The Eye Pigment That Taylor Thinks is Party Proof!

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Milk Makeup’s Eye Pigment is my favorite go-to for when I need to quickly jazz up my eyes.  Keyword, ‘quickly’ because I’m always late and this eye pigment gives me a beautiful finish with 0 effort.  Normally my lids are naked, because I lack the patience to dedicate eyeshadow into my daily routine but this stuff goes on within seconds.  I can really appreciate a product that packs a punch but doesn’t intrude on my time getting ready. This stuff is sooo worth having around your vanity, and for $24 I promise you it’ worth every penny.  The formula is different…. It’s creamy, but  within minutes it magically sets to a long lasting eye shadow.

Milk Makeup  has a very solid range of pigments , all appropriately named for a rockstar -esque lifestyle; Rager as an ice blue, After Party in light pink, and Jam Room in iridescent lavender.  These shades are beautiful and sparkly and perfect for making a statement.  They’re bold and they pop on your eyes, so you don’t have to worry about dullness from this line.  I especially love them because they double as shadows or eyeliners. I’ve been wearing ‘Silent Disco’ which is a plummy/brown hue with bronze colored sparkles. This specific shade brightens my dark brown eyes and is a  beautiful accent. I've been testing the longevity and wear of this pigment all summer at various festivals and they've passed with flying colors. 

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 You don’t need a lot of product while applying this shadow.  Sometimes I use my finger, other times a small brush for a more refined, liner look. The shadow’s formula makes it so easy to build for a richer, more dramatic look. It can definitely get messy and is kind of a pain in the ass to remove from your hands.  Like I said: It set’s  quickly, like within minutes. 



  I would definitely recommend doing one eye at a time with this stuff. I  use a cotton swab and eye makeup remover to clean up the edges and around my lids when I go full coverage but to completely remove you have to almost saturate the eye shadow with solution and cotton ball before you start wiping it away. I love that throughout the night I never have to worry about creasing or smudging or worry about it flaking off and landing under my eye.  For some reason whenever I wear eye makeup, under my eye gets increasingly dark and I feel like I have to constantly touch and lighten up throughout the night.  But Milk Makeup’s Eye Pigment stays on flawlessly even without a primer in the mix. It’s advertised to last through a swim, which I have not personally tested out but I did wear it to a festival this summer when the weather took a turn for the worst and I ended up in a monsoon..5 stars for this beauty.