Big Shampoo Lush Review

Written by Christine. Q

Walking into a Lush store is like walking into the beauty version of Dylan's Candy. Full of colors, sweet smells, and flavors. The experience is what retailers in the beauty space aim for: touch, try, and then buy. The products feel like some millennial created them in their downtown loft and branded by one of their designer buddies.  So let's talk about my love affair with BIG shampoo. I'm originally from Texas so I am a firm believer in the idea of "the higher the hair, the closer to God." City living means walking around in a constant fog of smog which means stinky, greasy, and dirty hair. Since I wash my hair everyday (my derm said it was okay! 'poo everyday!), I like to use a gentle shampoo. But twice a week, I take my hair washing to the next level with BIG Shampoo. Made of large granules of salt and coconut oil, it gets your hair squeaky clean without drying it. A little scoop goes a really long way. Not to mention it smells like Iris. I love the smell so much I also sometimes use it as a body wash. They should really just bottle this baby up into a perfume or something. I like to follow it up with the Veganese conditioner or the Big Solid conditioner. I wouldn't use this more than twice a week. It really does get your hair super squeaky clean and may dry it out. Considering I trusted this to get my hair squeaky clean before a night of crazy dancing at my wedding,