Find out what mask takes Kayla back to her childhood!

Written By Kayla M


If you ever allowed glue to dry on your hand & peel it off with excitement please raise your arm proudly in the air!

 Fast forward 20 years, to me getting my now adult hands on First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Purifying Mask. A couple of years ago I had a major skin problem and First Aid beauty was the brand that saved me from that moment forward I became a First Aid Beauty Ride or Die. On their website, the mask is said to “help purify skin, reduce the appearance of pores and control excess oil by drawing out skin purities.” In addition it claims to lessen the “congestive pigmentation from areas where pimples previously formed.”

Truthfully, I didn’t expect much from the mask but was pleasantly surprised. The texture is very thick and was a little difficult to work with the first time around but after 20 minutes of reminiscing about elementary school it was time for the fun to begin! This mask was beyond easy to peel and came off in large whole pieces- as someone who usually avoids peel mask because I hate how only a little piece here and there will cooperate and the rest is a struggle and literal pain I was amazed at how well the Red Clay peeled off. 

Once the mask was off I flashed back to how the top of my hand would feel so soft once the glue was gone and I am happy to say this mask had the same effect. I have used the mask about once a week for the past month now and although I do not see any visible improvement or even pore reduction I would recommend for its smoothing capabilities and fun factor.