Whats on my radar: Holographic Stick by Milk Make-up

At this point in life I'm sure I don't need another highlighter. But I'm sure if you're into make up you know how addictive it is to buy a new highlighter every time you see one pop up on your newsfeed on Instagram.  Most of the time I'm pretty stuck in my ways. I'm a if it's not broke don't fix it kind a girl, however there has been a ton of new beauty brands emerging in the industry. 

I stumbled across the holographic stick from Milk make up and generally this is a color I wouldn't use for a girl my complexion. I really love this highlighter for layering. A lot of the time I layer this highlighter under my rose highlighting powder to give my highlighter a little bit of dimension. Or if I'm channeling my inner unicorn I wear this alone with minimal make up. Brows light eyeliner and mascara. 

Being that milk make up is definitely a line from minimalist. This aligns perfectly with someone who doesn't want a lot of steps added to their routine for one something to spice up there every day natural beauty. In every beauty shop I walk in its practically sold out.  This is on my radar it should be on yours too.!