Ole Henriksen Facial Water Review

Written by: Ada .H

Ole Henriksen skincare line originated from a Scandinavian man with the respective name.  He had cystic acne and turned to botanical and natural remedies. In his own personal journey to remediate his own skin, his skincare line emerged.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle of his Nuture Me Facial Water. It’s a mist that you spray all over your face to rehydrate and soothe. The directions say to spray on a clean, dry face before application of anything else. I was so excited that when I first got it, I sprayed it on immediately after work just to try it out. I love the scent. It’s a light hint of fresh cut roses. When I sprayed it on the first time, I had just gotten home from work with a dirty face and semi melted makeup. I didn’t care, nor did I read the directions haha! The spray didn’t settle in well at all, obviously. Clean face it says. It ended up making my face feel sticky and left a weird sheen on top of my already dirty gross face from the day.  Alright. Let’s follow the directions. I woke up the next morning, washed my face. Patted it dry, aimed that bottle at me, and sprayed. I patted the over-sprayed areas with a tissue to blot dry and hand-aired the rest. Didn’t take long. Then I applied my daily facial lotion and followed that up with my usual BB cream for the day along with the usual makeup routine. My makeup looked nice the entire day. I could go to happy hour and dinner and not worry about makeup run offs or meltdowns. If I had time, I would run home and wipe my makeup off with a towelette. Respray this on, and put on my entire night out makeup on. It feels great when done right. I like that it helped keep my skin in check the entire day. Our faces pump out oil to try and overcompensate for the dryness. I feel like this hydrates really well and creates some kind of a barrier to keep your face looking fresh all day. I haven’t tried a mid-day spray with makeup still on though. I’m a little hesitant seeing as I learned on the first time trying it, you should spray on a first layer underneath everything. Maybe then, the following sprays won’t leave gack on your face.