Kiss Fantasy Gel Ready to Wear Gel nails review


Get adorable nails at home with the Gel Fantasy Ready to Wear Nails. It is so much easier than going to the nail salon to be surrounded by some lady’s screaming kid. It’s much more affordable too. For about $8, you can have a professional looking gel manicure. They are available in many different styles, shapes, and colors for you to choose from. You can pick them up almost anywhere: Target, Walmart, a local beauty supply store.

They also are available for toe nails as well. Did you guys know this was a thing? Press on toe nails? My mouth dropped when I saw them in-store. I didn’t test out the toe nails but, quite frankly, if you want to know about them, ya’ll gonna have to do some independent research. I am not putting a picture of my feet on the internet. The toe nails are also available in many shades and designs, too. 

The package is equipped with everything you will need to complete your nails. There are 24 differently sized nails to choose from. Choose nails that are the same width as your finger nails. You will have a nail file and a wooden stick (which I still don’t know what for).You will also have two adhesive options. There is the traditional nail glue and differently sized double sided sticky pads. I prefer the glue. If you make last minute plans and your nails don’t look so great, you can have your nails done in about 5 minutes after you sort out the sizing for your nails. The glue is fast drying. When I removed the nails with just some warm water and acetone, my natural nail was not affected by the glue. You can also reuse the nails it you don’t damage them. 

Because the nails are a soft plastic, you can use the nail file to shape the nails to your liking. The shape of these Gel Fantasy nails were square. I prefer a more oval appearance because I have short fingers and an oval shape just slightly elongates their appearance. Making a beauty product look natural (ish) is possible if you just pay attention to the details. Pay extra attention to the shape of the cuticle end of the Gel Fantasy nails to match your nail shape. If you ever notice someone is wearing press on nails, it’s probably because the cuticle shape is really off. You can use the nail file to shape the cuticle side as well.


I’m a nail biter. Always have been. I never really paid much attention to my nails but I do want them to at least look cute some of the time. These nails are perfect if you have a nail biting problem. When I’ve worn the Gel Fantasy Ready to Wear nails, obviously, I couldn’t bite my nails so they were able to grow and look better. If you also have this bad habit, maybe it can help you too!


The Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails are absolutely worth looking into! It is great to try new styles and colors without making the commitment and investment that going to the salon would be. These are just fun to try! Let us know what you thought of this review and if you would try them!



Product Rating: 5 Star

Available at Target, Walmart; $7.99

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