The Scrub That Polishes My Past

Written by Twist_It_Tea

Photo by Taylor Adami

Photo by Taylor Adami

When I’m stressed, it’s literally written across my face.  I see the isolated blemishes on my cheeks as the previous week’s battle wounds.  I don’t stress that often, so when I do get a few blemishes popping up I swear I can almost pinpoint them to the exact reason why.  Instead of recounting my stressful moments, I’ve been recounting all that I’m grateful for, which definitely includes Cane + Austin Retexture Scrub.  As advertised it has 10% Glycolic Acid, which helps with removing dead skin cells and the reducing inflammation.  It also has 0.5% Salicylic Acid to help prevent new acne and removes black and white heads. I personally love how well rounded this product is and that I can depend on it to not only prevent more blemishes, to clear up current ones, but also reduce the hyper pigmentation that lingers like the ghosts of my stressful past. This scrub polishes my past clean and turns my face into a fresh canvas.  I use this product sparingly in the colder season, meaning less than 10 times a month and my skin is still noticeably softer and brighter.  My pores have gone down in size and I am keeping my blemishes under control while helping with the discoloration.


Cane + Austin also created a lovely and easy to use formula, if you read the directions.  There were far too many reviews mentioning this product as a face wash and it led me to believe that they had no idea how to properly use the scrub.  I have made the mistake of applying the formula to a wet face and realized how lack luster the results were. I apply the milky and grainy gel formula on a dry face/body, and massage the exfoliants into my skin and then I let it sit for 5-10 minutes.  I like the light scent of citrus and the tingly feeling I get when I know it’s time to rinse it off.  There are so many tiny exfoliants that it get’s hard to rinse it all completely from your face but the end result is totally worth the extra effort. My skin is so smooth and feels crispy clean and refreshed. The chemical peel gives it the perfect boost to really shake off the old to make room for the new.  The natural glow is beaming when I wake up the next morning. You would think the opposite but my skin feels and looks nourished. A little extra moisturizer never hurt anyone, espeically if you have dry skin.


Every day I am making the effort to be content with my flaws (and repeat the above mantra) and each day is a new lesson and challenge. I love being able to rely on Cane + Austin’s Retexture Scrub to give me the extra confidence when I’m having a bad skin week (or month).  When I see my skin flare up, I know it's time to slow it down and become centered again - self care helps in that department.