Boscia Oil Control Mask Review

Written by Ada H 

I live in one of the greatest cities in the world - New York City. Time is a funny thing here. Back home in Texas, I had a lot of time and I spent the majority of it watching Netflix. After I moved here, it’s like I don’t have time for anything. There’s so much to do here. This city really inspires the “Empire State of Mind” as Alicia Keys puts it. It’s true. Whatever you dream of, whatever you want. This city has all the opportunities available for you to grasp and make those dreams a reality. New York is Go. So I go.

With Boscia’s Green Tea Oil Control Mask, I love the results. My face feels soft and supple, and it looks soft and smooth. From all the harsh weather and environmental pollutants, this is a nice refresh at the end of the day. It smells amazing, fresh. The color is a light jade creamy hue. The results make this a definite yes for your beauty arsenal.

That is where my compliments stop. I’m busy, I’m beginning to have white hairs from everything I’m doing and wanting to do. So many projects and side hustles. First, this mask is a little difficult to put on your face. The viscosity is thick (I’ve been wanting to use that word – viscosity hehe).  It’s not a smooth application. It’s a slight struggle to apply all over your face. An unnecessary struggle if you ask me. The directions say to put on a thin layer. The first time I used it, I guess I put on too thin of a layer. I had the hardest time picking and peeling it off. I ended up washing the majority of it off. (Am I the only one who gets satisfaction out of peeling that layer off?)  The second time, I put more on. The peel was more satisfactory this time around, but it was still difficult to separate the substance from my skin. I had to sit there and pick, pick, pick. It should be peeeeelll, peeelllllllll, done! It took up way too much time. 

The results are fantastic, but the process isn’t as smooth as it should be.  I’m torn really, why can’t the mask be like me and just tear.