Laying the LAW One Vegan Polish at a Time with Tanisha Lawrence

Tanisha Lawrence Creator of Law Beauty Essentials 

Tanisha Lawrence Creator of Law Beauty Essentials 

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My name is Tanisha Lawrence. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, also of Jamaican decent. I started my company approximately 3 years ago; LAW Beauty Essentials. My company is based Brooklyn NYC. Before I started my own company I've always landed great jobs with Fortune 500 companies. I would always do my very best in all roles and positions, however I was never completely satisfied. I knew if I dedicated the same hard work and energy into something of my own I would be happier. I began thinking what kind of business could I open. I've always been obsessed with nail polish, and although in the beginning it was just a thought, I started researching what it would take to own my own polish line. After countless emails and phone calls I finally found my manufacturer and opened my own line of nail polish. I would like to describe Law beauty essentials as a contemporary line of nail polish. Stylish, informative, and personable. A feel good brand. I've always used nail polish as a vessel to express my self and I wanted to do the same for others. 

How did you start curating nail polish ? I started curating nail polish after convincing myself it is possible. The more I started researching owning my own line, the more I started learning about all the different possibilities. My world began revolving around this idea. From finding the manufacturer, discussing colors with the chemist, choosing my bottles, caps and brush, with every new person I spoke to I asked for a referral to take me to the next step. Before I knew it I had everything in place. 

What is your personal highlight owning Law Beauty Essentials ? 

My own personal highlight of owning LAW Beauty Essentials is seeing others speak highly of my business. Sometimes when I am doubtful within myself, I remember someone once told me, “I only wear LAWS top coat, and when I forget to bring it to the salon I’m very upset” those personal/real endorsements keeps me going. 


What is the most challenging part about owning a small business ? 

I believe the most challenging part of owning a small business is that you you need to be well rounded. You have to oversee all aspects of your business. It’s a lot to learn and it takes time. Understanding your taxes, your profits and lost, knowing your target audience, getting in touch with them, remaining consistent. All of these things and much more is what drives your business and if overseen correctly, makes you successful. 

Where do you see law beauty essentials in 1 year ? 5 years ? 

In one year, I see LAW with a larger clientele, more colors added and in more boutiques, spas. In five years I see LAW Beauty Essentials in more states, larger chain/department stores. I would also like to reach customers internationally. 

Who is your muse ? Solange. She has a style so unique. I love how endearing she is with her clothing and hair styles. I think it makes safe to say it even influences the icon Beyoncé. 

Who is your favorite Manicurist ? Right now I do not have a favorite manicurist because I’ve been visiting several salons trying to find one fit for me. 


Do you have any advice on nail care ?

My advice on nail care would be to get them done minimum every 2 weeks professionally if you don’t do them yourself. Currently I’m using acrylic and I make sure they are filled every 2 weeks and I usually take take them off completely every two months. The removal process is a pain but when not taken off incorrectly it can cause major damage to your nails which you do not want. 


What is your favorite nail salon and why ? My favorite salons are black owned salons. They are very welcoming to my brand. They, much like myself, understand the competition is great and customer service will will over the client.

What is your favorite nail style ? My favorite nail style is coffin shape and negative space designs. I love the illusions on the nails. It’s chic and edgy yet minimal and simple.

What's the last album you listened to in its entirety ? Last album I listened to entirely would be Kendrick Lamar DAMN


If you had any other career what would it be ? Any other career would be party planning! But lucky for me as a small business owner, while trying to save, I plan my own parties so I get a little bit of both worlds. 


What is your go to manicure color & why ? 

Go to manicure color is pink. It’s not “seasonal” you can wear it anytime. 

What’s your skin regime like, Whats your favorite skincare line? 

For the past 4 years I’ve been using the 3 step process by Clinique. I find when taking care of your skin you have to find what works for you over time. I like the face they have different options for different skin types. Sometimes my body goes through phases so I like I can switch it up within the same brand. 

I use the soap, then the toner, then the moisturizer. Very easy and simple. When things happens, such and random breakouts it discoloration, I use different serums after the moisturizer. 

What are 5 products in your make-up bag: 

Q-tips Nail polish Oil blotters Mirror Bacticin 

If you could leave a message for women behind what would it be ? "If I could leave a message behind for women it would be to own who you are unapologetically. I’m still working on that but if I was able to master that at 100% I would be in a different place. "