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Dear, Ms I Don't Wear That Much Make-up! ( Is Make-up shaming a thing ?)

Written By Pepper.B

Disclamer if youre looking to learn something from this article you won't! Pepper Notes is my column to do several things, educate, life talks and Rant!



[Scenario 1]:

Primping and making myself up isn't one of my favorite things to do in the morning. I prefer extra sleep! However when it happens it's something that makes me feel good. I am writing this post for the girl on the train to whom I was sitting next to while she was being embarrassed 8:00 am on the path train. As I'm dosing off I look to my right and see a women doing her make-up discreetly. Across from her there are two women, I should probably say girls.  Laughing at her because she's doing her make-up on the train. Mocking her motions. This isn't the first time I witnessed this and it's ANNOYING! Maybe seeing this doesn't bother me because I am infatuated with seeing women apply make-up. I also think a little deeper into the situation. This could be a single mom who doesn't have time at home or she's a girl boss who wants those extra minutes of sleep to regroup. 

I am that girl who does a full face of make-up on plane lands and goes straight to work. So I totally understand wanting those extra minutes!!

[Scenario 2]:

Why do men have an opinion on how much make-up women wear? If you have so much commentary on beauty please become a make-up artist it is a very lucrative business. Sitting at the bar in lower Manhattan, ease dropping on two men chating as they are on social media looking at girls photos talking about make-up! Are you kidding me ?!? lol This isn't the masculine thing to do. As I'm listening to the chat they mention taking a girl swimming on the first date and give each other a high five. 

I'm Sorry, What? Are there not products now that waterproof make-up! Men have make-up all figured out. I guess. I can understand preferring a girl that wears less make-up. Let women be who they are.  I'm sure you will be super enthusiastic about the girl who arrives to a date with  hair unbrushed and no make-up ( I'm being super sarcastic ) I would love to go to a pool on the first date with a full face of make-up just to prove the 35 dollars I spent on setting spray is worth every penny! I personally prefer my version of a natural look which still requires a ton of steps and I love every moment of it. This won't be dictated by someone who doesn't understand how a good make-up bag is an investment.

* Cash Register Noise Here*


[Scenario 3]: Ms I don't wear that much make-up. 

I work in the beauty industry in all aspects. Apart of my job requires me to be in different locations around the northeast doing make-up in-store. One thing that I find that is universal in every state is the HATER FRIEND. The friend who goes make-up shopping solely to discourage her friend not to buy make-up and brag about how much make-up she doesn't wear! 

As two women approach me:

Friend: " I don't wear that much make-up everyday all I wear is Concealer, Bronzer, Blushes, Brows and lipgloss.! 

I don't know call me crazy but the last time I checked that is almost a full make-up routine. You wear natural make-up it's okay. No one is going to give you an award for being the friend who does a no make-up look. If polished make-up allows your friend to feel good support her. This is also the friend who is the side commentator while her friend is getting her make-up done and has a comment for every color you attempt to use. In this moment I often feel like the friend should go AWAY lol. Don't take advice from the friend who is ashamed of her routine.


This also shouldn't be taken the wrong way! I love natural face, I love dramatic make-up, I love women who aren't as skilled and attempt to learn to make make-up work for them.  Imagine if all the make-up junkies bashed women who don't wear make-up? Which shouldn't happen either. You be offended. It's more about owning who you are and what you like. Most importantly not bashing people who have a preference that is different from you.  To the girl on the path train who did her make-up the entire ride, I hope you have the mission and purpose that I do when I'm on go doing things that align with my lifestyle. You looked BEAUTIFUL! 




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