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector based on the amount of product you get, the ability to build up a day-to night look and the ease of applying.  In all honestly for the price you pay and the amount of product you get in the Urban Decay Highlighting Fluid is a little disappointing.  It’s difficult to scrape out of the bottle and I felt that it ran out supppppper fast for only using a tiny amount of product a day.  The Becca hasn’t made a dent and I feel like I use more.  I also concluded that these two highlighters together are spectacular. For a day to night look I always use Becca and Urban Decay on top, it’s the perfect combo.