Vegetarian / Vegan Chili Unmeasured Recipes by Pepper .B


Recently juicing has become a huge part of my everyday life. This is not in an attempt to lose weight but more so about treating my body good. Along with my juice post I also share some of the food that I cook. I follow a pescatarian diet, on the days I don’t eat fish I don’t eat any meat at all. Although I do love a few vegan recipes I am not a vegan because I can’t give up cheese. I am not a chef at all however I do have a hidden love for cooking. I’ve been asked to share some of my juices and dishes!

I call my recipes the “Unmeasured Recipes” because I don’t measure anything when I cook except for baking or rice. I remember growing up my mom would beg me to sit in the kitchen and watch her cook in order to pick up a few skills. At that time cooking had none of my interest at all. My mom was one of the best in the kitchen. People would pay her during holidays or special occasions to make her infamous cheese cake. Until this very day I pray that her cheesecake recipe comes to me in a dream.

When looking for recipes online I find even with the suggested amount of seasoning some of the dishes still lack flavor. What scout online :

What was used / Ingredients ?

I love an overall shopping list for recipes its easier to filter through what I have.

What order it was prepared in:

I normally look for simple steps because I will always put my own spin on things based on what I have or my personal food restrictions.

How long cooking time should be. ( most of the time I don’t follow that rule either lol )

I normally slow down my cooking process rushed food isn’t always the most savory.

Vegetarian/ vegan Chili


Shopping List:

3 Garlic Cloves 

Chilli Powder , Paprika , Cumin ,Pink Sea Salt  

White onion Green onions 

Bell Peppers

Black Beans , Kidney Beans , Pinto Beans


Soy aminos 

Tomato Paste 

Diced Tomatoes 

Veggie Broth



Simple Notes

  • Before starting chop all of your veggies and herbs it makes the process faster.

  • Using oil of your choice ( I used avocado oil ) lightly brown onions ( white onion ) and garlic I use both fresh garlic and minced garlic.

  • Mix in Bell Peppers & Green Onions.

  • Add in tomato paste and stir ( the texture will be a little thick )

  • Add Oregano followed by Cumin, Chili Powder & Smoked Paprika.

  • Add in all of your beans followed by your corn.

  • Stir in diced tomatoes

  • Add in veggie stock

  • regular soy or soy aminos ( here’s the one I use )

  • stir & cook

  • Some prefer to cook it on medium for 25 minutes I prefer mine a little low with a cook time of 45-50 minutes.

  • Ready to eat Add Avocado chucks to the top, The only thing that makes this dish non - vegan is I add cheese at on top when i’m done.

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Thoughts on Womanhood on International Women's Day 2018


Happy International Women’s Day! is dedicated to showcasing women's creativity and entrepreneurship. Each interview on has been of women. See them here ⇀

International Women's Day.jpg

Growing up woman is not always princesses + glitter. It is constantly being told you aren’t enough. We are taught to accept blame for things that are out of our control so that they don’t ever have to understand they’re actions. We’ve been taught to look at other women as competition, catty, and bitchy. But that was because they knew of our power. They feared what we were capable of if we stood together.

Keep fighting. Keep growing. 

International Women's Day 2018-1.jpg

I used to hate when people would compare women to flowers and gardens because I saw them as fragile, delicate, and only appropriated for their beauty. I have never seen myself as either and it took me long time to see myself as beautiful. I thought flowers were just beautiful. But it takes a will to survive for a flower to blossom. Even when you rip a petal, the flower does not die. Just like women. We have the courage to survive. And, yes, we are all beautiful. But you’d never know what we went through to keep our heads high.

 Document your experiences. Even if you never tell anyone or if you tell everyone. Our stories are worth writing, sharing, and hearing. If it’s as simple as your Instagram account. Don’t ever let someone shade your selfie game. They’re just mad that they haven’t figured out their own angles yet.

International Women's Day 2018-2.jpg

Learn your history. Learn about the women who fought and died for the lives we can have. Remember that they weren’t given anything. They grabbed it. They took it.

Know that it is now our turn to stand for our future. 

 I think women cherish their childhoods because it is so short. When our bodies begin to change, we are given a different standard of character than men. From then on, we are taught how to move in their world. It’s confusing to still be a child when your body can make one. “Remember yourself as a little girl, she’s counting on you to protect her.” It’s a quote that I always find myself coming back to. It helps me move forward when I feel stuck. 

International Women's Day 2018-4.jpg

Build to your sisters

Peace of Mind Over A Piece of Paycheck: My Piece of Peace:

Written by Pepper.B 


My name is Pepper. B and I am the creator of this site you’ve stumbled upon. If you’ve been here before welcome back. I like to mention my disclaimer: I am not a therapist and I am not here to tell you what to do with your life. I am reluctant enough to have experience in various things at my age. I use Pepper Notes as an outlet to voice my views and opinions on various topic inside and outside of beauty. As well as share some of my life;  

I woke up one day and realized that life was actually really happening.  People around me were having children and getting married and some people were losing loved ones.  SHIT LIFE IS REALLY HAPPENING. The moments that I thought about as child that seemed so far away I was actually living. My Life took a drastic change starting the beginning of 2014. I lost my mom I was living in Brooklyn, New York with no other family in my state to call on. I had my childhood best friend sleeping on my couch for about an entire month which she was okay with because I was so heart broken I just didn’t want to be alone. After taking a break from work in order to reset my life which is what it felt like. Giving myself grieving time and time to just figure things out. Bills returned and living in New York, Bills don’t pay themselves. During this period of time I was working a job as an executive in the beauty industry.  

I hit the pavement hard getting back into the work life. After spending a year of intense traveling for work with a job that was no longer bringing me happiness. I decided to make some changes. To be honest at this point I should’ve left my job and maybe done something different in my industry or just work with another company. Everything has an expiration and sometimes when we doubt ourselves we make matters worse. I was working with this company for close to 6 years at this point.  I decide to switch divisions and honestly this was worse. Initially I thought this would work out amazing. I was living in a different area right outside of New York. I was more local, less travel so I can focus on my personal business on the side as well as home. I ended up in a situation that was bigger then me. I hear people talk about being overwhelmed with work and how it plays a part on your overall life but I couldn’t relate so I didn’t get it.  Until this moment. 

From the outside looking in it appeared that I was working “The DREAM job” as people would say.  We all love the perks and a paycheck but none of this matters if you don’t “fall asleep every night feeling fulfilled” Outside influences such as family, friends and social media train us to hold on to things that don’t make us happy in order to impress other people that aren’t happy. At this point I was working beyond my expiration date. I was reporting to someone who was under qualified and extremely confrontational.  Besides that I couldn’t shut work off. I would receive emails all times of the night. Calls on my off days. Fight to breathe because I was spread way to thin. The expectations were way to high for the amount of compensation. If this is how you choose to live your life this article isn't set out to offend you. However when you wake up and realize again. LIFE IS REALLY HAPPENING! You aren’t living out your fullest potential and living a normal life things are passing you by you put life into perspective. No! A normal life doesn't mean being mediocre. This is your life. Your normal life should consist of YOU being able to do things that make YOU happy!  

After dealing with these issues in my new division for a few months I started to develop anxiety. I never had anxiety let alone panic attacks. I was so overwhelmed with the work load I had. I couldn’t even get in the door from work and have dinner with my boyfriend without my work phone going off.  Just because you are salary doesn’t mean you owe someone your life.  I put on so much weight because of my sleeping and eating habits. Getting home really late, eating really late and lack of sleep. I was angry at everyone. I would practically have to throw myself out of bed in the morning. My eyes were strained and bloodshot. I worked in the beauty industry. I didn't even want to put makeup on.  This one thing was affecting my whole entire life. My health, friendship, relationships and most importantly the quality of MY life. 

 I think the most valuable advice I received was in my favorite crystal shop in union square. Which I frequently visit because mediation and healing crystals play a big part of my everyday life. I went to buy some new crystals and items to set my area for meditation because I even stop mediating. I asked someone at the crystal shop “ What can I use to help improve career and issues in my work environment ?”  After chatting with him for a while he said to be honest there is no crystal or meditation that can fix this. Some obstacles will push you to break you or toughen you to make the steps for your next chapter that will put you closer to happiness. I went home to meditate and after I had to reset myself thinking. Redirect my energy… There are certain things that are out of your control that you can’t change and that’s okay. Focus on what you can change.  Your boss is a jerk and discriminates you that you can’t change, However changing your environment you can. 

I used every fiber in my body to take all of my energy and transfer the anger I was harboring from this situation and used it as my fuel to switch my situation. I detached myself from little things that were material that didn’t matter more then my happiness. Detached myself from job perks that didn't matter more then my life perks. When you put your energy into the right places the universe will open doors for you. This won’t happen when you're focusing on the negative aspects of situations. When you are focused on how amazing you are and how powerful you are you received things that are of value. Scaling back in some area’s and weighing what's more important. Is an extra headache or extra happiness more important? All of the perks don't matter if you aren't happy enough to utilize them. 

One thing I learned is that in this world there is so much out there. There is ALWAYS something better. You just have to pay attention. What will really improve your overall lifestyle?  Money is not always more.  Sometimes taking a small pay cut for a less straining job will put you in a position to attract more in your private life. This wasn't the case for me lol. I let go of titles, I find some people keep positions that make them unhappy just for bragging rights. If you can't take that same title and make your heart fell warm at night you are hold on to the wrong things. 

Now as I look at my old self and eliminating that one part of my life improved everything so much and I laugh because I should've done it sooner. Only you will know when enough is enough and your ready to give yourself a piece of mind. 



Thanks for reading a piece of my peace. Good Luck! 


Feel free to post a note in the comments xo 

Dear, Ms I Don't Wear That Much Make-up! ( Is Make-up shaming a thing ?)

Written By Pepper.B

Disclamer if youre looking to learn something from this article you won't! Pepper Notes is my column to do several things, educate, life talks and Rant!



[Scenario 1]:

Primping and making myself up isn't one of my favorite things to do in the morning. I prefer extra sleep! However when it happens it's something that makes me feel good. I am writing this post for the girl on the train to whom I was sitting next to while she was being embarrassed 8:00 am on the path train. As I'm dosing off I look to my right and see a women doing her make-up discreetly. Across from her there are two women, I should probably say girls.  Laughing at her because she's doing her make-up on the train. Mocking her motions. This isn't the first time I witnessed this and it's ANNOYING! Maybe seeing this doesn't bother me because I am infatuated with seeing women apply make-up. I also think a little deeper into the situation. This could be a single mom who doesn't have time at home or she's a girl boss who wants those extra minutes of sleep to regroup. 

I am that girl who does a full face of make-up on plane lands and goes straight to work. So I totally understand wanting those extra minutes!!

[Scenario 2]:

Why do men have an opinion on how much make-up women wear? If you have so much commentary on beauty please become a make-up artist it is a very lucrative business. Sitting at the bar in lower Manhattan, ease dropping on two men chating as they are on social media looking at girls photos talking about make-up! Are you kidding me ?!? lol This isn't the masculine thing to do. As I'm listening to the chat they mention taking a girl swimming on the first date and give each other a high five. 

I'm Sorry, What? Are there not products now that waterproof make-up! Men have make-up all figured out. I guess. I can understand preferring a girl that wears less make-up. Let women be who they are.  I'm sure you will be super enthusiastic about the girl who arrives to a date with  hair unbrushed and no make-up ( I'm being super sarcastic ) I would love to go to a pool on the first date with a full face of make-up just to prove the 35 dollars I spent on setting spray is worth every penny! I personally prefer my version of a natural look which still requires a ton of steps and I love every moment of it. This won't be dictated by someone who doesn't understand how a good make-up bag is an investment.

* Cash Register Noise Here*


[Scenario 3]: Ms I don't wear that much make-up. 

I work in the beauty industry in all aspects. Apart of my job requires me to be in different locations around the northeast doing make-up in-store. One thing that I find that is universal in every state is the HATER FRIEND. The friend who goes make-up shopping solely to discourage her friend not to buy make-up and brag about how much make-up she doesn't wear! 

As two women approach me:

Friend: " I don't wear that much make-up everyday all I wear is Concealer, Bronzer, Blushes, Brows and lipgloss.! 

I don't know call me crazy but the last time I checked that is almost a full make-up routine. You wear natural make-up it's okay. No one is going to give you an award for being the friend who does a no make-up look. If polished make-up allows your friend to feel good support her. This is also the friend who is the side commentator while her friend is getting her make-up done and has a comment for every color you attempt to use. In this moment I often feel like the friend should go AWAY lol. Don't take advice from the friend who is ashamed of her routine.


This also shouldn't be taken the wrong way! I love natural face, I love dramatic make-up, I love women who aren't as skilled and attempt to learn to make make-up work for them.  Imagine if all the make-up junkies bashed women who don't wear make-up? Which shouldn't happen either. You be offended. It's more about owning who you are and what you like. Most importantly not bashing people who have a preference that is different from you.  To the girl on the path train who did her make-up the entire ride, I hope you have the mission and purpose that I do when I'm on go doing things that align with my lifestyle. You looked BEAUTIFUL! 




My Industry is Oversaturated How do I Keep Myself On Track ?

Written By Pepper. B 

Big Dreams

If you've made your way to this post, I'd first like to start with a small disclaimer. I am not a life coach and I don't have all the answers. However  what I can offer you is my experience. Trial and error has opened my eyes and hopefully this will help you on your journey. Good Luck! 


We are in the of age DIY! DO IT YOURSELF. Which is amazing there are so many local businesses being curated in a backyard or kitchen close to home.  Many people are leaping out on faith and pursuing endeavors that make them happy. The question is can you blame them? The quest for freedom for some consists of earning income on there own terms. There are so many resources available to help you jump start your own business. DON'T be surprised if you aren't the only one in your field. Shit! you just may find 100 people you know In your field! but Truthfully That Doesn't Matter! I am in the beauty industry which is an industry that is so oversaturated. That's okay. Why I started and my passion for what I do is what actually keeps me going. Being completely honest I driven myself crazy several times trying to figure out how to keep myself focus in a mixed industry.  What I mean when I refer to the industry being mixed is the mixture of people who don't have the passion but may just want the glitz and glory VS. The ones that live and breathe it.  Here are 4 things that I live by that allow me to keep my high beams on with my tunnel vision clear. I keep these 4 things in mind every single day.


Find Your Niche':

"If everybody is doing it one way, there's a good chance you can find your niche by going exactly in the opposite direction."

Finding your niche allows you to streamline your focus and avoid being overwhelmed. Example: Your client is getting married you are responsible for providing your client with make-up, hair and photography of the entire event. You are super talented so I am quite sure you can master this however why would you want too? Its better to over preform one task then have mediocre performance with all task because you are overwhelmed. Set your self up for success by focusing on the thing you do best! 



Do Your Own Research:

"There is no substitute for face-to-face reporting and research."

Do your own research, It is okay to be initially directed in the right direction when it comes to solidifying business ideas. This discussion may take place with a mentor or close peers. I say when taking advice do your own research after. There are millions of resources available when wanting to find information. You never know the intention behind the advice that you are being given.  Ultimately these are your dreams and aspirations you do the leg work. If this requires studying your own field or even taking a small class in your field DO IT YOURSELF. 


Don't Compare Yourself :


 "Women are so unforgiving of themselves. We don't recognize our own beauty because we're too busy comparing ourselves to other people." Kelly Osbourne

I always feel clueless during group discussions with peers when they mention post about other people in my field. Its not that Im not interested and the content of others isn't interesting. I just don't have the desire to get wrapped up in someone else's method. So it is very seldom I follow people who work in the same industry as I do. When you are growing and building yourself it is so easy to look at what you are not doing based off of what some else is doing.


 I have narrowed my network to relationships that are based on equally inspiration. We inspire each other to be better without words.

Not have an ego match. 


Humble Yourself:

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

Find your balance between confidence and humbleness. I've personally witnessed arrogance set people back. Get off your high horse you may be amazing at what you do, However I want you to know that everyone is replaceable.  One way I keep myself grounded is fully acknowledging the fact that at any given moment someone who is willing to work 10 times harder and is more motivated can come along and take my spot! With that being said I have been able to cultivate so many relationship that have improved my day-to-day life because I am humble and mindful; 





This was short sweet and straight to the point! Screenshot this if you need a daily reminder. XO 










IT'S 2017 What's Next: Pepper.B

January 1st 2017: Notes From Pepper.B 

Toast to bringing in the NEW YEAR with a bang! I don't know maybe its just me but 2016 was epic for me. My entire year wasn't Rainbows and Roses however I GREW! This year was MY YEAR! The top of 2016 I had a self reflection moment. Nearly quitting something I loved whole heartily because I was in a rut and tired of the over saturation of the industry. I decided to put my all into rebranding my entire business. Which is honestly probably one of the hardest things for me to do! I grew attached to my older blog/website and grew comfortable with routine. You can't get to new places taking the same route. So I left behind my blog o 7 years worth of content in order to start fresh! give it my all or QUIT!! So I decided to give it my all. In just 11 months after relaunching and rebranding with the intention to rebuild a solid foundation. I had the opportunity of being featured in Self Magazine, B.E.T hip honors Make-up, Several beauty spreads with Artsy Magazine, New Brand Video, Launching my Brand Shop and Officially Branding My Business and the list goes on 

I want you to know I didn't mention my highlights to toot my own horn but more to say this to you. New Years Resolutions sound super cliche' I know...However if a resolution is whats needed in order to give you the ammo to make change DO IT. There is no expiration date on self improvement. Be the change you want to see! I am walking into 2017 putting less pressure on myself because at times I've been my worse enemy. Come on now "Putting less pressure" on myself doesn't mean slowing down my drive. This means staying focused and prepared, putting love for what I do out into to the universe and letting the love return. Don't  be afraid to write down what you want! Vision boards are the blueprint to your success story. Don't get caught up in deadlines allow things to happen as they should. This has been my greatest gain over the past two years is not getting myself worked up when something doesn't happen the exact way by the exact date I wanted. If I can count on my hands the amount of times something didn't happen the way I wanted but happened later on and worked out better because I was more prepared and wiser I would be rich. I think my hidden motto for 2017 is "STAY FOCUS & STAY READY" 

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to visit my website on a day to day basis. I appreciate you for being a supporter.  New visiters stick around Im just getting warmed up.  Last but not least I noticed a lot of people who have been around my entire journey! thank you for watching my evolution theres more to come!


Lets Kill 2017 

XO Pepper B









My Story: By Pepper.B

I want to start off by first welcoming you to my website, If you've come for the first time to read a little more about who I am I encourage you to browse the entire site before you leave. There will be something here at some point that will interest you. Furthermore My name is Pepper.B and I am NYC based Make-up artist and Journalist. 

I treat both being a Make-up artist & Journalist with the same regard because I am extremely passionate about both things and often can't decide which makes me happier. I'm one who has to the tell the story after I create it. I probably should've been a director lol.  I developed a passion for beauty at a very young age watching my late mom get ready in our small one bedroom apartment in Downtown, Brooklyn. Hints the social media handle @Downtownpepper. I would steal my moms make-up bag and attempt to recreate looks she did. I honestly never thought this is something I would turn into my adulthood career. When I was 18 I created a beauty blog called "COMPINC Beauty" There I had a youtube channel where I built some of my following.  My mission was to work relentlessly until I created a name. I've now worked with some of the most fascinated people on the biggest media platforms. 

Recently I let go of my blog of 6 years to rebrand my business. No matter how long you've been around you always deserve to start fresh. On my website I feature different Women who are talented leaders and trendsetters. My interviews break down things they like and how they have jumpstarted the business they own in a unique way. I also have a tab of product reviews that reverts back to my blogs original aesthetic by doing classic written product reviews with ratings. I have 4 amazing writers who help me in building this tab by providing the most current ratings and reviews.    

I'm pretty simple. I only do things that make my heart happy and I love to work hard around good people. I find the more good things you give to the universe the more you attract back and thats how I live life. I am a Leo born on August 2nd and I am a leader at heart. I have a passion for people and bringing out the best in them which is why I love doing make-up. Contributing to someone feeling good about themselves and boosting self esteem is the reward for me. It's never been about doing make-up for big names or big people more so about making people feel big even when they feel small. I've created this tab because I have a voice and I want to utilize my platform to inspire others so this is just the introduction to me story. Stay a while and get to know a little more. Xo Pepper.B