This Hydrating Mist Will Revive Your Skin and Your Life

By: Amanda V.

This spray is infused with Coconut Water, Hibiscus Flower, Rose Petals, and which hazel to hydrate, soothe, balance, reduce discoloration and firm your skin naturally. 

This spray is infused with Coconut Water, Hibiscus Flower, Rose Petals, and which hazel to hydrate, soothe, balance, reduce discoloration and firm your skin naturally. 

Face Mists have become the new thing for me. I enjoy a good refreshing spritz session in the  sweltering heat and humidity of New York City's Summer days. I must say that that I am VERY VERY picky because some face sprays can smell a bit foul (Sorry Glossier I love you so much but your soothing face mist smells like breath) and I am not here for it. I am also pretty picky with what I put on my face in general and the all natural ingredients infused in this ROSE HIBISCUS COCONUT WATER HYDRATING FACE MIST by cult beauty brand HERBIVORE reassured me that this was safe enough to give a try.

I love to use this delicately refreshing mostly as a facial toner and also as a mist to wake up and recharge my face needed. 

As a toner, this has been the most super gentle on my skin. It is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I spritz a cotton round and wipe all around my face and it doesn't dry out my skin. it feels super soft and firm but not uncomfortably tight and dried out, like most basic toners will leave you feeling.I love to use this before and after I apply my serum and moisturizer as well so my skin can chug all of that moisturizing goodness. After using this for a couple of weeks, consistently toning my face with it as part of my routine, I did notice the texture in my skin is MUCH smoother. This product can replace Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner (as cool as it is, it can be a bit drying for me).

As a refreshing mist, my skin loves to drink this stuff up. On a no makeup day I will drench my face in this spray and add a serum and them my moisturizer and then spray again on top of that (I'm totally insane, I know... but have you met my parched skin? It's like the Sahara Desert) and if I'm wearing makeup and mid way through the day I feel like I need a pick me up, I just spritz this and it not only revives my entire face and life, it also leaves a natural dewy glow. I would prefer a much finer mist because it is a bit much, more of a splash and thats not what anyone wants on top of their makeup, but I just make sure not to spray too close to my face. 

I'm not sure how this would work alone for keeping your makeup completely set from budging, especially a full coverage foundation and contour. If going heavier with makeup I wouldn't go for this, I'd just stick to an actual makeup setting spray, like one from Urban Decay or NYX rather than this. 

I totally recommend this spray to anyone who needs a hydration boost, especially if you have sensitive, dry/combo skin because this stuff is incredibly soothing and gentle and leaves absolutely no irritation whatsoever. I prefer this 110% over my smelly Glossier soothing face mist, and the fact that I said I choose this over something from my holy grail brand says a lot. This mist has the most subtle rose scent, and is not overpoweringly botanical whatsoever. 

You can purchase this spray at Sephora, where the full size, 4oz bottle is $32 as well as and Urban Outfitters where they sell the Full Size and a 2oz mini spray for half the price at $16 which will be better for a trial run before you give in to the full size. 



Note: I did read on multiple sites that the scent and color varies and for some people the scent was a bit too potent for them. For me, my bottle smelled similar to the Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish and I didn't experience and foul fragrance to my spray whatsoever.