Sake Hydrogel Eye Mask Review

Boscia was developed in Japan 35+ years ago.   It made it’s debut in the US in 2002.    What differentiates it from other brands is that it is the first 100% preservative free skincare brand. Boscia stands for Botanical Science.   All of their products use advanced Japanese technology to make your skin feel good & look great.  I tried Boscia’s Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks.  They came in a box with 3 treatments & they sold for $15.00.   The eye mask is infused with Sake, plant extracts, & antioxidants that promise to firm, hydrate, brighten & reduce the look of fine lines.   It also is said to make the skin around the eye area look rejuvenated.  Most of Boscia’s products include Jojoba leaf & wilowherb,  The leaf works to prevent damage &  nourishes skin & the herb reduces redness & irritation. The main ingredient Sake has Thioredoxin (TRX).  This is considered the “mother molecule” for all living organisms providing protection from aging, dullness, water loss, loss of elasticity and hyperpigmentation.  Also, it is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals to provide powerful hydration and brightening benefits.

The product is very simple to use. I easily removed the eye pads from the packaging & peeled off each lining on each individual pad.  Put the smaller end in the corner of the eye & placeone under each eye following the contour of your eye.  Pat down so they are on smoothly & leave on for 15-20 minutes.   Remove when done & pat the remaining oils into skin. Do not rinse or wash off. I really liked this product.  It was simple to use & it felt nice on my eyes.  I loved the fact that the product had a Japanese mystique to it & I think it did help my under eye area after only one treatment.  I was surprised about the main ingredient being Sake as I had only drank Sake in the past.   I will definitely do another treatment on my eyes. I am thrilledwith the fact that there are no preservatives in this brand & they pride themselves on how their products are made & their effectiveness. It is definitely worth $15 for 3 treatments.  I do plan to buy other product by this brand.