Bobbi Brown Product Review

Written by Deanna P



Most of my friends swear by Bobbi Brown make up.   I have had make up artists use it on me, but I have never tried it on myself, until recently.  I received 4 items to try & I was very excited about each and every one of them.  I have known about Bobbi Brown for decades as she is in every fine department store & makeup specialty store in the country & in the world.  She started her career as a make up artist working with the best to achieve fame in her field.  Her dream was simple, “Natural looking makeup & a lipstick that looked like lips.” Her claim to fame is she is able to enhance the beauty that someone has with a natural makeup look.  She wants the person using her makeup to look real.  Hence she has said, “The secret to beauty is simple: be who you are.”


In 1991, she launched her lipstick line at Bergdorf Goodman.  Although she planned to sell 1000 lipsticks in her first month, she sold the 1000 in the first day.   Four years later, she was bought by Estee Lauder, but always retained full creative control. She lives a normal life in Montclair, NJ & I have always heard of her & been impressed by her generosity throughout the years. The four product I tried are below.

Bobbi Brown Luxe lip color in Pink Guava. 


This lipstick comes in a gorgeous gold tube.  The size is .13 oz./3.8 g and the price is $35.00. It comes in 30 different shades.   The shades are more vibrant & work to cover the whole lip with one swipe.   The benefits of the lip color are ithelps to stop lips from flaking along with helping to reduce the appearance of lip lines.  It helps also to keep lips feeling moisturized even after it is removed.  The shade I tried was pink guava & I liked the color, feel & the way it looked very much,  It made my lips feel soft & I was pleased with the color & appearance of it in in my lips.  I thought the price was fair as the lipstick is very nice & has an expensive feel to it.  

Bobbi Brown Art Stick



This is a lip liner & a lipstick all in one stick.   It comes in 13 different shades & a sharpener is included so you always have a nice point on it.  The point is to line your lips with& then angle it to fill the color.  It is made to last for hours & it’s main ingredient is shea butter.  This makes it have it’s creamy texture & feel very light on your lips.   It is .2 oz/6 g & retails for $28.00.I tried the Cherrywood shade which is a deep wine color.I liked the art stick better the the lip color as it was so easy to line my lips then easily fill them in with color with this easy to use stick.  The color perfectly suited my skin tone & the formula felt great on my lips as well.  This was priced less then the lip color so I was very happy & definitely felt it was a great value as you did not have to buy your lip color & lip liner separately.

Bobbi Brown Retouching Face Pencil

Illuminate comes in .084 oz./2.4 g & retails for $32.00

A creamy matte pencil that comes in 10 shades.  It is used to cover imperfections such as red spots, dark spots, etc.  It can be used on all skin types & is a natural cream that covers all of the spots that you wish to correct. I tried the Illuminate pencil which works to highlight areas to make them look brighter & better.  It can be applied on the cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes, & on brow bones.I especially liked this product as I felt it brightened my face.  This is something I will use to make my makeup look a little bit more perfect & make my face and eye area look brighter.  I thought it was a little pricey for the illuminate shade. Itmight be a better investment in a shade that  matched my skin color& I could use to hide spots on my face.

Last, but certainly not least I experimented with Bobbi Brown Cool Nudes Eye Palette 

It comes with 6 shades that include:

-Cream eye shadow

-Pebble Metallic eye shadow

-Dove Grey eye shadow

-Chiffon Sparkle eye shadow

-Quarry Shimmer Wash eye shadow

-Smokey eye shadow


It also came with Dual ended Eye shadow eye liner brush for application.

The Net wt. .25 OZ./79 g each & itretails for $50.00

This great 6 piece eye shadow kit has a great variety of colors that you can bring your look from day to night.  The brush allows you to use the eye shadow & line your eyes as well.  Beautiful textures & neutral shades that will make any eye color stand out & look beautiful. This was a nice choice of colors for my eye color which is greenSince I have never mastered the applying of eye shadow, I am not a huge fan of it.  I did like the colors in this kit very much & thought for 6 colors, this was a very good deal.   I will definitely keep practicing with this kit & hopefully I will be able to do it the justice it deserves. I liked all theBobbi Brown products very much that I tried.  I will definitely look for & use her products in the future.   I am a big fan, like her, in looking natural, & her makeup products did help me to achieve this.