Living Proof Timeless pre-shampoo treatment & Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream review

Written by Deanna .P 

I first heard of Living Proof when I saw Jennifer Aniston advertising the product.  When I delved a little deeper, I realized Jen has invested in the company & swears by their products.  Jen who has had famous tresses since the show Friends aired, has gorgeous hair & I definitely was game to try anything that made her hair look so damn good! I tried sample sizes of 2of the products in the line. Living Proof Timeless pre-shampoo treatment this is used to fortify hair & lock in the color.Comes in 2 sizes

2 oz for $10 / 6 oz for $26

Works to lock in color & prevent aging of the hair.  It also works to prevent breakage & helps hair grow. It is to be used before shampooing.  It is recommended that you start using it in your 30s.

Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream

Used to stop frizz, Comes in 3 sizes.

2 oz for $15 /4 oz for $27 / 8 oz for $37

This formula eliminates frizz, by smoothing your hair strands & leaving your hair shiny & tame.   It is not heavy or greasy.  Using OFPMA which is the healthy hair molecule( biggest breakthrough in 30yrs)  it blocks humidity 70% better than oils & silicones, nourishes hair, & keeps hair cleaner longer.  It can also be used safely on color & chemically treated hair. The company started in 2004 & took a scientific approach to invent their hair product line. There Philosophy speaks volumes about what the company stands for & I had to share as I was super impressed by it.





We are not a traditional beauty company.
We are more than that.
We believe in rethinking conventional wisdom.
We believe when you can’t find something that works, you invent it.
We believe the answers are found in science.
We believe that beauty and brains are the best formula.
We believe a product should keep its promises.
We believe every day can be a good hair day.
We believe beauty is more than skin deep.
We believe in day-making, bliss-creating, confidence-boosting results.
We believe you are the living proof.

I liked both products & actually tried the frizz formula on a rainy humid day.   I am happy to say it definitely worked.  I would recommend trying both products.  They smell great & work very effectively.