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How To Glow Like A Real Life Snapchat Filter

Taylor Adami

Written by @Twist.It.Tea

I love the face filters and flower headbands just as much as the next girl, but I know I’m not the only one who has wished their makeup was as flawless in real life as it it behind a cute sparkly filter.  Well, luckily I’ve unlocked the secrets, and I'm willing to share with you all today the easy steps to recreating flawless skin.  I found that this step may be the most important. and It starts with, WHEN Glamour Base Sheet Mask. This sheet mask is made from coconut and a bio cellulose fiber, which is very different than a paper sheet mask made from wood or cotton. Bio cellulose fibers have an incredible ability to hold and absorb moisture, making it a perfect component for a face mask made for skin firming, nourishment and hydration. 

WHEN Glamour Base
Courtesy of WHEN Beauty

Courtesy of WHEN Beauty

When I opened the sheet mask it came sandwiched in between two paper-like masks and at first touch, had a latex feel and I was a little turned off.  I was surprised it smelled like citrus when I first put the mask on, because I read it was made from coconut (I got my hopes up to say that least).  But it was lovely, refreshing and not over powering. I left the mask on for the recommended 30 minutes, and it definitely had a suction feeling upon removal.  I also noticed while I was wearing the mask it felt like the sheet was clinging to my skin, which is all thanks to the super hydration (FACT: bio cellulose masks hold 10 times more moisture than a paper mask thanks to its nano sized fibers) that helped open up my pores to sink in all the good stuff, like ginseng extracts to help with the glow, and adenosine, hydrolyzed collagen and peptides to maximize skin elasticity.  I’m always weary of using a face mask before my makeup application because I’m never sure how the serum is going to sink into my skin or if it’s going to leave a sticky mess behind.  Luckily this sheet mask is made for a makeup prep and it fully absorbed into my skin within 10 minutes.  The serum is supposed to increase collagen production, and make my skin look more firm and smooth, which I can sincerely say is true. 

Photo by Taylor Adami 

Photo by Taylor Adami 

Step two is Becca Velvet Blurring Primer, and this stuff is looking like the golden ticket in order to be a real life, walking, talking Snapchat filter.  This primer is going to brighten your complexion, and blur your pores to give you an airbrushed finish.  It’s perfect for my oily/combo skin because it goes from liquid to powder right before my eyes (I'm convinced it's magic).  I apply this after my moisturizer has set in *completely*, or else you’ll get little dried up pilling of lotion when you try to apply the primer.  The formula is a gorgeous light shade of pink that comes out rather aggressively, so be careful.  I don't want to over complicate things, so I will tell you that Sephora said it best, “the formula is infused with pore-blurring powders that float over your skin to diffuse light for a velvety smooth, soft focus finish”, which also helps control oil (huge plus).  I was truly amazed when I applied this over my face, because I was not expecting such a luxe feeling.  It kept my skin hydrated due to the sodium hyaluronate, and brightened up my skin which gave me the confidence to wear this alone on my face because it made such a difference (it also provides slight color correction).  A primer that blurs imperfections and keeps my skin oil free all day is sure to be a keeper, but the fact that it does ALL of that and keeps my makeup in place all day is a home run. 

Photo by Taylor Adami

Photo by Taylor Adami

The grand finale is Too Faced Peach Blur Translucent Powder.  I can’t say enough good things about this product, but I can start with the fact that it has opal-correcting spheres that work to smooth out harsh lines and blur imperfections to give you that near perfect skin filter. The packaging is adorable, and the pressed powder smells AMAZING (like peaches and sweet fig cream to get specific), and you don’t need a lot to get your desired filter. It really looks like there’s no powder on your brush but when you swipe your face, it looks amazing.  I use my Guerlain brushes and although they are a little rough, they pick up the perfect amount of powder.

Photo by Taylor Adami

Photo by Taylor Adami

The formula makes my face buttery smooth, while simultaneously controlling my oil.  This is the last and final step on How To Become A Real Life Snapchat Filter, I even apply over my setting spray because I love the lit from within vibe it gives me.  I feel so pretty with this on! 

Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick ... Friend or Faux?

Written by @Twist.It.Tea

Too Faced Melted Latex

First and fore most, the “latex” part in this products name should not be taken lightly. Seriously, after being mesmerized by the shine, I realized my lips couldn’t breathe and I didn’t even know that was a thing until I felt them suffocating underneath this gloss.  I did not want to hate this gloss, especially seeing Rihanna don a similar shade a few weeks ago, I was ready to test it out on myself.  I tried Twilight Zone, which is a gorgeous periwinkle.  Although out of my comfort zone, I absolutely loved it. The light purple mixed with the gloss was so sexy, and it was meeting all of my expectations until a few minutes in. 

The only reason I’m giving Too Faced Melted Latex a little bit of love is because it does give you a beautiful glossy look, and the color is gorgeous.  This stuff is great for photos but I wouldn't recommend depending on amazingness all night. Eventually this gloss went from super glossy to a faded out light purple and made you look kind of crazy if it wasn't all the way filled in.  I am willing to try Girl On Top (clear coat) as a topper since it’s on sale right now, but otherwise I wouldn’t waste my money.  I waited for the gloss to set for quite some time but there were no solutions to make this formula less heavy and sticky.  When I wold smack my lips together in hopes of smoothing the formula because it applies in patches, I was left with my lips sticking together like honey.  It doesn't apply smoothly which was uncomfortable af because it felt like Elmers Glue being painted on.  With that being said, there is no drinking, eating, smoking, kissing, or talking while wearing Melted Latex unless you want to be committed to reapplying it every few minutes.  It transfers sooo easily, and will eventually bleed off of your lips if you aren't careful.  I think this is where the latex part comes in because it was extremely difficult to take off.  The pigment is so strong, and the formula so thick and gooey that the residue left on your lips is so stubborn it’s nearly impossible to remove.  It took me two face wipes and a cotton round soaked in micelle water to ‘somewhat’ remove the melted plastic that was coating my lips and surrounding mouth area.  Not cute at all.  I wish this lived up to the love I have for the Too Faced Melted Matte. 

1998 Melted Matte Too Faced

Too Faced has created the perfect formula for a comfortable, long lasting matte that doesn't dry out your lips.  I love applying this liquid lipstick because of how creamy the application feels on my lips.  I am always looking for a matte that doesn't require a lot of maintenance and I have found my answer.  I tried Too Faced's 1998 which is a fun bubble gum pink, which is also kind of out there for me, since I usually stick to dark shades and mauves but Too Faced really does have a great range of shades for these two lines.  I stand by my opinion that Melted Matte is exceedingly better than the Latex line.  I would buy every single color for the matte line just because I know I can depend on it to last all day or night. I hate when liquid mattes pill on my lips after a while but this shade stayed true to it's color and silky smooth formula for hours (thank you, avocado oil & vitamin E).  I really love how low maintenance this lip is, because I usually don't notice I need a reapply until after I take the picture.  I hate when I go to the bathroom to check my makeup and realize that the color has sunken into the lines of my lips, turning me into a dehydrated looking mess.  Too Faced adds hyaluronic filling spheres to smooth the look of lip lines, which is genius for a matte.  They also added a no-sting lip plumper in there that the Melted Latex line does not have.  I know they are two completely different style of liquid lips but I will stick to the amazing Melted Matte no matter what the situation. 

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From Hang Over To Hydrated This Primer Is Top Knotch


I don’t know what kind of magic this is but Too Faced just put it in a bottle.  The inconspicuous primer pumps out smelling lightly of the tropics,  attributing to the infused coconut water.  It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft because of the ‘skin revivers’ that work together to also boost radiance, and elasticity.  The formula is a milky and creamy substance that at first looks like a moisturizer but acts as a primer to lock down makeup for a long lasting, flawless finish. I love to put this primer around my eyes because I feel like some days that is my biggest problem area and the creasing becomes harsh as the day progresses.  

I’ve been using this primer for about 2 weeks now with no visible side effects.  My skin has stayed clear, redness free and hydrated.  I apply it over the Hydrating Gel from Urban Decay, and I’ve never been happier with how well balanced my skin has reacted.  My makeup is flawless through my whole work day and not nearly as oily as before.  A daily qualm I used to encounter was having to wash my face as soon as I got home from work because of the oil build up.  I could not stand being in my house feeling like I had grease covering my face, but this primer has controlled the oil for the most part.  

I love the scent of coconut so I knew I would be in love with this, not to mention the coconut water was an interesting concept.  The scent to me is not very powerful, and it’s not something that you can smell through out the day.  I really can’t get over the hydration surge this gives me which I’ve come to realize is an important factor to my beauty routine. What I love most about this product is that a little goes a very long way, and it even looks great on my skin alone with no face makeup. I am giving this product 4.5 stars just because it takes veryyyyy long for the formula to dry.  Honestly, I am usually rushing in the morning so having to wait for it to fully dry is kind of a pain, but on days where I have more than 15 minutes to get ready it doesn’t bother me :)

1.35 oz - retails for $32 at Sephora and Amazon

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Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick by Too Faced

Too Faced expanded their Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick again! This time they ditched the squeeze tube, added a wand, and topped it off with a matte finish. The matte lipstick trend is here to stay. Which I'm thankful for; I can't get enough! Because it is Too Faced, obviously the packaging of the product is just as much of a feature as the actual makeup. It's girly, gaudy, and fabulous.

On the angled side of the doe-foot applicator, there is a dip that allows for the perfect amount of liquid lipstick to be collected so you can cover each lip to full-color opacity without having to dip back into the tube. The formula is of a thick, mousse-like texture that easily slips over your lips for an even color application. I'm not sure why. but when you apply the product, it doesn't look very smooth at first. Maybe it has to do with the fibers of the applicator. Instead of just continuously rubbing the wand over your lips, use your finger to tap the formula into your lips. It settles the product and gives you that flawless finish. 

Mrs. Roper

Mrs. Roper

Mrs. Roper Mixed

Mrs. Roper Mixed

These two shades are a perfect way to show you that the quality of the formula depends on the shade. Mrs. Roper (the bright orange shade) and Miso Pretty (the pale pink shade) perform completely differently. If you are familiar with makeup, you know that this is not uncommon in lipstick lines. Mrs. Roper goes on your lips without a hitch. Just tap it into your lips, like advised previously, and you are set. Miso Pretty, on the other hand, takes a lot more work. Truthfully, the color doesn't work on its own. I couldn't get an even application no matter what I tried. Miso Pretty is patchy and even looks a little powdery. The color on my skin just did not work either. I looked like I ate a powdered donut and like I have never heard of chapstick in my life. The color made my lips look so ashy and chapped and they weren't.

Miso Pretty

Miso Pretty

Applies patchy

Applies patchy

Miso Pretty mixed

Miso Pretty mixed

I will say, however, that not all is lost on a shade like Miso Pretty. These super pale shades are great to have on hand for customizing your lipstick shade. Though we all do it, It's impractical to have lipsticks that have a hair of a difference in shade. Having shades like Miso Pretty can make your lipstick collection endless. I used to use Babette from Lime Crime adjust a shade of lipstick. It's similar to Miso Pretty just more peach. I mixed Miso Pretty into Dose of Colors' liquid lipstick in Berry Me 2 to create a shade I didn't have but wanted to use. Mrs. Roper isn't a color I would normally wear either. It is practically neon! I mixed it with some brown lipstick and created this brick-y orange shade that I love! It is RARE that I ever wear just one lipstick. I must sound crazy whenever my friends ask what lipstick I'm wearing because I have to say, "well I started with - added this, then topped it with that, but just in the center of my top lip because my bottom lip is poutier and I wanted to even them out a little." If their eyes glaze over, I just say, it's a mixed of stuff. 

I recommend this line to everyone and encourage you to pick up some shades you don't love. Experiment! Mix it with another shade and you probably will! There are 18 shades to choose from, plus, Too Faced often releases limited edition shades. 

What are your favorite lipstick combos?

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Available at Sephora; $21

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Beauty photos taken with iphone 7 & are property of



Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Written By: Danyelle V


Us beauty enthusiasts lose our minds whenever Too Faced launches a new line of products. Their themes and irresistibly cute packaging capture our attention and make our hearts race. Instantly we can imagine that product sitting on our vanities for forever. And they will; until another launch and we repeat the cycle all over again. It's vicious beautiful torture that I live for.

Luckily for us, Too Faced's products don't only look cute, they work nicely too. Their products are very easy to use and perfect for the average makeup consumer, like you and me. Your skills can be just below average you will still be able to create any eye look you can think of or borrow from Pinterest and Instagramers. 

The Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar is the baby brother to the original Chocolate Bar Palette. It has mostly neutral eyeshadows with little pops of color to make your look stand out. It has a mix of textures, tones, and finishes that will keep you from feeling stunned or stunted when creating. Too Faced is becoming famous for their scented products and this one doesn't fall short. Makeup therapy is now aromatic with the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar. Let's break down the shades by row!


The top row of shadows are the essential shades for a palette of this size complete. These shades can be used to darken, highlight, and blend any look you can think of.

From left to right we have the shades:

Licorice: ashy matte black; the shadow swatches a bit patchy but it's totally workable with a brush. While it isn't the darkest black eye shadow, it is great to darken the crease or as a liner but I wouldn't make it the featured shadow in an eyelook.

Coconut Creme: creamy matte vanilla; so smooth! love that it is a larger shadow because you can get so much use from it

Nougat: matte pinky beige; one of my top three picks from this palette. This is actually the kind of shade I like to use on my browbone. Because I have puffy-hooded eyes, I like more neutral, truly flesh tones on my brow bone. It gives just a kiss of a highlight!

Truffled: warm matte chocolate brown

Hot Fudge: satin blackened brown with purple shimmers; the shimmers fade when blended


The middle row is a mix of shimmers, mattes, topper shades.

From left to right we have the shades:

Cocoa Chili: shimmery dark brown; I wish I could take a picture that would show you the depth of this shade! it's pretty with it's reddish, gold and green reflects. 

Pink Suger: sheer base with pink, purple, and gold shimmers: My absolute favorite shadow in this palette. I want 8 of them. I want to fill a Z palette with this shade. Use your finger to apply this shadow atop of any shadow. I have used this as a highlight on my cheeks! I looked like an ethereal goddess and I just can't get enough! Only down side is that this shadow is SUPER fragile. Do not dig at this shadow, it will crumble in the pan. 

Puddin': cool mid-tone brown

Blueberry Swirl: shimmery blue; for it being the only true pop of color in the whole palette, it doesn't really pop. Needs a base to really stand out. 

Peanut Butter: matte warm brown; Skippy peanut butter in a pan. This is what warm transition shade dreams are made of.  I love packing this shade all over my lid and blending it in the crease or even dragging it under my all grungy. I completely understand why Too Faced made a 9 pan eye shadow palette based on this color: The Peanut Butter & Jelly palette, which, of course, smelled of a middle school cafeteria (a PJ&J sandwich, so we're clear.) I was one of those people who thought it was a gimmick and I thought the hype was foolish! Child, I was wrong! It is beautiful!

Frosting: satin cool toned brown


The bottom row has great accent colors

From left to right we have the shades:

Rum Rasin: satin lilac brown

Mousse: neutral light brown

Caramel: shimmery warm gold; very delicate shade. handle with care :)

Bon Bon: shimmer copper

Butter Pecan: champagne gold with, dare I say, a hair of peachiness?: love this one as a cheek highlight as well


This is the perfect palette if you're not super into color but you like your neutrals to be fun. I would recommend this to any person who is interested in playing with some eye makeup for the first time. I would not recommend anyone traveling with this palette. Some of the shades are really fragile and will shatter if mishandled.

Let us know what some of your favorite eyeshadows palettes are! 

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Available at Sephora; $49

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Photo taken with iPhone 7