30 Tattoos For Total Makeup Junkies


Whether it is a product that already exists or lipstick tube you dreamed up, getting a tattoo shows how passionate you are about makeup -other than your level 10 contouring skills. It's perfect for a makeup artist or even if you're just a chronic swatcher at Sephora. Save all of these tattoos to your vision board to inspire your next tattoo!

Lipstick Galore

1. Let everyone know that lipstick rules your makeup bag.

2. #SoGoth

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3. A lippie that's a perfect gem

4. Trash polka style lipstick

5. Blooming kisses from this tattoo

Face Chart Magic + Painted Faces

6. Blank slate tattoo

7. Reflect on that glow

8. Lips + Lashes is a classic look on a unique tattoo

9. Best damn nose contour for a tattoo

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10. Half sleeve tattoo covered in all of your favorite things

Makeup BFF Tattoos

11. Not sisters by blood. Sisters by a love of lipstick

12. Because you bonded over swatching that palette at Sephora


13. Always be inspired by this powerful message

A Few More lippies, PLZ

14. Your makeup bag is jealous this lippie isn't  actually in it

15. Clutch my pearls, this is gorgeous! 

16. Some classic Hollywood flare!

17. Gems on gems on gems

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Kick Ass Feminist

18. Fists up!

19. Tell me what you want, what your really, really!

20. So good you won't be ignored

21. Roll up your sleeve and show this one off

22. Exist on your own terms! Fiercely!

23. Because you are the alpha

Beauty Brands Worth Tattooing 

24. Marked by the chosen one

Fan Art

25. Belle of the tattoo parlor

26. Tattoo K

Bat Those Lashes

27. So flirty

28. Because you love comic books and makeup

29. Is it me or is this tattoo... Halographic? HOW!!

30. And some inspo straight from Pepper!


30 wasn't enough? Didn't think so! Check even more makeup inspired tattoos on our Pinterest board!

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