Manicure Time with the Owner of The Bed of Nails

"Be inspired, Always!"

What is your inspiration behind The Bed of Nails shop? My inspiration was to create a quality driven nail salon that catered to women and men that embodied excellence and luxury. I didn't want to only cater to nails but also provide a sense of R.E.L.I.E.F. - a Relaxing Escape with a Lush Invigoration and Essential Feel. Your nail experience should make you feel great and you should be confident about your salon and your manicurist's abilities.

What sparked your interest for nail art? I love nail art because it's an easy form of self expression - you can showcase whatever you're feeling at the moment. I believe nails are your best accessory because you might not have a ring on or a ton of jewelry but when your nails are done and you're holding a glass of your favorite drink or shaking someone's hand your nails set the tone. It shows a level of sophistication.

You have worked several fashion shows, what show was your favorite or most memorable? My favorite or most memorable show would have to be the Alexander McQueen show this past February  for the Autumn/Winter 2014. The attention to detail from the set design and the meticulous selection of the beauty looks to embody the vision and add to the excellence that was the collection was mind blowing. The makeup, hair, and nails, the collection and the set it was all part of a story and it unfolded masterfully. It was a complete work of art!

What is the biggest misconception about you? The biggest misconception is that I'm mean and not friendly.

What color nail polish would you wear on a first date? It would depend on my mood. I'm never afraid to go bold because that's me and you either take it or leave it.

What nail polish best describes your personality? For the name I would have to saye Essie. "Eternal Optimist" but for color I would say Deborah Lippmann "Video Killed the Radio Star" - its and electric blue.

What 3 polish colors do you think every woman should own? A red that compliments your skin tone, a neutral that brightens your skin, and a wildcard color that takes you out of your box. You can never be predictable!

What is your biggest challenge being a young business owner in New York? The biggest challenge that I've faced is funding. Opening a brick and mortar salon at 25 is unheard of and financially isn't something easy. I'm young with no prior business history or serious credit so most institutions weren't willing to take a risk on me, but I'm more than grateful for my family.

What was your reaction for the following moments:

Grand opening of Bed of Nails Surreal, and overwhelmed by the amount of love and support and at the idea that it was all real and finally happening. I could touch a part of my dream.

Feature in Refinery 29 The feature in Refinery was completely mind blowing. It felt like the world noticed and all of the hard work and dedication had finally paid off. I know Refinery is a niche market but to so many people its religion. To be recognized by them in a completely organic article, and reviewed as number one in Best New Nails Salon in New York City was amazing and awesome at the same time.

Where do you see the Bed of Nails in 5 year? I see Bed of Nails with several locations across the country and I see it becoming the premier nail salon that sets the trend for all. We might even have products, who knows!

One quote you live by? "Be inspired, always!" -Candice Idehen