What's the Value of a Makeup Artist?

Currently in flight on my way to Vegas for a 3 day work trip. Nearly missing my flight and running the entire airport like a marathon. Sometimes you question yourself "Is the hustle worth it?" Of course it is. I propose the question because as a makeup artist we spend time compiling a resume of work and taking several gigs that sometimes lead to dead ends. What's the value of a makeup artist?

We've all noticed the makeup industry is overly saturated, however your current value shouldn't be based off of the state of the industry. Face it we haven't witnessed Celine drop the price point off of purses because of plethora of knock off versions in various retailers. This means trusting your expertise and understanding the value of your work and setting yourself at that price point.

When creating rates for you this shouldn't be based off of the competitiveness of the market. Rates should solely be based off of your experience and expertise. This works in both aspects if you haven't gained experience in your industry you should scale back in terms of what you charge. The best way to gain experience in your field is by exchanging your free time and services for experience or print work.

Speaking from experience I found myself adjusting my rates because of the competitiveness of the market. Clients asked why don't you charge more? your level of work and your overall presentation is worth more than what you are charging. I firmly believe in charging your worth, be selective, all business isn't good business. Sticking to this mindset, I've been able to book more quality work.