Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Written By: Danyelle V


Us beauty enthusiasts lose our minds whenever Too Faced launches a new line of products. Their themes and irresistibly cute packaging capture our attention and make our hearts race. Instantly we can imagine that product sitting on our vanities for forever. And they will; until another launch and we repeat the cycle all over again. It's vicious beautiful torture that I live for.

Luckily for us, Too Faced's products don't only look cute, they work nicely too. Their products are very easy to use and perfect for the average makeup consumer, like you and me. Your skills can be just below average you will still be able to create any eye look you can think of or borrow from Pinterest and Instagramers. 

The Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar is the baby brother to the original Chocolate Bar Palette. It has mostly neutral eyeshadows with little pops of color to make your look stand out. It has a mix of textures, tones, and finishes that will keep you from feeling stunned or stunted when creating. Too Faced is becoming famous for their scented products and this one doesn't fall short. Makeup therapy is now aromatic with the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar. Let's break down the shades by row!


The top row of shadows are the essential shades for a palette of this size complete. These shades can be used to darken, highlight, and blend any look you can think of.

From left to right we have the shades:

Licorice: ashy matte black; the shadow swatches a bit patchy but it's totally workable with a brush. While it isn't the darkest black eye shadow, it is great to darken the crease or as a liner but I wouldn't make it the featured shadow in an eyelook.

Coconut Creme: creamy matte vanilla; so smooth! love that it is a larger shadow because you can get so much use from it

Nougat: matte pinky beige; one of my top three picks from this palette. This is actually the kind of shade I like to use on my browbone. Because I have puffy-hooded eyes, I like more neutral, truly flesh tones on my brow bone. It gives just a kiss of a highlight!

Truffled: warm matte chocolate brown

Hot Fudge: satin blackened brown with purple shimmers; the shimmers fade when blended


The middle row is a mix of shimmers, mattes, topper shades.

From left to right we have the shades:

Cocoa Chili: shimmery dark brown; I wish I could take a picture that would show you the depth of this shade! it's pretty with it's reddish, gold and green reflects. 

Pink Suger: sheer base with pink, purple, and gold shimmers: My absolute favorite shadow in this palette. I want 8 of them. I want to fill a Z palette with this shade. Use your finger to apply this shadow atop of any shadow. I have used this as a highlight on my cheeks! I looked like an ethereal goddess and I just can't get enough! Only down side is that this shadow is SUPER fragile. Do not dig at this shadow, it will crumble in the pan. 

Puddin': cool mid-tone brown

Blueberry Swirl: shimmery blue; for it being the only true pop of color in the whole palette, it doesn't really pop. Needs a base to really stand out. 

Peanut Butter: matte warm brown; Skippy peanut butter in a pan. This is what warm transition shade dreams are made of.  I love packing this shade all over my lid and blending it in the crease or even dragging it under my all grungy. I completely understand why Too Faced made a 9 pan eye shadow palette based on this color: The Peanut Butter & Jelly palette, which, of course, smelled of a middle school cafeteria (a PJ&J sandwich, so we're clear.) I was one of those people who thought it was a gimmick and I thought the hype was foolish! Child, I was wrong! It is beautiful!

Frosting: satin cool toned brown


The bottom row has great accent colors

From left to right we have the shades:

Rum Rasin: satin lilac brown

Mousse: neutral light brown

Caramel: shimmery warm gold; very delicate shade. handle with care :)

Bon Bon: shimmer copper

Butter Pecan: champagne gold with, dare I say, a hair of peachiness?: love this one as a cheek highlight as well


This is the perfect palette if you're not super into color but you like your neutrals to be fun. I would recommend this to any person who is interested in playing with some eye makeup for the first time. I would not recommend anyone traveling with this palette. Some of the shades are really fragile and will shatter if mishandled.

Let us know what some of your favorite eyeshadows palettes are! 

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Available at Sephora; $49

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