Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits And Metal Mattes Review

Written by: Amanda. V

Once again, I come to you with another review from the Kylie Cosmetics brand. The makeup guru and baby of the Kardashian/Jenner Klan released her famous LIP KITS about a year ago and they literally crashed the internet. At an instant it became a craze. As soon as she restocked she would sell out again in minutes. This continued for months and months. This summer I gave in and got a hold of a few. The 5 shades I picked up were Kourt K, True Brown K and Dolce K along with Kylie's Metal Mattes in Heir and King K. I may have had these since summer but I started wearing them in late September/Early October. 

(From top to bottom are Kourt K, Dolce K & True Brown K. On the left are the lip liner swatches and on the right are the liquid lipstick swatches) 


I will just go ahead and say it, Dolce K has hands down been my favorite every day lip color, HOLY GRAIL! It's a must have tan-nude, whether it's the liner alone or as a combo with the liquid lipstick or even paired with any Kylie gloss. It's the perfect go to neutral. I guarantee you'd be obsessed, plus it glides on like silk! True Brown K is one of the most pretty, opaque brown lipsticks I've come across. It is rich, deep, warm chocolate. It's pretty much a Cadbury Bar in creamy Liquid Lipstick form. The staying power is equivalent to a Sharpie (4 tacos in and It didn't even budge, my friend was absolutely amazed). Lastly the perfect, glam fall shade is... drumroll please... Kourt K! This gorgeous deep purple did glide on super smooth but it was a bit transparent at first swipe. To get a full opaque lip you MUST use the liner, or apply at least 3 layers if you're solely using the liquid lipstick. 


These Liquid Lipstick Kits are super gorgeous. They smell like cake which I love (but also that's what I've seen a lot of people complain about, if you're sensitive to smells you may want to pass on this). I absolutely love the scent and the formulation. They feel light and glide on smoothly. The longevity of these products are insane. I have to actually slather on coconut oil and scrub it off with a toothbrush. Being that they ARE matte, they ARE a bit drying so make sure you do a proper prep of a lip scrub and moisturizing balm before applying so you won't get any flakiness. Proper care and preparation of your lips can make this lipstick last all day.  


Warning: The shade Heir seems to always be sold out, you must act fast when a restock is announced if you really want it.The Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes have a bit of a different, airy, mousse like texture than the liquid lipsticks. It goes on light and I felt that I needed to apply a couple of layers to get the opacity that I wanted. The shade Heir is a mega gorgeous metallic peach with gold reflects (SWOON!) and King K is noted to be a soft metallic gold that comes off a bit more bronzed in my eyes. To be honest, although these colors are absolutely stunning, they seem to come off a bit lack luster and dry when applied on the lips. They also don't last as long as the original Matte Lip Kits. These easily wiped off with a baby wipe, but I couldn't see a complete failure in this product because with every product I have, I try my best to make it work. These look stunning when layering with either the liquid lipsticks or lip pencils as a shimmering lip topper. I think they look better paired with other lip products than they do alone. The Lip Kits retail for $29, but are now also sold as separates with the liner retailing for $14 and the liquid lipstick retailing for $17. The Metal Mattes retail for $18. They are your average sized liquid lipsticks with about 0.11 fl oz of product. I'd definitely recommend at least trying out the Lip Kits. Although the metals mattes are super pretty, I'd still suggest getting the kit before getting the metals. The only Annoying thing is that $9 dollar shipping (that is rather slow). Why Kylie? Why!!!


Note: As I mentioned in my previous post, there's a lot of BS going on with Kylie's products not living up to its hype and the constant comparison to inexpensive makeup brand Colourpop, but I will say this again THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Especially the matte lipsticks. These are not a uncomfortable as the Colourpop ones tend to sometimes be for me. Yes, You can find a shade dupe but the formulation is definitely different. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip doesn't last as long as Kylie's in my honest opinion. I think some people are overly critical because of the name behind this brand. They want to find something wrong to tear it down because of their dislike toward this family. Now I may not be the biggest fan of Kylie Jenner personally but her brand is great. I'm loving what she is coming out with. When something is not great with a product, she makes sure to improve or change it and I think that's great and better than what most huge brands do. Please don't let your thoughts on Kylie herself or her family prevent you from trying great makeup products.