The Ace Edit - August 2018


We are officially halfway through Summer and the real heat has yet to hIt New York City. I’ve recently had to make some beauty/lifestyle changes to adjust to these dog days of summer. 


We all know I’ve been barefaced most of the summer, slathering nothing but SPF on my face. Just because I’ve been minimal doesn’t mean I’m boring. I do like to play. What I live for is a good base. Lately Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation has been supreme. just a few dots here and there and blended well. I even use foundations as a tinted moisturizer. The shade 240 just matches my skin perfectly and that is rare. I just want to enhance my natural glow honey. Once you find the perfect base everything else falls into place. For eyes , the Natasha Denona “Camel” palette is an everyday dream, no one’s shadow formula can compete with hers. For fun colors and shimmers I do live for Colourpop, I’m like an OG fan since the days of “Bae” and “Rex”. I’m not really wild with bold color yet I still like to play around with it. With Colourpop I’m not spending major coin but the quality of product is superb! 


Curls Curls Curls Curls… Curls I Do Adore

I unexpectedly went natural. I didn’t plan on it, it just happened during a dark time last year. Stress and Depression made my hair falling out in little clumps. I went into hiding for 7 months, just coming out here and there. Since I wasn’t going anywhere except work, I didn’t feel the need to do my hair anymore. I had stopped putting high heat and/or chemicals on my hair and just washing, rinsing and using hair oils and a hair gel that is free of shitty chemicals to slick my hair back and lay down my baby hurrs.  I also started cutting it more often which has been aiding in my hair growth. You know how they say you have to fall in order to rise up. Taking those months and having time to myself allowed my hair to be repaired and for the texture to improve and for my strands to become thicker and my curls... well,  actually becoming curls again. For The first time ever, I can say that I unapologetically love my hair. 



The struggling battle with my Keratosis Pilaris is ongoing and I’m looking for new products everyday to get it under control. Currently it has been super uncomfortable in this heat. Frank Body came all the way through with their Coconut Body Balm. My Skin Soaks it all up while leaving me with a silky gleam. 

The skin on my face has been silky smooth thanks to Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. Smoothing out my texture and renewing my skin leaving me with a pretty perfect radiance. I use Glossier’s Solution for daily exfoliation, while using this treatment once a week or bi weekly. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU ALWAYS FOLLOW UP ANY PRODUCT CONTAINING AHA/BHA WITH SUNSCREEN!



Vital Beauty 

A good night’s sleep can actually set you up for a much more positive day. It all begins with preparations like investing in the right sheets (Find out if you’re a hot or cold sleeper… it has helped me out in finding the perfect material for me to snooze in). I’m a hot sleeper so cotton percale sheets from Parachute and Brooklinen have been amazing. Plus, the less that I sweat at night, the less breakouts I wake up with. I prefer my sheets in a calming shade and/or clean, uncomplicated prints. 


Setting up the perfect nighttime routine, from using a soothing lavender body wash, a dreamy bath bomb, a drop of Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil to a relaxing cup of té de manzanilla. 


Clean, sleek PJs make me so excited for bed. I love bralettes  and sleep shorts from Aerie, They are affordable and make me so excited to get ready for bed. Preparing for bed makes me look forward to getting some rest and waking up more positive, motivated and ready to take on the day. 




I Love Starting fresh. It makes me feel like I can achieve anything. I’m entering a new chapter with a new job and with it I want to just start fresh from the inside out. TRACKING MY WATER INTAKE BECAUSE DEHYDRATION IS REAL EATING CLEAN AND HEALTHY. COMPLETELY CLEANSING MY BODY AND FILLING IT WITH NUTRIENTS. Taking my daily vitamins, being active, even if its the bare minimum. Let me clarify, This isn’t about size. Slender, Pudgy, Plus… You can actually be healthy at any size. You don’t have to be skinny to be considered healthy (Have you seen Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence, Jessamyn Stanley?) Just being pro active in your life regardless of the number on the scale or on your jeans. Taking action and making healthier choices that are perfect for YOU, so that YOU can be the best and healthiest that you can be and most importantly… HAPPY.