Laura Mercier Product Review 4-N-1

Written By Deanna .P


My friend has sworn by Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for as long as I can remember.  I had never tried any of her product & knew nothing about the woman herself.   I was delighted to try some of her products & find out more about the products she created & also find out more about her.  Laura Mercier was born Michele Mercier in Aries, France.  She originally went to school for painting & drawing, but changed direction & went to a school to be trained to be a make up artist.  Later on she also changed her name as she worked in a salon & an actress client was Michelle Mercier so she wanted to avoid confusion, thus she became Laura, She moved to NYC in 1985 & worked at Elle magazine as a makeup artist.  She ended up becoming Madonna’s professional makeup artist, & also worked with other A-list celebrities: that included Julia Roberts & Sarah Jessica Parker,  In 1996 a former VP of Neiman Marcus, Janet Gurwitch & her partner Gary Kusin founded the Laura Mercier Cosmetics line.  The philosophy of the company is the “flawless face” as Mercier makeup looks are focused on looking natural. Mercier still works as a freelance make up artist & is a publish author.


The 4 products I tried are as follows:



Laura Mercier flawless skin Face Polish 3.4oz/100g $32.00

This easy to use scrub that actually exfoliates & cleanses at the same time removes dead skin cells while leaving skin smooth & even toned.For normal to oily skin & can be used every day & for dry skin use every other day.  Put a small amount onto your fingers & massage into damp skin.  Rinse off & pat dry.Although,  I was not crazy about all the ingredients, (as a lot of them were chemicals I did not recognize) this felt great on my skin & really seemed to work.  I used it every other day as I have dry skin, & by the end of the week, my skin looked smoother & healthier.  

The price of $32.00 I thought was a little high for this product & thought $25.00 would be a fair price.



Laura Mercier High coverage concealer for under eye shade 2  0.27 fl.oz/8ml $30.00

This concealer comes in 12 shades & works to cover, de-puff, & brighten dark under eye circles.  It only takes a small amount (a pin-drop) & the results look like a pro make up artist did them.  I had never used an under eye concealer & was very impressed with the results after my first use.  I noticed that you needed a very minimal amount & the under eye area really looked 10X better after applying.  I am now hooked on it & will continue using as it takes a few years off my age.  

I was not crazy about some of the ingredients either, but I did love the product.  I thought the price wa a little high for the size of the tube & thought again it could be $5-$6 less expensive.



Laura Mercier Undercover Pot-1 0.2 oz. $34.00

This travel concealer is small & compact & comes with Secret Camouflage & Secret concealer on top & a pot of the Translucent loose setting powder on the bottom.  Secret Camoflauge can be used on blemishes, scars pimples, to make them look all but invisible & Secret Concealer can be used under the eye to combat tiredness & dark circles.  The translucent setting powder adds a velvety finish to your makeup.

This concealer, I think has since been discontinued & they sell all three of the products in it separately.

Conceptually, I loved the idea, but I broke the case first time I opened it & it was a little difficult for me to use.  I would have to say this was my least favorite of all the products I tried in the line & I did not think it was a good value for the cost.



Laura Mercier Lip Parfait Creamy ColorBalm Raspberry Ripple 0.12 oz/3.5 g $25.00


This Light balmy formula provides the comfort of a lip balm, the coverage of a lipstick & the shine of a gloss all in one lipstick.  There are 14 shades available. 


I loved the angle of this lipstick & I was crazy over the color.  It was so natural it was great to wear everyday.  It also was very easy to apply on my lips.  Again there were some ingredients I had never heard of, but the love for this lipstick outweighed the ingredient list.  I though the price was good as I will make a lot of use of this lipstick as I liked everything about it.  

All in all, I liked Laura Mercier products.  My biggest negative was that I feel that they could be made more naturally.  Overall, they did work well & were true to what they claimed to do.  I definitely would love to get my makeup done by her as she is definitely an acclaimed & very accomplished make up artist that is very well respected in her industry.

Here’s her website: