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How To Glow Like A Real Life Snapchat Filter

Taylor Adami

Written by @Twist.It.Tea

I love the face filters and flower headbands just as much as the next girl, but I know I’m not the only one who has wished their makeup was as flawless in real life as it it behind a cute sparkly filter.  Well, luckily I’ve unlocked the secrets, and I'm willing to share with you all today the easy steps to recreating flawless skin.  I found that this step may be the most important. and It starts with, WHEN Glamour Base Sheet Mask. This sheet mask is made from coconut and a bio cellulose fiber, which is very different than a paper sheet mask made from wood or cotton. Bio cellulose fibers have an incredible ability to hold and absorb moisture, making it a perfect component for a face mask made for skin firming, nourishment and hydration. 

WHEN Glamour Base
Courtesy of WHEN Beauty

Courtesy of WHEN Beauty

When I opened the sheet mask it came sandwiched in between two paper-like masks and at first touch, had a latex feel and I was a little turned off.  I was surprised it smelled like citrus when I first put the mask on, because I read it was made from coconut (I got my hopes up to say that least).  But it was lovely, refreshing and not over powering. I left the mask on for the recommended 30 minutes, and it definitely had a suction feeling upon removal.  I also noticed while I was wearing the mask it felt like the sheet was clinging to my skin, which is all thanks to the super hydration (FACT: bio cellulose masks hold 10 times more moisture than a paper mask thanks to its nano sized fibers) that helped open up my pores to sink in all the good stuff, like ginseng extracts to help with the glow, and adenosine, hydrolyzed collagen and peptides to maximize skin elasticity.  I’m always weary of using a face mask before my makeup application because I’m never sure how the serum is going to sink into my skin or if it’s going to leave a sticky mess behind.  Luckily this sheet mask is made for a makeup prep and it fully absorbed into my skin within 10 minutes.  The serum is supposed to increase collagen production, and make my skin look more firm and smooth, which I can sincerely say is true. 

Photo by Taylor Adami 

Photo by Taylor Adami 

Step two is Becca Velvet Blurring Primer, and this stuff is looking like the golden ticket in order to be a real life, walking, talking Snapchat filter.  This primer is going to brighten your complexion, and blur your pores to give you an airbrushed finish.  It’s perfect for my oily/combo skin because it goes from liquid to powder right before my eyes (I'm convinced it's magic).  I apply this after my moisturizer has set in *completely*, or else you’ll get little dried up pilling of lotion when you try to apply the primer.  The formula is a gorgeous light shade of pink that comes out rather aggressively, so be careful.  I don't want to over complicate things, so I will tell you that Sephora said it best, “the formula is infused with pore-blurring powders that float over your skin to diffuse light for a velvety smooth, soft focus finish”, which also helps control oil (huge plus).  I was truly amazed when I applied this over my face, because I was not expecting such a luxe feeling.  It kept my skin hydrated due to the sodium hyaluronate, and brightened up my skin which gave me the confidence to wear this alone on my face because it made such a difference (it also provides slight color correction).  A primer that blurs imperfections and keeps my skin oil free all day is sure to be a keeper, but the fact that it does ALL of that and keeps my makeup in place all day is a home run. 

Photo by Taylor Adami

Photo by Taylor Adami

The grand finale is Too Faced Peach Blur Translucent Powder.  I can’t say enough good things about this product, but I can start with the fact that it has opal-correcting spheres that work to smooth out harsh lines and blur imperfections to give you that near perfect skin filter. The packaging is adorable, and the pressed powder smells AMAZING (like peaches and sweet fig cream to get specific), and you don’t need a lot to get your desired filter. It really looks like there’s no powder on your brush but when you swipe your face, it looks amazing.  I use my Guerlain brushes and although they are a little rough, they pick up the perfect amount of powder.

Photo by Taylor Adami

Photo by Taylor Adami

The formula makes my face buttery smooth, while simultaneously controlling my oil.  This is the last and final step on How To Become A Real Life Snapchat Filter, I even apply over my setting spray because I love the lit from within vibe it gives me.  I feel so pretty with this on! 

Is This Sheep Sheet Mask Too Cute To Function? The Face Shop Character Mask

3.5 star.png

From the first time I tried a face mask, I accepted that they would be a permanent part of my skincare. It was so easy. I'm still on the fence about toners. What do they even do? JK, I just wrote a review on a toner and explained their reason for existing.

But a sheet mask, it's like instant gratification. They are a relaxing way to end your day. Grab a cup of your favorite calming tea and add a sheet mask to your routine. 

I tried The Face Shop's Sheep Character Mask. I have to say was pretty skeptical. It seemed too cutesy to be beneficial. There is no denying that there are just some sheet masks that just wet your face. I wondered if this was one of them. Ok, let's be honest here. The sheep is cute on the packet and not on our faces. My dog ran away from me. 

When I opened the packet, the first thing I noticed was that there wasn't really any kind of scent to the product. I actually appreciated that. It's nice when a skincare product has a soothing scent but I'm so picky with scents (everything). In the realm of skincare,  I rather the product have no scent than risk it being one I don't like. When I removed the folded sheet mask from its pouch, I noted that sheet mask was heavily saturated with a slippery, maybe even goopy, fluid. I've tried quite a bit of sheet masks, more than I should ever admit to, and this Sheep Mask was definitely ... goopey.  

You're instructed to wear the mask for 10 minutes. When I removed the mask, all of the thick fluid was sitting on my face. I tried to massage it in but there was just too much of it. I removed the excess goop from my face. My skin was left feeling well hydrated. However, the results didn't last as long as I would've hoped for.

The Face Shop Character Masks are formulated with hyaluronic acid and glycerin making it a great skin prep mask. If you want your makeup to sit nicely on your skin, using this mask before your application will make that happen. I wouldn't say this mask is absolutely essential to add to your skin care routine, it is fun to try. Get a couple of different characters, invite your friends over, and just have at it! Wine would be the actual essential part of this gathering. Enjoy!

If you're wearing a sheet mask and don't try to freak out your friends on social media, you're doing it wrong. Sheet Mask and Snapchat/IG Stories go hand in hand. 

If you're wearing a sheet mask and don't try to freak out your friends on social media, you're doing it wrong. Sheet Mask and Snapchat/IG Stories go hand in hand. 


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Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask

By: Amanda V.

Calling all dry skin babes, Supreme hydration in a sheet mask is here! Actually it has been here I'm just a little late to the party. First of all I love any and all packaging by super adorable Korean brand TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL (their mascara has a dinosaur scribbled on it. A DINOSAUR! I LOVE). Not only is the packaging Cute AF but the product inside DELIVERS!!! YES!!! It's a win/win here. I decided to take this mask to work with me to get me to relax a bit during one of my vey rare breaks. This mask claims to clarify and remove dead skin cells and and moisturize and firm your skin to look youthful, fresh and... GLOWY!!! (100 points for Radiance)

I excitedly ripped open the package and was ready to slap it on my cleansed face. The mask has a net protecting it from ripping I assume. It's pretty... uhh... gooey? There is so much excess serum in the packet but that's nothing to complain about because HELLO! More nutrients for your skin. With the mask on my face i could feel my severely parches skin soak up the product. The mask kept slipping off and I don't think it was because of the slippery goop of "egg cream" making the mask slide off but because I couldn't stop laughing at how horrendously ridiculous I looked with it on. It gave me a good laugh. The texture of the egg cream serum is so silky. I left it on for about 20 minutes (do not go beyond that time limit, it will do the opposite of hydrating your skin, yikes!) and the redness on my cheeks seemed to have calmed down and i was left with a fresh, deeply hydrated, lit from within glow and silky smooth skin. For those super hot NYC Summer days you can stick these in the fridge for a little chill, pampering session. This mask is good for just about every skin type there is, even for you oily babes, it will leave your skin MOISTURIZED, not oily. the egg white nutrients reduces shine and gives more of a radiance to the skin rather minus the greasy look. This Egg Cream mask is cruelty free and free of harmful chemicals, also super safe for sensitive skin, no irritation occurred with this sheet mask which normally can happen to me with most sheet masks.

I heard many complain about the price $6 for a single sheet and $24 for a 5 Pack, which I personally think is an incredible price point and it does exactly as it claims. I'd rather spend $6 on a chance for glowing skin than a frilly frap at Starbucks. For $6 at your local Sephora or, you can kiss your dry patches good bye and say "Hello Lover" to Intensely hydrated, radiant, deeply cleansed, fresh skin. 

Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask by Boscia

Please add this mask to your cabinet. As a matter of fact, add two of them. Boscia is a Japanese skincare line who is famous for their black skin care products. Most notably, the peel off Luminizing Black Mask. But I would not be surprised if this Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hyrdogel Mask is a close second for their most loyal consumers. 

I prefer hydrogel sheet masks to fiber masks. I find hydrogel to be more soothing on the skin. This Boscia mask comes halves. It is most likely so the sheet mask does not tear when you apply it to your face; not that it is super fragile. 

My skincare concerns regarding my pores always fall back to the pores on my nose. I've told you how they're so deep you can pack a snack in them for long car rides, right? Because of this, I am always skeptical of products that claim to be pore-minimizing. I have some pores on my cheeks just around my nose as well. You can imagine my shock when I slid this mask off my face to reveal a 98% smooth nose! (I'm just guessing lol! I did not graph my nose) My skin had been nearly perfected. And, folks, that's way more than I'm aiming for. It works!!! This hydrogel mask would be great to use before applying makeup for flawless skin. My mom is in her mid-40s (30s, if you ask her) and she has porous skin. She picked up her own Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hyrdogel Mask and she loved it too! The results lasted for a few days, too!

Pour yourself some tea, you've got time to kill. 20 minutes to smooth skin. So freak your friends out on Snapchat. I'm so guilty of having the longest stories on snapchat and IG stories! 

The only reason this mask doesn't have a full 5 stars is because it oversells. It claims to "remove" and "draw out" blackheads and whiteheads. I did not experience that myself. Just rein it in! When you oversell a product and it doesn't live up to the claims, that is when a product receives negative reviews. It was the only thing that disappointed me. That being said, I would certainly keep this mask in beauty arsenal. 

              Why snapchat always be shading me??

              Why snapchat always be shading me??

Do you prefer fiber masks or hydrogel masks?

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