How do I Discover What Type of Makeup Artist I Am?

A few weeks ago I decided to go makeup shopping, keep in mind most of my makeup shopping is done online. Buying makeup wasn't the plan and I honestly hate going to buy makeup when my face isn't put together. I feel I'm often judged and overlooked. Makeup is my forte and I still need help occasionally, we all do. I'm in a makeup store that will remain nameless. Approached by a consultant with the most amazing makeup on her face. The artist seemed so bothered and unhappy at work, I even felt miserable looking at her. During my assistance from her and a pretty long dialogue, while listening to her say she "feels trapped" because this isn't what she wants do, I thought to myself "How do I discover what type of makeup artist I am?"

I am here to save you a little time with some suggestions on how to figure out what type of makeup artist you are, when trying to gain stability in the industry. First in order to give you the proper insight follow this questionnaire with me. This will allow me to make a few pointers.


1. When scouting for makeup jobs I look for the following requirements?

A. Schedule flexibility, full day compensation and networking opportunities.

B. Interaction with people and more secure work hours.

C. Training, classes and no specific schedule requirement

2. When I browse online I gravitate towards the following categories?

A. Inspiration, color theory, colors patterns.

B. New makeup launches and up and coming brands.

C. Beauty tutorials.

3.  When shopping for makeup products what do you look for?

A. I look for complexion variety and texture. 

B. I look for packaging.

C. I look for ingredients.

4. When stocking my makeup kit the first things I grab are?

A. Hygiene, make-up removal, lashes and tweezers.

B. New must haves and trend make-up.

C. Skincare tools, skincare, make-up with skincare benefits.

5. When applying makeup this portion is the most important for me?

A. Complexion is key.

B. Eyes or lip.

C. Prepping the skin.

6. When creating a makeover my opening question would consist of?

A. What are you wearing, what type of event are you attending?

B.  What’s your favorite brand?

C. What’s your makeup routine like?

7.  When doing a makeover I allow my clients to?

A. Watch me in the mirror throughout the entire makeover.

B. Pass clients the mirror at the completion of make over.

C. No mirror preference but likes to talk my client through each step of application.

8. When promoting my business the following promotional tool is most important for me:

A. My professional website

B. My Instagram

C. My LinkedIn

9. When I shop for make-up most of my shopping is done in the following places:

A. Alcone, Mac pro, Nigel’s, Ricky’s, Pros

B. Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta

C. Spa’s, Blue Mercury, Bloomingdales

10. What clients do you aspire to have mostly?

A. Industry professionals

B. Frequent visitation from all clients at work setting.

C. Mature, circle of friends, community

11. How often do you attend tradeshows?

A. Very Seldom

B. Yearly or monthly

C.  Works for tradeshows often

Mostly A:

Freelance Artist

If you are reading this category you are most likely a freelance artist who doesn’t have a full time job. Freelancing and taking gigs on a day-to-day basis is a full time job for you.  Your definition of pleasure is managing yourself and you have minimal desire to have a boss.  Artistry is your passion and you are a really strong artist. As an artist you don’t think about products first you think about the end result first. You are very visual and care about the overall presentation. Finding yourself shopping for tons of hygienic products to please your high profile clients. Your current make-up kit is decked out with products to create the perfect complexion palette.  Often housing one full brand assortment in your kit by category. Example: One brand for complexion, one brand for eyes and one brand for lip.

Common Job Location: Photo-shoots, fashion shows, film and television.

Attributes:  Energetic but can appear to be a little standoffish at times. Favored by many. Out going personality. Calm body language.

Appearance: Very clean and classic make-up such as bold lip hairpin straight or sometimes pulled back. Cool wardrobe and accessories.

Mostly B:

Product Artist

If you are reading this category you mostly like work in a sales environment of the make-up industry. Exceptional product skills when it comes to delivering how the products function and benefits. You enjoy make-up shopping for the new must haves and get excited when you see pretty packaging. Sometimes as a product artist you can by-pass the thought of hygiene supplies, as product are your main priority. When taking side make-up jobs your clients are looking to you to inform them about the new trends that are currently taking place.  You thrive off of the interaction by getting to know new people who love make-up. You are an exceptional listener and speak very clear a concise when talking about beauty.

Common Job Location: Store Environment 

Attributes:  Great listener, Clear and Concise speaking very eager.

Appearance: Bold eye shadow, Often likes eye color and are not worried about playing it safe with appearance.

Mostly C:

Education Artist

If you’ve made your way to category C most likely you are an education artist. You change the perception women have on their current routine due to your in-depth knowledge about the products they are using.  Have a background in skincare and aesthetics. You are often hired to speak on behalf of brands as an educator. Skincare is an area of expertise for you.  Public speaking and beauty seminars are your niche. Often selected to speak on behalf of brands for appearances or for educational videos.  Ingredients you speak to naturally and are well spoken when speaking to result products give you as well as clinical studies.  You cater to informative needs of your clients. 

Common Job Location: Spa or Store location.

Attributes: Calm, tranquil, great spirit, great presentation skills, strong writer and great public speaker.

Appearance:  Wears clothes that are comfortable, clean skin, focuses on complexion with light make-up. 

Mixture of A, B, and C:


If you are reading this category you most likely have a mixture of mostly A & B with Minimal C’s. Chances are you’ve been in the beauty industry for a few years and have experienced all 3 make-up phases in your life.  You thrive off the excitement and honor behind doing freelance work as well as working with upscale clientele. Understanding that being a product artist or education artist can provide momentary stability in between make-up gigs. Booking entertainment can fluctuate and has no guarantee of something permanent unless you are on a work contract.

Common Job Location: Store, Photoset, Film set or Spa’s as in house make-up artist. 

Attributes: Broad perspective, Influencer, motivates people when talking. Great presentation skills, strong writer and great public speaker.

Appearance: Magazine worthy make-up on the face, amazing skin and amazing style.