Luma Brush Review

Written by Deanna P

Luma Brush was created to solve a common problem.  It can take a woman a long time in the morning or at night to get ready to face the world.   Luma Brush can have you out the door in minutes, with your hair looking just as fabulous as if you had spent hours on it. I for one hate the effort it takes me to blow my hair straight & then still have to use a straightening iron to straighten it.  With Luma it takes a total of 3 minutes & your hair looks straighter & better than it has looked in years.  I saw an advertisement for Luma & truly was very skeptical & did not believe a simple heated brush could work so fast & easy to straighten my thick difficult unruly hair.  Well to my surprise & delight, it worked.  It was the fastest easiest method I had ever used to straighten my hair.  All you have to do is push the power button, it flashes red then turns to solid green.  You run the brush through your hair & you are done.  It is truly that simple! The brush is very reasonably priced at $79.00.  It is definitely a great value for the time it saves & how great it works.  I definitely recommend it.

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