whats the new natasha denona palette

Spring Came Early + Brought a Delicious Looking LUXE Cheek palette With It! We’re Screaming!!


Natasha Denona is bringing our cheeks back to life with this cream + powder cheek quad.

Why bother listening to a superstitious. groundhog to tell you that Spring is just around the when Natasha Denona just confirmed it! This week she released the latest in her ultra-delicious cheek collection.

Meet the Bloom blush + GLow Palette


Natasha Denona is a makeup artist whose career dates back to the mid 90s.

Ready for your cheek bones to be turned all the way up?


“- Glow Cream Base in Peach (natural peach)

- Cream Blush in Fuchsia (deep cherry red with a subtle bronze shine)

- Glow Extreme in Light Rose (nude champagne)

- Duo Glow in Vibrant, Golden Coral (vibrant coral with golden champagne)”

Shade descriptions from here

Is that red calling anyone else?!?!


One of my favorite things about cream blush is the multiple functions of it. As well as dolling up your cheeks you can apply it to your lips!

The powder highlight has so much dimension!!

If you fawn over Natasha Denona products, you see how her cheek colors are never flat. Never one note. As her models turn their head, you see all of the gorgeous colors lighting up their faces.

The shades and tones are flattering on a spectrum of different skin tones!


I’m dusting off my Spring favorites and adding this new beauty to my collection!


Available at: natashadenona.com, Sephora, and Beautylish!

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Thank you, Glow Goddesses