Kylie Cosmetics Lip Glosses Review


By: Amanda V.




When a majority of people hear the name Kardashian there's an instant eye roll. Die to overexposure this family is not the favorite of many.


Kylie Jenner made quite a name for herself in the makeup industry. From selling out every Mac store and counter of my favorite lip liners Whirl and Subculture for months (it was the saddest times in my beauty life) and there are hundreds and hundreds of makeup tutorials in how to get that Kylie Jenner Look of 2014/2015. It was only a matter of time before she came out with her own makeup line.


The Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits were damn near impossible to grab during its first few months of release. Unless you were at home stalking the site at the announced release times, you didn't stand a chance. I was able to grab a few shades because my boss just so happens to have that good luck that I lack. Along with a handful of lip kits, I was most excited about her lip glosses when they released because I am a gloss girl on the daily. I had gotten the initial first 3 at the time they first released, "Like", "Literally" and "So Cute". These neutral glosses are absolutely gorgeous. They are thick but not gloss feeling at all what so ever and the color payoff is ace. It's so hard to find a neutral or a nude gloss that has pigmented, opaque, non-sticky and long lasting formula. I REPEAT... LONG LASTING!!! You will still have the gloss on after a giant Chipotle Burrito session. The chic glossy sheen is so beautiful and heart eyes emoji worthy, it officially has my gold star sticker of excellence.



(From top to bottom: Like, Literally & So Cute. The left photo is without flash and the right photo is with flash.)



These glosses have become my go-to. I believe they are comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses and my cult fave Stila Lip Glaze which I could not live without in high school. which I favor above all other glosses. I know there was drama around these products, saying that it's similar to Colourpop or that it is a Colourpop gloss/lipstick in Kylie packaging and priced 3x as much. I don't pay attention to that kind of stuff because it makes me lose excitement over makeup. (And just to clarify, I do not think the formula is the same as Colourpop. I feel and see the difference in pigment and texture. They both show different ingredients in product on the packaging) I can continue rambling on about why this doesn't bother me but I will not.This is an all around excellent product. AIt's pretty fun to play around with and layer over liners or as toppers to liquid lipsticks. One of my favorite combos that I use way too much are Dolce K Liner from the Kylie Lip Kits and Literally gloss... SO BOMB!!


The only downside to these glosses were that the brushes were disgusting. An absolute mess! So I use them with disposable doe foot wands or my Real Techniques retractable lip brush. My order of these glosses were one of the first, so I got to get the entire order all over again (free of charge) due to the trash brush applicators that came wth the initial batch. I thought it was pretty cool of Kylie Jenner to do that.


Try your best not to judge this product before you try it simply because you can't stand the Kardashian Klan, you will truly be missing out. These glosses retail at $15.00 and are double the size of sticky MAC lip glasses for the same price but with more longevity during the day. The only major upset about the brand itself is that the shipping is $8.95. If you live in NYC like myself, I see it as round trip train fare and a Venti Soy Misto Starbucks, as if I was going to store to purchase it. But then again, not quite so because it takes about 10 days total to process and ship which is a pain in the ass and express shipping isn't even an option (not that I want to know how much that would even cost). That needs to change because honestly that is the only thing that is stopping me from purchasing anything else from Kylie Cosmetics. I do recommend giving these glosses a chance, they are amazing (and she updated all of the applicators so they are good now) but try purchasing them on the rare occasion when Kylie announces that she has free shipping.

Honorable Mention: I recently purchased the Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in Exposed which is a warm nude and possibly my go to gloss for the autumn months. I'm so excited about this shade! It is Pumpkin Spice in lip gloss form ya'll!