Boscia Black Hydration Gel Review

Written by Ada . H 

When it comes to cleanliness, there's a stigma that black = dirty. We want white linens, a bright white kitchen with white counter tops. We want white teeth, brightening skin potions. Well, you clean freaks, BLACK is the new clean.  When Lady Gaga came out with her signature eau de parfum "Fame", the liquid inside was black. I remember when I first lent that bottle to girls in the locker room, a lot of them gasped and immediately had a look of disgust on their face. I stood there unhinged, "do it," I challenged them. They ended up loving the smell. 

Don't be afraid of the new black toiletries, my friends!

Boscia's new black line for skin care is no different. It's black because of the charcoal ingredient that's been concocted into the line. It's the star ingredient. Charcoal these days have so many different properties for cleaning and skincare. It's the new IT-ingredient. (Remember when it was tea tree oil?) 

I tried Boscia's Black Hydration Gel and let me tell you I have jumped ship from a Belieber to a believer in this product. First of all, it smells like lychee. It has an exotic, faint, clean fruit smell. It's not heavy, it's just there. It's refreshing. All it requires is a thin layer spread evenly on your face day and night. I apply it underneath my makeup. 

Who shines like a greasy diamond by the end of the work day? 


However, when I apply this hydration gel on for the day, I look great by the end of it! I'm usually running to the bathroom blotting my face with rough paper towels, or secretly tearing off those damn tissue paper toilet coverings in the stall and doing what Tyra Banks taught me to dab my face. With this, I don't have to worry about all that nonsense. It's awesome!  The gel comes out looking weird to first-timers. It literally looks like someone took clear gel and mixed charcoal into it. It's not a solid black gel, it's more like a semi translucent light black gel. Don't be scared! It melts and soaks into your skin clear. My skin looks smoother and more refined. The verdict: I am definitely incorporating this into my daily regimen for years to come - until I die a black death.