The Missing Piece To My Skincare Puzzle

Written by Twist.It.Tea


I have finally found a product I cannot live without. The product that will forever have a home in my cabinet.  Lapis Balancing Facial Oil-  thank you and I love you. You do things for my skin that I didn’t even know was possible.  You are exceeding all my expectations for a facial oil, and I thought you had tough competition against my former flame, Prickly Pear.  All I wanted in “good facial oil” was, pore reducing, skin brightening, and firming, along with healing some damaged skin.  I didn’t consider seeing results in less than a week but I was soon convinced Lapis could be the missing piece to my skincare puzzle. 


This product was presented to me at an important time in my life as I’ve been struggling for a year and a half with my skin drastically changing.  And not only drastically changing but leaving behind evidence that turned into scarring and hyper pigmentation. I’ve never experienced skin issues in the past so these changes were very scary to me and I wasn’t very confident in reaching a solution.  On top of the visible markings left behind from painful acne, the redness never seemed to subside and the discoloration was becoming harder to cover up.  I changed my makeup routine and moved away from certain products and applicators.  That seemed to help for sure but the problem was still very much there and it wasn’t leaving anytime soon.  I was incredibly stressed out during this time, so my lifestyle wasn’t aiding in my skin’s rehabilitation but more so making it worse.  I was trapped in a vicious cycle and I decided to finally start listening to my skin and understand what triggers the breakouts and what I can do to avoid those.  One of the biggest triggers for me was dairy so I made the decision to eliminate it as much as I could from my diet.   for I admit I am still a work in progress because I love pizza and cheese boards obviously but the whole dairy ice cream thing had to go (coconut water based ice cream is so delicious ya’ll).



After finding the perfect “ingredients” for healing my skin, it was only about 2-3 months ago that I started noticing a big difference in appearance. I found hope in the Murad Vitamin C Kit.  The Essential C Cleanser and the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum made serious improvements on my targeted areas while eliminating my break outs all together.  I was warned about the serum because of its contents and possibilities of it effecting my liver if over used, but I was so ready to see some improvement I put my morals to the side.  Well luckily, at some point my skin had reached a plateau and improvements came to a halt. Luckily my skin wasn’t getting worse, it just wasn’t getting any better.  Then Lapis came into my life, with its 100% natural, pure plant oils and vegan manufacturing.  Not only did it cover all the basics I mentioned before but my skin turned into silk, my pores are nowhere to be found, the redness has dissolved and the hyper pigmentation that the (now evil) Murad Skin Lightening Serum didn't clear up, is almost nonexistent.

I’m extremely impressed with how well healed my scars are and the balancing of my natural oils.  A little goes a long way with this product (the cost is justified), so I use 4-5 drops at night and 2-3 before my makeup application in the morning.  It smells lovely and natural, it's my favorite pat of the process.  It replaces my moisturizer but takes 10-15 minutes to fully soak into my skin.   I love using it at night with my Dr. Jart’s Tiger Grass Cream to really combat the scarring and tiny imperfections.  Lapis Balancing Facial Oil helps reduce the amount of sebum your skin creates, so my combination/greasy skin has reacted great in terms of balancing the oils in my T zone.  I don’t wake up with a greasy face and my makeup application stays in place and perfect through out the whole day with little, to no greasy feeling.  I am so happy with Lapis, my skin texture has never been softer, brighter or firmer – I am finally able to wear no makeup without being severely embarrassed by my skin’s current state.  It feels so good to have control over my skin again, by using natural products with longevity that I truly believe in as opposed to a hazardous and chemical ridden ‘quick-fix’.