Who is Pepper.B

My Story: By Pepper.B

I want to start off by first welcoming you to my website, If you've come for the first time to read a little more about who I am I encourage you to browse the entire site before you leave. There will be something here at some point that will interest you. Furthermore My name is Pepper.B and I am NYC based Make-up artist and Journalist. 

I treat both being a Make-up artist & Journalist with the same regard because I am extremely passionate about both things and often can't decide which makes me happier. I'm one who has to the tell the story after I create it. I probably should've been a director lol.  I developed a passion for beauty at a very young age watching my late mom get ready in our small one bedroom apartment in Downtown, Brooklyn. Hints the social media handle @Downtownpepper. I would steal my moms make-up bag and attempt to recreate looks she did. I honestly never thought this is something I would turn into my adulthood career. When I was 18 I created a beauty blog called "COMPINC Beauty" There I had a youtube channel where I built some of my following.  My mission was to work relentlessly until I created a name. I've now worked with some of the most fascinated people on the biggest media platforms. 

Recently I let go of my blog of 6 years to rebrand my business. No matter how long you've been around you always deserve to start fresh. On my website I feature different Women who are talented leaders and trendsetters. My interviews break down things they like and how they have jumpstarted the business they own in a unique way. I also have a tab of product reviews that reverts back to my blogs original aesthetic by doing classic written product reviews with ratings. I have 4 amazing writers who help me in building this tab by providing the most current ratings and reviews.    

I'm pretty simple. I only do things that make my heart happy and I love to work hard around good people. I find the more good things you give to the universe the more you attract back and thats how I live life. I am a Leo born on August 2nd and I am a leader at heart. I have a passion for people and bringing out the best in them which is why I love doing make-up. Contributing to someone feeling good about themselves and boosting self esteem is the reward for me. It's never been about doing make-up for big names or big people more so about making people feel big even when they feel small. I've created this tab because I have a voice and I want to utilize my platform to inspire others so this is just the introduction to me story. Stay a while and get to know a little more. Xo Pepper.B


Did you get a chance to check out Pepper.B in Self Magazine ?

Amongst many great social media pros such as Jaclyn Hill. Pepper shares her beauty tips that are crucial for every beauty lover. Check out this  amazing read by Jessica Cruel Senior Editor of Self Magazine Digital.

When you’re constantly testing out the newest liquid lipsticks and waterproof mascaras, you’ve got to know the best makeup removal techniques. The Instagram pros rely on a double cleansing method. "Bass uses vitamin E oil from Trader Joe’s to remove stubborn eye makeup. Then, she cleanses with makeup wipes."

A dry, cracked pout  will ruin your perfect lip look before you can even apply product. The pros incorporate a weekly lib scrub into their skincare routine. The exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells that can make your lip lacquer look uneven. “I mix brown sugar and honey in small jar and that gets rid of the dead skin,” says Bass."

'"The same contouring routine doesn’t work for everyone. Women who are fair-to-medium shades don’t have to use cream to contour,” says Bass.'