Lancome Red Stiletto Lipstick Review

Written by Deanna .P



Nothing says sexy like red lipstick,  & black heels.  I recently tried Lancome Color design cream red stiletto lipstick & I have to say I felt sexier than ever, even without donning my heels. It went on very easily & I think the color definitely suited me.  I am a believer that red lipstick suits everyone.  You have not lived until you go out on the town with a splash of red on your lips.  


Lancome’s mission is to provide women with superior products and services that fulfill their quest and enthusiasm for beauty. For over 80 years, Lancome has stood for beauty & glamour & has done so with a French flair.  It is currently one of world’s leading luxury beauty brands.    Woman in over 160 countries depend on the brand & look to it to define what they should use in the beauty world to make them feel & look beautiful.  Stars like Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz & Kate Winslet have all been spokesmodels for Lancome.  The lipstick retails for $23.00.  It provides long lasting color & has a wonderful non drying formula.  It really felt great on my lips, making them feel soft & pretty all day.  Also, you can try it in 5 fabulous finishes.  Cream, sheen shimmer, metallic, & matte.


Be Sexy & try Lancome Red Stiletto.