Cover Fx Click Stick Review

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Cover FX has launched Click Stick. It is a completely customizable foundation system that is going to make your makeup application fast and easy. In this review, I will walk you through the shade selection, how to ‘install’ your Click Sticks, and my thoughts on the product. Spoiler Alert: Click Stick is amazing!

Choosing your Click Stick:

First, please forgive how messy my local Sephora is. You know how Sephora can get on Saturday. Sloppiness aside, I want you to see that the shades for the Click Stick are organized to help make your selection much easier. Sanitize your products before swatching!

Cover Click: creamy full coverage foundations, HUGE shade range

Correct Click: smooth color correctors

Enhance Click: cream highlights and blushes

 The Click Stick system lets you choose two shades that fit your needs and your style! If you are a contour queen, pick two foundation shades that will give your face the definition that you want. Makeup artists suggest choosing products that are 1-2 shades darker or lighter than your skin for a contoured look. If your skin has some discoloration, another choice could be to pick your foundation shade and a color corrector that will neutralize your discoloration. You can mix and match any two shades for each stick! Once you have your shades, grab an Empty Click Stick and head to check out!


Now that you have your shades and your empty Click Stick, it’s time for installation. Remove the cap from each shade and with the cream side facing in, slide the product in the empty stick until you hear a click. Your shade is locked in place! Make sure the product is not twisted up at all! I only did that for the photo to help you see which side should face in! When using your Click Stick, you will be able to tell which shade you are using because the bottom is labeled. Speaking of labels, I cannot understand why Cover FX labeled their green corrector with a lavender sticker! How confusing!


The idea of the customizable Click Stick is amazing but how do the shades preform? Cover FX is known for their ability to hide your sins with their super full coverage foundations. I don’t really like a full coverage, mannequin look. My style is more suited for tinted moisturizers because I like light coverage. I have my moments when I want to look like Mattel molded me into perfection but not often. My skin concerns are usually just some redness in my cheeks, maybe a hormonal pimple here and there, and dryness in the winter, so I don’t usually pack on coverage to my face. I have the Corrector Click in Green and the Enhance Click in Berry. One of the first things you will notice about the Click Sticks, is that they seem to be so small! The tube itself is smaller than your average lipstick. You get about .2oz of product in each stick. It does seem like this product won’t last long, but you need a very small amount of product. Pigmentation is great! If you are used to working with liquid foundations and concealers, you will think that this cream product is difficult to blend. This isn’t true! Cream products tend to have more pigment than liquids and don’t have the same fluidity, so they just need a little more attention to get a seamless finish.

The best way to use the Corrector Stick in Green is by applying the product to a firm concealer brush then blending the cream corrector onto any redness you want to neutralize. Apply a thin layer of powder over the corrector to keep it from moving when you apply your foundation over it. I use a setting powder that is a very pale yellow because, on my skin, it helps to cover the redness even more. With this green corrector, less is more. When I first used this product, I swiped the product across my cheeks the same way I had done with liquid correctors. Big mistake. After I finished my makeup, I looked ashy! The Corrector Click in Green has cool tone to it. Because I have a medium-dark skin tone, cool tones can make me look ashy. If you are like me and you also have slightly yellower undertones, use a light hand with this corrector.

 One of my favorite all time products is cream blush. It gives your skin a beautifully healthy glow. I find that powder blush can look very obvious on your skin if you’re not careful. But cream blush. Ugh. It just melts into your skin and the Enhance Click does exactly that. I was skeptical because it didn’t look so great when I swatched it. It looked a little patchy. But on your cheeks it blends to a beautiful finish. For the best application, dab the product on to a stippling brush then onto the area of your cheeks you like.

Corrector Click Green – slightly ashy // Bright Future 01 – Neutral


 The Cover FX Click Stick is perfect for people who travel a lot and don’t want to have to pack a bunch of products. It’s great for people who like to do their makeup on their commute to work or even when they get to work. There are so many options, you are going to find exactly what you need!


 Product Rating: 5 -Available at; Sticks $18; Empty Click Stick $8-Product Photo from
Photo taken with iPhone 5s