Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical Review

Written by Deanna . P

Dry Shampoo has become one of the most popular hair must haves over the past few years.  Every hair brand has come out with an offering as it seems many woman use it as a solution to not have to wash their hair everyday.  I have tried many brands, but I definitely have a favorite & wanted to share my love for it with you. The brand is Batiste & they make the dry shampoo for all hair types. The current one I am using is tropical.   It has a delicious coconut aroma & works wonderfully to make my hair look fresh clean, & smell great.  It really works as a perfect replacement for shampooing & conditioning your hair instead of washing it in the shower.   It saves me an hour on my usual day to day routine.  Batiste has been in existence for over 40 years making sure woman have fabulous hair every day.  Batiste is a starch based formula that does not need water to activate it’s cleaning properties.    It targets excess oil & grease, eliminating it from top to bottom so your hair looks great.  All you need to do is spray it in, run your fingers through it,  & style it.  I definitely recommend trying it as it is only $7.99. and you get 1.19 oz.  This is good for multiple times using it.    It is a great value for the price. Check out more below & find the product that might work best with your hair.  Also see my hair after 3 days of not washing it.