I Feel like Zenon Girl of the 21st Century because of this highlighter!

Holographic Stick in Supernova

Written by @Twist.it.tea


"I Feel like Zenon Girl of the 21st Century"




A highlighter sprinkled with meteor dust and twilight pearls is sure to catch the attention of anyone looking for that pleasantly galactic sheen.  Meteorites are shooting stars that have fallen to earth …while I think the ingredient has little to do with the beautiful iridescent shine, it is does have a nice ring to it.  Both the dust and pearls are advertised throughout Milk Makeup’s Holographic line but when I do my own research on these contributors I can’t find much importance other than branding purposes for a catchy name/slogan.  Honestly, the aforementioned are not an issue to me because I think the twilight pearls are complimentary while the meteor dust conveys a message of closeness to the universe since we are just star dust after all ;) 




According to reviews this shade looks amazing on all skin tones. I have a tan/medium complexion during the summer and it looks fantastic just like I saw it on someone with fair and dark skin.  I love that Milk Makeup allows you to  play around with this product on your lips and eyes as well as the cheek bones. Supernova holds such an ethereal glow that they knew we wouldn't want to be limited to just a highlighter.  I’m not completely sold on this formula being applied to the eyes because of the grease factor, but I refuse to give up until I find the perfect solution to the creasing. Even with a primer on the lids it doesn't hold on for too long. But on the face is a different story, I never have to reapply.  Surprisingly this formula is a trooper, especially during NYC summers - it never budges. Aside from the lid application under performing, the formula feels nice on your skin.  It contains a lot of lovely and naturally hydrating properties such as peach nectar, mango butter, avocado oil and the previously mentioned atmospheric ingredients.  Like I claimed earlier, this is a tad oily so you will be a little glossy but none the less - entrancing and divine af.  I do not recommend applying this highlighter directly to your face from the stick because it will definitely shift your foundation.  I apply to my finger tips and tap on my skin until I'm ready to buff it out a little bit. This is not a catastrophe, but I wish the stick packaging was redesigned for a more useful approach while applying this product.  Milk Makeup does offer the Holographic Highlighting Powder which would look seriously insane over top so I can’t wait to get my hands on that.  This highlighter lets me step out of my comfort zone while giving me hella confidence.  Basically I’m in love with Supernova from top to bottom, it puts me into a special mood when I see it glimmering on my cheek bones.. a true celestial shine.